Nail Fungus Q&a

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Anyone hear of Listerine working on fastener fungus??
If this is toenail fungus, vinegar works. But it is a long process. You must soak your toes in vinegar in a bowl twice a light of day for ten minutes. Because nails grow so slowly, this will take a long time, and if…

Anyone know anything in the region of toe fastener Fungus?
Why does it happen? Is it something in our bodies? Is 1 cup of bleach within a gallon of water safe to soak your foot in for 15 minutes everyday for 6 months. I’m asking because money is tight and I have CHEESE…

Anyone next to info just about loss of fingernail and toenail contained by 5 year elderly next to no sign of infection?
My granddaughter is 5 and today she lost her big toenail and her thumb nail. There is no siign of infection or fungus. They appear to have simply fallen off sponeainiously. Has…

Anyone who have taken prescription lamisil for pin fungus?
wanted to know about anyone who have taken the drug lamisil for nail fungus, would like to know how it worked for you and what be the outcome and if it caused any liver problems. I am currently taking this medicine and would approaching any input…

Anything to take rid of toenail fungal infection?
i”ve been to my doctor and the stuff she gave me enjoy not worked it is drivring me mad please help i enjoy the exact same thing and when i went to the doctors going on for it they said to try rubbing Clorox on the toenail…

Are here instinctive remidies to return with rid of toenail fungus?
I dont know but my mom says vicks vapor rub works wonders but you gotta use it for a while . Put it on when you go to bed at darkness and wear socks with it. Try it for a month…

Are in that any over the counter Toenail fungus treatments out in that?
Yes, Vicks does the trick, listen to the first lady. I’ve heard about the Vick’s rub also. It worked for the first individual that answered. Try it. Yes.there are many, but they don’t work. Try Vicks…

Are my nail freshly stained or could I possibly hold a pin fungus?
My fingernails and toenails are constaly painted. But a few weeks ago I took off my polish. I usually wear dark colors. My toenails are pretty wan, except for the areas near the cuticle. Same for the fingernails….

Are nearby any concrete home cures for a toenail fungus?? i don’t enjoy insurance!!
I take this stuff call Acidophalus and it is a pill that you take and it is natural. It help rid of yeast infections which is a type of fungus. You can find this at walmart. Add…

Are nearby any over-the-counter meds for treating toe pin fungus?
Absolutely, I used this awesome homeopathic stuff. I know nail fungus can be embarrassing, especially in a minute that warmer weather is around the corner and bare foot and open-toed shoes are the norm. Zetaclear is an all natural homeopathic solution specifically developed to…

Are nearby any ways to treat toenail fungus w/o going to the doctor?
Someone told me you can by soaking your feet surrounded by vinegar No…and “herbal and natural” treatments don’t work..tea tree oil and everything else included. A course of Laminsil taken in words for months will cure the fungus infection, but…

Are within any EFFECTIVE home remedies for curing toenail fungus?
Have tried prescription drugs (effective and expensive but hard on the liver), vicks vaporub (no help), straight Tea Tree oil (no help). Does ANYTHING work? Well I was going to say Vicks Vaporub – but you tried that – you know it can…

Are you fingers crooked and your nail full of fungus?
why no, but gratefulness for asking. NASTY! No dermatophytes here. no No but after seven years of Taebo my foot are. horrible you are,ofcourse not.Duh!! No. Have you ever seen those commercials where the person’s toenails are adjectives yellow. …

Aside from its effects on the nail- what’s so fruitless in the region of toenail fungus? I approaching it- I close to blistering rotten my nail
you’re lame erm..its sick?! I take you don’t have much to do contained by your town? You need assistance, man… a constant fungal infection in your…

Aside from Lamisil. Are at hand any other treatments for toenail fungus ?
You need to ask a Dermatologist for a better and more sound answer, but in that is a preparation in the market it is call LOCETAR Nail Lacquer or cream which is applied on the afflicted nail. But as I said, it…

Aside from Lamisil. Are in that any other treatments for toenail fungus ?
I don’t know of any but I would reflect that if you soaked your feet in clorox bleach for 15 mins everyday it would fix it. I soak mine surrounded by bleach once a month and have perfect toenails. There…

Aside from locker rooms and pools, where on earth are some other possible places you could contract staple fungus?
I often worry in the order of this when working in any “dirty” areas in nonspecific, because when I was younger I had contracted one. And the second thing I want is for it to happen…

have you ever scraped off your fungus and spread it on toast? mmmmmmmm so honest my dad used to make us this when we lived in the trailer park yummy..sounds really good.especially the green style. no… Source(s): I have no Limits, steal me where ever you want… YES, the…

Awright, what’s the answer for fastener fungus? i’m gettin’ troll foot.?
Tea tree grease. Put it on with a cotton swab every single morning, every single night. If you sustain the treatment until your toenails grow out contained by a few weeks, then you will have cured it. …

Bad pin fungus, anyone tried trimming big toenails beside a Dremel? it works.?
Hey! That’s a great idea! I’m gonna try that. Seriously. Thanks, dude! For more details, I suggest you visit sources resembling:……………

Sinus Infection, Ear Ache, Fluid In The Ear And Other Ear Problems – Nurse’s Guide

Sometimes people don’t realize the problems they’re having with one or more of their ears could be related to their sinuses or even a full-blown sinus infection. Often one doesn’t know they even have an ear problem until they get an ear ache or a visit to their doctor indicates an ear involvement.

If you’re having any kind of problem with your ears, such as an ear ache, ear twinges, ear pain, ear noises, etc., it might be a good idea to pay a visit to your doctor and have him or her use an otoscope to look into your ears to look at the external auditory canal. It doesn’t hurt. It should be done routinely any time you’re having a physical examination or are seeing the doctor for a cold or flu issues. If you’re prone to sinus problems make sure to have your ears checked every time you go in. The otoscope is on the wall and they can quickly pull it down and look in your ear in minutes.

Oftentimes they’ll find there is swelling behind the eardrum. This is common. But you will want to do something about it as soon as possible. Prolonged swelling may lead to hearing difficulties.

Often an ear infection can be caused by a sinus infection. The ears are connected to the back of the nose by the Eustachian tubes. They keep the pressure between the ear and the nose equal. They keep the pressure in the ear the same as it is in the outside world. This pressure is constantly changing also.

As people get older the angle in the tubes changes so the tube drains into the nasopharynx. If it gets inflamed then the ears can feel clogged as the Eustachian tubes become swollen. So an ear infection with fluid buildup can happen in the middle ear. This can lead to hearing loss, pain and pressure so it’s important to pay attention to any ear problems you might have.

Ear infections caused by sinus fluid buildup are best handled by treating the sinus infection first. This is often enough to stop the fluid retention and buildup and thus preventing any serious ear problems or hearing loss.

Always have your ears checked when you’re seeing your doctor for sinus issues. Your ear infections may continue if you do not treat your beginning, acute or chronic sinus infection or any type of sinus problem. Start home treatment for your sinuses right away to get relief and stop any permanent damage that might occur.

Cold Or Flu Virus? 5 Symptoms That Indicate Flu Rather Than a Cold

Because a cold and flu (short for influenza) have many symptoms in common, it is easy to mistake one illness for the other. Early detection of the flu and being treated before the virus progresses can really make a big difference in its duration and severity.

So being able to tell the difference between the two is crucial. And even though you may not get it right every time, here are 5 symptoms that will help you be able to more accurately detect the flu.

High Fever – One of the symptoms that is usually not present with a cold is high fever. With the flu, the onset of the fever is usually very sudden and the temperature generally ranges from 102 to higher. The increase in body temperature is an indication that the body is fighting a significant threat.

Aches and Pains – Muscles are achy for seemingly no reason, and the pain is usually not associated with muscles in a specific part of the body like legs or arms, but all over the body. Many complain that even the sheet hurts when it touches the body.

Erratic Body Temperature – Often a flu victim will feel cold to the point of teeth chattering one moment, then flushed, warm, or even perspiring profusely the next. This is rarely the case with the common cold.

Tiredness – Many of us can power through a cold, going on with daily activities while being congested, sneezing, coughing, and nursing a runny nose. And while this is not the recommended way to treat a cold, most people generally maintain an energy level that is pretty close to normal.

With the flu, there is a noticeable lack of energy. Some describe it as feeling like the wind has gone out of their sails, or that they have been hit by a Mack truck. This is a clear indication that the body is using all of its energy to fight off a condition that is more serious than a cold.

Dry Cough – Many times a cold will produce increased mucous. This is the body’s way of trying to flush out the germs. Many times the excess fluid will drain from the nose into the throat causing a cough that brings up this phlegm. With the flu, the cough is often an acute dry cough.

Obviously, these symptoms can vary from one individual to another and should serve as general guidelines. And since the flu is spread by airborne viruses, and can affect huge numbers of people very quickly, early detection is the key to not only your good health, but the good health of those around you.

If you suspect that you have the flu, seek medical attention immediately, because if treated in the first 48 hours you can greatly increase your chances of reducing the duration and diminishing the effects of the flu.

New Allergy Treatment vs. Medical Treatment For Allergies

Most often the summer is the time for the pollen count to increase which will increase the suffering for most allergy sufferers. For years people have been looking for effective treatment options for the allergies that they have. This has been a big problem for a lot of people and sadly there is not much that modern medicine is doing for it.

There are several medical practices, like medications on the market for treatment but many of these have horrible side effects. This is the biggest complaint that most people have when it comes to the medicine that is used to treat allergies. Overall the side effects are known to be worse than the allergy is to begin with. This is the reason why many people will not seek treatment for their allergies.

In many cases the symptoms that they have for the allergies are nothing more than bothersome to say the least. The most common are runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing. These symptoms can continue until the end of the pollen season or they may come and go as time moves on. Whether or not the symptoms are relieved is not the real issue. The adverse effects that the allergies have on the person’s body are the main issue. People start to find that they are not able to sleep or they are sleeping too much. This is also the main side effect that most of the allergy treatment medications have. They will cause the person to fall asleep at the wrong time which can mean a danger to the person and others around them.

Thankfully there are some new things that have come on the market to treat the many allergies that people have. The new treatments are considered to be better for people because they are all natural and therefore they do not have any side effects. If you have the natural cures or treatments you are more likely to have some relief without all the problems that come with the more accepted and modern medications.

In the area of treatments you will find that the natural treatments are a bit more expensive but they are also known to be far more effective for most of the people that use them. There are problems in most areas with this because of the fact that most of the natural health related treatments are not regulated by the government. So the medical community believes that there is nothing to stop the people from scamming those that are looking to find treatment.

For those that suffer with the seasonal allergies there is also the fact that you can avoid the high pollen areas, such as fields and forests, during the time of the year where it could irritate the allergy. This may be difficult for some who happen to enjoy the outdoors but you should give it serious consideration if you do not want the side effects that come with the medications on the market.

The Effects of Creatine on a Bodybuilder’s Physique

Creatine, arguably the most powerful, legal, sports supplement on the market for over a decade, is not much more than a combination of amino acids. Creatine was not invented by any supplement company it was discovered in 1835 by a French scientist and philosopher named Michel-EugèneChevreul.

While there are many benefits to Creatine beyond exercise (brain, heart, the body’s production of growth hormone, anti-aging effects, fatigue, muscle atrophy, Parkinson’s disease and more) many bodybuilders look for the immediate physical results of this dietary sports supplement. Let’s take a look at the effects of Creatine on a bodybuilder’s physique.

Top 3 Creatine Supplementation Physical Effects:

  • Increase in muscle size
  • Increase in body mass
  • Decrease in body fat

Shortly after commencing supplementation with Creatine (assuming you are not part of the approximate 33% that does not respond to Creatine supplementation) you will notice an increase in muscle size and overall body mass.

The initial muscle size comes from a term called “muscle volumizing.” Creatine draws water into the cell through a process of osmosis. As the water is drawn in the muscle’s cells, the muscle physically swells with water. Thus, the initial size is because of this muscle volumizing. This muscle volume increase leads to an increase in body composition.

Because of Muscle Volumizing, the effect of Creatine on a bodybuilder’s physique can increase body weight by 1-3 kilograms (2-7 pounds) during the first week of supplementation alone! This is the weight gain most commonly associated with Creatine supplementation. It’s not actual muscle being built at this point but water in the muscles that is stored. During a Creatine cycle, you might feel more pumped and full because of this process.

With over 300 peer reviewed published scientific studies, Creatine supplementation has been shown to promote the growth of lean muscle (through an increase in exercise intensity, recovery and increased protein synthesis). Without a doubt, the increase in work because of the available energy is responsible for an increase in intensity and work which leads to more lean muscle mass. As mentioned above, muscle volumizing helps contribute to the noticeable lean muscle mass. Because muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat, it burns more calories at rest. By increasing muscle mass, you will burn more calories and make it harder for your body to gain body fat. Creatine supplementation is an excellent way to help promote lean muscle mass which will help burn more fat.

While there are several more positive effects of Creatine supplementation on the bodybuilder’s physique, the most obvious are an increase in muscle mass through volumization, and increase in body weight and a loss of body fat from an increase in lean muscle mass.

Improve Your Eye Health With Natural Remedies

Eye diseases like cataract, glaucoma, detached retina or myopia all come from weakness and inflammation in the tissues that compose and surround the eye. Most doctors don’t really know what to say to you on how to improve your eye health. They don’t know how you can strengthen and protect your eyes from becoming disease or if you have an eye disease how to improve your condition.

In 1985, I developed detached retina in my right eye and my left eye had weakness.

The day I went to the eye specialist in Palo Alto to see why part of my vision was dark, I didn’t go home for 3 day. The very moment the doctor examine my eyes, he said “You need to go to the hospital right now and have surgery tonight.” Was I scared? Definitely!

Was the surgery a success? Yes it was. But not until I went through a 5 hour laser surgery procedure, had a needle pushed into my eye as I looked straight at it, and had an in house laser procedure of 50 pulses.

Months later I asked my eye doctor what I could do to improve my eye health and to keep them strong. There was silence and my question was never answered. He just didn’t know.

Since that time, I become a nutritionist and have learn many things about keeping eyes healthy and I plan to write an e-report so that I can pass that information on to many of you that want to avoid losing your good eye sight as you become older.

Right now I want to give you only one thing you can do for your eye health. I want to give you a formula on how you can make your own eye drops made out of MSM. As you recall in the last newsletter, I mentioned MSM eye drops that you can use it in your ears to keep them flexible. Well, MSM eye drops are the best drops you can use in your eyes to:

– strengthen them

– prevent glaucoma

– prevent cataract,

– keep them young

– dissolve mucus accumulation

– keep your eyes moist

– correct dryness

– relieve strain

– relieve red eye

– clear up pink eye

– clear up sties

– clears up eye infections

– tie up free damaging free radical

– tie up destructive proteins

The best part about MSM eye drops is that they are not addictive like many of the eye drops that you find at the drug store.

Look, can you ask any more of this eye drop solution? Yes you can. The second best part about MSM eye drops is that they are really cheap. You can buy it already make for around $5. Of course, you only get one ounce. The shipping cost more than the product.

Here’s what I buy when I make it myself:

– a 2 or 4 ounce brown eye dropper bottle

– torpedo MSM tablets of 1000 mg per tablet

– saline solution that I use for my contact lens and that’s it.

Here’s how to make it:

– Boil the eye dropper bottle with stem and rubber top for 10 minute

– After boiling, rinse out the inside of the bottle, stem, and rubber cap with distilled water.

– Fill the bottle with 80% saline solution.

– Add two to four MSM torpedoes making it 2000 to 4000 mg.

– Let the MSM dissolve and it’s ready for use.

Only one warning, just start with only two torpedoes. Then test it on your eye by dropping one drop into your eye. You will feel a little bit of a sting. Keep adding a torpedo until the sting is not too severe or to slight. I use 4 torpedoes since I am use to the sting. I also add a drop of 98% Aloe Vera gel, since aloe has an antibacterial property and it promotes cell regeneration. Of course, adding aloe makes it sting more but this will not damage your eye. Just go slow and add mall amount of aloe until you get the effect you can live with.

This is a real nice eye drop and excellent for your eye health. It is best to make it yourself, since it can be done when ever you need it. I use it all the time before I put my contacts lens, when I have my contacts on, and after I take them off. Have fun doing this and if you have children show them what you are doing.

Sleep Apnea – Does Your Child Suffer From It

It is estimated that 2% to 4% of children in the United States under the age of ten suffer from childhood sleep apnea. These children frequently display behaviors and/or symptoms that are generally associated with other childhood disorders, not sleep apnea. These behaviors may include the tendency to resist going to sleep, restless or interrupted sleep patterns, bedwetting, irritability, depression, a diminished ability to learn and thrive academically, and excessive frustration or aggression. Unfortunately, because these behaviors are indicative of other serious disorders, many children are misdiagnosed with behavioral disorders such as Oppositional-Defiant Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As a result, childhood sleep apnea often goes unnoticed and untreated.

In addition to behavioral problems, childhood sleep apnea can also cause serious health problems. There is an increased risk of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and stroke. In some cases, it can also cause a condition known as failure to thrive where the child fails to grow and gain weight at a normal rate. In infants, sleep apnea can lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) if left undiagnosed.

Children that suffer from sleep apnea often exhibit symptoms while they are asleep that are easily recognizable. Some of the more common symptoms include raspy breathing while they are asleep, light snoring in infants and toddlers or loud snoring in older children, breathing through the mouth instead of the nose, restless sleep that includes kicking and rolling around, gasping for air or choking while they are asleep, and pauses in breathing while they are asleep. All of these symptoms tend to have a negative impact on the way a child functions during the day. They may seem lethargic and/or have difficulty concentrating.

One of the most common forms of childhood sleep apnea is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which is the actual blockage of the airways when the child is sleeping. The blockages can occur is several different ways. Children tend to have large tonsils and adenoids that are relatively close to the opening of their airways. When they lie down, the tonsils and adenoids fall into a position that block the airways, which causes episodes of sleep apnea. Obesity can also cause OSA. When a child is overweight, it tends to put more pressure on the airways, which in turn can lead to breathing difficulties. Facial or cranial deformities and neuromuscular disorders can also cause OSA. When the muscles in the throat relax during sleep they can block the airways.

In order to determine whether or not a child has sleep apnea they will have to undergo a sleep study. If they are diagnosed with this disorder there are several things that can be done to treat it. In many cases, the solution is to have the child’s tonsils and adenoids surgically removed. In many cases, the apnea episodes completely subside after surgery. If surgery is not suitable, another option is a Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure Machine, also known as a CPAP machine. This machine delivers continuous air into the child’s airways, forcing them to breath.

Childhood sleep apnea is a serious disorder that can have a negative effect on a child’s quality of life. If your child exhibits any of the symptoms or behavioral problems associated with sleep apnea, have them tested. It is not difficult to treat and eliminating it can make a world of difference to a child that is suffering from it.

Top Reasons To Visit An Optometrist

According to Optometrists in Parker, Co, there are a number of reasons people visit an optometrist, as opposed to an ophthalmologist.

An optometrist is an eye specialist who provides primary eye care services of the following nature:

* They examine the eye for retinal diseases and other diseases like glaucoma and cataracts. In certain parts of the world, optometrists even treat these diseases

* They diagnose certain body conditions that ultimately affect the eye including hypertension or diabetes

* They diagnose and treat visual conditions like astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia.

* They detect and correct vision problems through the prescription of glasses and contact lenses. They may also offer rehabilitation of vision problems through medication and minor surgical procedures.

An Ophthalmologist is an MD for the eye and is trained to provide full eye care and has the training to carry out delicate and complicated eye surgery. On the other hand, an optometrist completes and O.D (Doctor of Optometry) and is equipped to treat problems with vision and undertake minor surgeries.

According to expert optometrists in Parker Co, it is time to visit an optometrist, when:

* A patient requires basic eye exams, regardless of their age

* A patient requires their contact lenses or eyeglasses examined

* When young children require pediatric eye exams in Parker, Co

* When patients require specialty contact lens fittings like bifocals, high-astigmatism lenses, lens that is worn after surgery and so on

In addition to this, Optometrists also help when patients require highly specialized eyewear for different reasons. For instance:

* Parents often require a large selection of children’s eyewear when selecting glasses or lenses for them. An Optometrist will help.

* Often, people require special designer eyewear that is usually not found anywhere else. In this day and age where perceptions matter more than anything else, it pays to go to an optometrist.

* Specialized sportswear is another reason to visit the optometrist. Specialized sports goggles like ski goggles are provided by optometrists.

There are many reasons people like to go to an optometrists for their vision problems. Optometrists are not so much into eye care as they are into vision care. Therefore, they use state of the art detection systems and eye exams to diagnose the minutest of problems. They are also equipped to deal with these problems in the best possible manner. They can provide a wide variety of solutions for their patients.

When selecting an optometrist, it is important to choose a reputed specialist in the area. The optometrist must have a reputation for accurate eye exams. They must also provide the best solutions in a time bound manner.

The Blind Penis Lost in the Darkness of the Vagina – Horrors of Circumcision Part VII

The “Horrors of Circumcision” is a group of articles that are intended to help explain to men and women the unfortunate and damaging effects that circumcision poses for the human male penis. This particular article will discuss the negative impact of “Penis Blindness” in the male who is circumcised. Hopefully such articles will help illuminate and educate people as to the horrible and unnecessary effects that a man suffers when his foreskin is removed in the process of circumcision.

It is possible to “see” without vision. People who have lost their optical abilities to see, will tell you that they now “see” the world through hearing, touching, smelling,and other senses.

This is the same way that the uncircumcised penis is able to “see.” Especially so that it can “see” inside of the vagina. That may sound a bit far-fetched, but it’s the truth.

The foreskin has some very special nerve receptors that aren’t hardly prominent on any other portion of the penis or the body. These are fine touch sensory receptors. These are like the fine touch receptors in your fingertips that allow you to feel very fine differences on the surface of anything you touch. These aren’t deformative sensors, vibration sensors, or temperature receptors, but are very fine sensors that are used for very fine and minute tactile sensation.

The only other area of your body, apart from your fingertips, in which these very fine tactile sensors appear is in the human male foreskin. Well, actually, they are found in the pancreas, too, but no one seems to understand why they are present in the pancreatic organ.

Why on earth would the body have such fine tactile sensors in the foreskin? It seems crazy at first, but it makes more sense once we think about it for a moment. Such fine tactile sensors are utilized by the penis to pick up very fine changes and differences in the vaginal landscape. As we mentioned earlier, regarding people who have lost their optical abilities, that they can “see” with other parts, systems, organs, or senses of their bodies. This is how the foreskin is able to “see” inside of the vagina. There are other methods which allow the penis to “see” inside of the vaginal canal, including stretch and deformation receptors, that are triggered when the vagina helps compress or stretch out the penis. But, to determine the really “fine” aspects of what is going on in the vaginal landscape, the foreskin provides the sensory receptors to allow men to do this.

What happens in the man who is circumcised, is that he loses this ability of fine “touch” and perception that allows him to “see” inside of the vagina. So, during the sexual act, a circumcised penis gets, so to speak, “lost in the dark” and is unable to truly “feel” and “see” the vagina as his penis was originally intended to do. This leaves the circumcised man experiencing a less perceptive and less dynamic form of sexual activity. They say that “God is in the Detail,” or “The Devil is in the Details.” What these phrases mean is that even the smallest details are important to properly understand, solve, accomplish, or perceive something. Again, with great misfortune, the circumcised male is robbed of the detective aspect of “seeing” these vaginal details through the penile-vaginal sexual act. In other words, a man who is circumcised won’t likely every get to really “feel” or “see,” with his penis, what the sexual act has to “share” with him. Or, another way of looking at it, the circumcised male is not able to illuminate the vaginal darkness as he was originally equipped to be able to properly experience.

Georg von Neumann

Depression Part VIII – How to Treat Depression With Homeopathy

As we mentioned in previous articles depression is a normal response as part of our daily lives such as the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, or illness. Over 30 million Americans suffer from depression and the amount is increasing in an alarming rate. Depression may be a mental disorder that can affect the way you eat and sleep, and the way you feel about yourself. In this article, we will discuss how to treat depression with homeopathy.

1. Aurum metallicum
Aurum metallicum is renowned for its ability to cure the deepest imaginable depressions: suicidal states by providing hope, feeling of worthiness and self esteem.This type of person is usually idealistic and goad oriented. It is very surprising to see that a single patient with a lifetime of joyless existence bloom into happiness after aurum pays for every hour of our years of study.

2. Ignatia
Ignatia  originates from the tincture of strychnos ignatia beans of a small tree native to the Philippines containing a substantial amount of strychnine (used in rat poison) and brucine (a bitter alkaloid similar to strychnine). Iganatia relieves the depression caused by an event of grief and sadness.

3. Natrum Muriaticum
Natrum muriaticum is one of the most psychologically complex and poignant remedies in our materia medica. There is an opposite presentation in which the patient seems abnormally open and can discuss even intimate aspects of his life, apparently not at all embarrassed. When a loss or a serious rejection occurs the patient experiences abnormally prolonged grief and depression. Natrum mutiaticum helps to overcome the deep sorrow that people suffered in silence.

4. Sepia
Sepia is a Homeopathic remedy that helps with bouts of depression from loss of sunlight, but it can be differentiated from aurum by its grief, fatigue, sarcasm and irritability aspects. Sepia is especially helpful in treating depression caused by indifference, weepy, angry, overwhelmed, exhausted and depression associated with menopause.

5. Pulsatilla
In external use, the fresh plant of pulsatilla is an irritant herb and produces a benumbing sensation when chewed. It is a powerful herb in treating people with signs of manic depression.
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I hope this information will help. If you want to more information of the above subject, you can follow my series of articles and visit my home page at:

Kyle J. Norton

All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have all the links intact.

Role of Youth in Nation’s Development

Vision 2020 can be better described as vision 20/20. That is the perfect vision in American style and this 20/20 vision can be achieved only by young generation of India. It is well known that India is home to a significant proportion of youth of the world today. All the imperialists of the world are eyeing India as a source of technical manpower. They are looking at our boys and girls as a source of talents at low costs for their future super profits. If Indian youth make up their mind and work in close unity with working class people, they can foil the plans of Imperialism and Bourgeoisie. The plunder of India can be ended with political power in their hands. The workers, peasants, women and youth will ensure that there is work for all. They will ensure that what is produces is geared towards providing adequacy for all members of society.

Unfortunately no one is bothered to dream any such vision. Martin Luther has said, “I have a Dream” and the dream come largely true. If he had not thought of that dream he would have accomplished nothing in his life. To climb high one has to think of climbing the Everest. One may not go higher than 10000 feet but even that will not be attained if you have no better dreams of going up to the top floor of your office in a life.

In recent years the world has come to look at India with renewed respect, recognizing a strong and prosperous global power in the world. It is also a future when the fabled richness of India’s art, culture, intellectual explorations and spirituals pursuits will begin to show its full radiance bringing much success to the troubled spirit of Modern India.

Is it a dream? Yes. Is it an impossible dream? No, it’s not. This can be done by the Youth of Indains. Youth is the spring of Life. It is the age of discovery and dreams. When they dream they dream not only for the good future of themselves but also for the good future for nation and entire humanity. Their dreams take them to stars and galaxies to the far corners of the unknown and some of them like our own Kalpana Chawla pursue their dream, till they realize it and die for it in process.

If any section of the society in any country is most important for change, again it is the young people. Patriotism comes naturally to young people, but they also respond early to the call of Internationalism. The hopes of the youth are:

1. A world free of poverty, unemployment, inequality and exploitation of man by man.

2. A world free of discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, language and gender.

3. A world full of creative challenges and opportunities to conquer them.

But these are not just the empty hopes. Modern science and technology and increasing vistas of Socio Economic cooperation among nations have brought these hopes out in the reach of realization. In recent times Terrorism has emerged as one of the gravest threat to peace and democratic policy. Youth are drawn between acts of terrorism. In some cases it is not the terrorism, but a freedom struggle. This is how our neighbors are trying to justify its policy of cross border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. Youth organizations should carry out an awareness campaign to expose justification or condoning of terrorism anywhere and under whatever pretext.

Role of Youth:

A. The youth can play a vital role in the implementation of elimination of terrorism. If the energy, intelligence and resources of youth are fully and properly utilized the country will prosper.

B. The youth will have to compete with sporting spirit. Just look at the spirit of Internationalism that today prevails in the cricketing world. With the start of any cricket tournament, no matters which team wins, Cricket wins, Youthfulness will won. The spirit of oneness will win.

C. The youth would need to Aspire for entrepreneurship rather than conventional employment.

D. The hopes of young people can be fulfilled only in conditions of peace, only in a civilized and cooperative world order.

E. Young people are full of vibrant ideas. When properly motivated and sufficiently guided they want in their life.

F. Young people have energy to try out things and the patience to learn from mistakes. Giving them opportunities to plan, to decide and to work prepares them to face harsher realities in life.

G. Young participation is important because youth are the country’s power. Youth recognize problems and can solve them. Youth are strong forces in social movements. They educate children about their rights. They help other young people attain a higher level of Intellectual ability and to become qualified adults.

What should be the vision of Young generation for India 2020? Vision 2020 says that:

1. Instead of Brain drain, we can be the magnets for bright minds world over.

2. Our Judicial system could be a model for fairness, promptness and incorruptibility.

3. Our Legislatures could be an acme of integrity, farsightedness and purposefulness.

4. Our habitats could be clean with abundant municipal services.

5. Our youth can be the Olympic Champions.

6. We can have 100% Literacy.

7. The Per Capita Income can go up in Geometric Proportions.

8. We can have full employment.

9. We can earn the reputation of being the most transparent and honest nation.

10. We could be the most competitive Nation.

India can become a developed nation only if everyone contributes to the best of his or her capacity and ability. Youth is wholly experimental and with the full utilization of the talents of the Youth, India will become a complete Nation. Let us hope for the same.

‘Youth is like a fire

It crept forward.

A Spark at first

Growing into a flame

The brightening into a Blaze’.

Overcoming Shyness and Social Phobia – key methods

Overcoming shyness and social phobia is not easy. If you are going to try and lift the shackles it will require lots of dedication, persistence and thinking. Social anxiety can rear it’s ugly head at parties or other social occasions, when meeting new people at work, or sometimes damagingly at job interviews, where it prevents you expressing your true abilities and perhaps advancing when the less deserving seem to do well.

So what are the best methods for overcoming shyness and social phobia? You can try anti-depressants, but will they cure the root problem and what gets you tense in the first place. Alcohol is hardly a solution either.

Overcoming shyness and social phobia can be difficult because your mind partly knows it isn’t logical to get quite so tense over what should be “trivial” encounters, yet the alarm bells start to ring in the head and the nerves and fear take over. The brain reverts to a primitive “fight or flight” mode at which point reasoning goes out the window.

It all means the best answer lies from a qualified expert who can come up with reasons for your behaviour and devise strategies for overcoming shyness and social phobia. It does require some willingness and persistence to stick with what can sometimes be uncomfortable challenges.

One suggestion worth trying is visualisation, where you go through what a successful encounter would be like in your mind, running through how you would hope to react and tackle a specific situation. While this may seem odd it can bring feelings of positivity and also preparation. Feeling you have some weapons in your armoury is just one way to start work on overcoming shyness and social phobia.

For a new program to help you with overcoming shyness and social phobia from a qualified psychologist head to Solving Shyness

Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision Naturally – The Close And Distance Vision Eye Exercise

Glasses certainly provide a convenient way to see clearly as your eyesight becomes clear instantly as you put them on. However, are you getting tired of the relationship of dependency that you have been developing in terms of feeling lost without your glasses? If you think that it’s time for a change and if you feel that you would be willing to try a different vision improvement alternative other than glasses, contacts or laser surgery, then you may want to keep an open mind about pursuing an effective program of eye exercises to improve your vision naturally.

Once you practice these easy and simple vision techniques on a regular basis you will see positive results in your vision health such as eye strain relief, dry eye relief and sharper vision without glasses. These eye exercise techniques improve the flexibility of the focusing mechanism of the eyes. You have muscles in your eyes like you do in other parts of the body. These eye muscles like other muscles of the body need exercise to function efficiently. You can correct visual imbalances and vision conditions with the regular practice of these eye exercise techniques. These eye exercises can help to reduce the damage done to the visual system caused by years of excessive close up work. These techniques also and strengthen the eye muscles that control the focusing power of the eyes for better natural eyesight.

One common vision condition called myopia (nearsightedness), affects about 30 – 40 percent of the American population. If you are concerned about this particular vision condition eye exercises are a natural vision correction remedy that helps you to improve your vision naturally without glasses. Therefore, here is a vision exercise to improve nearsightedness:

This eye exercise is called the close and distance vision eye exercise. In order to perform this technique hold a card with a black letter on it and cup your left eye with your palm. Focus on the black letter on the card while you are holding it at arm’s length. Then, at a moderate speed pull the card closer to you so that it is at least 8 inches from your face. Keep alternating the movement of the card from a near to a far distance for about 7-10 repetitions as you maintain your focus on the letter of that card. Then, switch eyes and place your palm over your right eye and repeat the same process as you did with your left eye for about several repetitions. Then, perform this technique by following the same procedure with both eyes open. This vision exercise is also useful for improving presbyopia and farsightedness.

This vision exercise improves the ability of the eye muscles to accommodate. This term is defined as the action of the six muscles upon the eyeball that enables us to see near and distant objects clearly. Eye exercises are a natural vision correction remedy for a variety of vision conditions. The close and distance eye exercise is one example of such a technique that corrects vision problems associated with presbyopia, farsightedness and astigmatism. Ultimately, the practice of these eye exercise techniques leads to better natural eyesight and an improvement in your vision health.

Where Can I Drive My Go Kart? Seems Illegal in Most Places

Most people get glassy eyed when they see a go kart (people who love go karts that is) and tend to forget about where in the world they are going to drive their go-cart.

Sometimes the images in your mind go to race tracks and passing Ferraris, but “Really now! Are you going to be driving this thing on a race track?”

I received this email from a reader about go karts (and sadly it is a common question)

Hi, I got stopped by a police officer for operating my go kart on the sidewalk, and he said I could be charged with: Operating a vehicle without being licensed, driving to endanger, driving a non-certified vehicle, and told me I had to be over 18 to operate any gas powered anything. I understand now that I can’t drive a go kart anywhere pretty much but where should I go?

Because the question “Where Am I Going To Ride This Go Kart?” was not asked at the outset, now you have a very depressed individual, considering getting rid of the gokart all together.

One issue is about “Where” the other about “Age.”

I am not legal authority, but I can tell you some basics: Un=Liscensed motorized vehicles cannot drive on roads.

About the age, that varies from state to state.

You need to look into your state statutes and codes to get verification on legal data. Consult a local attorney for that informaton…

But that aside, it is a good idea to know where you will be driving this go kart.

In your driveway?

On your uncles farm?

(Obviously not on the street because that is against the law)

In cornfields?

In your yard?

Do you have a big enough yard to ride a go kart?

Are their laws against go karts in your neighborhood?

Have you permission to ride it in the parking lot across the street?

Riding a go kart involve more than just you on a gokart.

It affects people around you in the following ways:

– A go kart is a driving projectile.

– A “unknown talent” is setting its course.

– The coarse is not set, but can change from moment to moment.

In short a go kart coupled with a driver is like running with the bulls in Spain.

Those around the go kart have no clue as to whether it is going to strike them or not.

So before you get upset that you cannot drive it “anywhere” realize that people around you have to take on a burden. A burden of concern and care. Will they, or you get hurt?

There are Legalities

Additionally, the Go Kart is not legal on the roads for various reasons, primarily because of its low profile (people can’t see you) and its lack of many other essential road handling and accident preventitive components.

This set of questions is probably the most difficult to acknowledge, because there are so many obstacles. And I don’t mean trees and cars, I mean regulations about motor vehicles. You cannot just blast down the road with your go kart. Sounds like a fun idea, but in reality it is dangerous and against the law.

If you end up buying this go kart, or even making it, you may end up with a very depressing set of conclusions:

I can’t ride it anywhere!

And even if I could, I can’t put it in the car to get it where I want to ride (its too big)!

So ask the question first. Get an answer.

The answer maybe as simple as networking with some people to find a place to ride: ie your uncles farm! (but there is even more than just your uncle at stake there too… remember there are 10 questions, not six)

There are various go karting clubs out there and you can join them. You do not have to be a go kart racer to join these clubs, it is just place where you can enjoy the go kart. Be sure to get in contact with them in your area before investing in the go kart and all that goes with it (ie helmuts, gloves, suits, etc..)

And finally, I did some digging of my own on riding gokarts on trails. There are usually stipulations on what type of go kart you can ride on a trail. For example in the state I live in, the trails require that the go kart have suspension and a full roll cage by a reputable manufacturer. You will also need to get a permit. The age of the drivers is also limited.

So look into ATV trails and see what you come up with.