Biliary dyskinesia – natural treatment and diet

Biliary dyskinesia is defined as a gallbladder evacuation disorder characterized by biliary colic in the absence of stones, with an abnormal ejection fraction of gallbladder, caused by the dysfunction of gallbladder or Oddi’s sphincter. This condition occurs in women aged around 40 years and the causes are unhealthy eating habits or disorders arising from adjacent organs (colitis, gastritis) and even gynecological diseases. Proper treatment is practical for each individual person suffering from this disease. Alimentation has a critical role. If it is suitable, can prevent or relieve symptoms.

Phytotherapy – treatment for biliary dyskinesia

Biliary type dyspeptic disorders are treated by stimulating bile in the liver cell – choleretic action – and by stimulating gallbladder contraction in the duodenum of bile for elimination – cholagogue action.

Plants with choleretic and / or cholagogue action widely used are:

• Chicory can be used in food as salad made from young leaves or as an infusion made from 15 grams of dried leaves per liter of water. Drink 1-2 cups a day.

• Artichoke is used before meals, as an infusion obtained from two teaspoons of leaves per cup of water, which is drink two cups a day.

• Celandine, which has antispastic action (relieves pain from gallbladder contraction), is administered as an infusion, prepared from 3 grams of dried leaves per cup of water; this amount to be drunk gradually, within a day.

• Dandelion is used as an infusion of two teaspoons of herb (whole) to a cup of water, 2-3 cups per day.

• Milk thistle seeds are used as a decoction prepared from 20 g seeds per cup of water, given by 1/2 h before meals.

• Lemon balm is consumed as an infusion of 10 grams of leaves and blossoms in a cup of water, 2-3 cups per day.

• Celery with cholagogue action is consumed after every meal, one cup of infusion with a teaspoon of leaves.

Hygienic-dietary regime

In this disease, diet is very important and sometimes hygienic-dietary regime alone can restore digestive balance of the patient with biliary dyskinesia.

This refers to the liver and biliary protective diet, meaning foods allowed and especially the way they prepare. Must be excluded canned food, sausages, smoked meat, animal fats, cabbage, dried beans, french fries, spicy foods (pepper, paprika, mustard). Foods high colecistokinetic (which stimulates gallbladder contraction) such as cream, eggs, butter, can be consumed in small quantities depending on individual tolerance. Very important is how to prepare food: cooked food is indicated by boiling or baking.

Do not allow the use of food fried in oil or lard, foods prepared with fatty sauces, fried onions. It is indicated the consumption of raw salad. Milk is the food that is not well tolerated by gallbladder.

Black radish juice has good drainage effects (have a choleretic, cholagogue and bile fluidization action). It is recommended two courses a year, three weeks each. Also are recommend regular meal, at regular hours, and for effective biliary drainage is indicated that after lunch the patient to stand for 30 minutes lying on the right.

Calivita natural products helpful in biliary dyskinesia

– Natural supplements based on lecithin extracted from soy, as Super Soya Lecithin – 100 caps, are effective in proper functioning of the nervous system and maintain a normal cholesterol level. Lecithin’s active substances, choline and inositol, help in breaking down and burning fats, thus preventing his deposit in the liver and bile.

– Digestive enzymes from papaya, as Meal Time supplement, are helpful in digestion and digestive disorders. Digestive enzymes that stimulate the digestive process can be beneficial for correcting and adjusting gallbladder, liver, pancreas and intestine activity, with an important role in eliminating injuries caused by improper digestion.

Discipline's Domination

Anna walked out of the office barely holding back her tears. She had just been fired again. And it was so unjust! She simply had to paint her nails for her party tonight. What if she did not get to the phone quick enough? After all, the company had a great voice mail system. What difference did it make whether she answered the phone or the machine answered the phone anyway? And Alice had been so snotty about it, reminding her of all the other times she had been asked not to let the phone go to voice mail. Really! So Alice fired her. Did she have to bring up the past?

As Anna started to walk through the bustling crowd of people around her she begged to cry in earnest. It just was not fair. Everyone else was so happy. They had money to spend and seemed to be doing exactly what they wanted. Why could not she start to get ahead?

John passed Anna on the street so intent on keeping his schedule that he did not even notice her tears. He certainly was not one of the 'happy' people that she just described 'everyone' to be. He felt as if his life was going now. He never met new people. Very rarely went out of the house along for errands and work. But then, he just did not have the time to get out. Dinner was at six. He could eat, clean the kitchen and then relax till seven thirty. Then he would exercise for thirty minutes and follow that up with a quick shower. After that he would balance his checkbook, read his mail and do all those other little tasks never seem to end. Then the evening was done and it was time to go to bed. John had trained himself to his routine so tenaciously that he never considered changing it for even one night.

Unhappiness radiated from John as he walked down the busy sidewalk with his head hanging low and shoulders bent forward. He felt as if he was treading through a deep rut day after day; Week after week. He could hear all the chatter around him and wondered how all these other people managed to find time to be so happy. "Probably unorganized", he thought to himself. "I bet most of them do not even balance their checkbooks."

Here are two extreme personalities in our society. Anna with her total lack of self-control and John with his self-imposed severity outwardly appear to be as opposite as any two people could be. However, their base issue is the same. These two individuals, like many of us, are allowing discipline to control their lives and, unless they learn to control discipline themselves, they will never experience true joy in their lives.

Already I hear the outcries from the reading audience! "How do you figure?" "You've lost your mind!" "Anna has no discipline in her life while John has managed to develop an outstanding ability to keep a schedule." How could they have the same problem? In fact, does John really have a problem? Our society sees someone who can keep a good schedule as a person who has a superior grass on life. This individual certainly does not appear, by our society norms, to have a personality problem.

Well, to answer all your questions – and to defend my position – we need to first define some terms. Merriam-Webster Online gives three pertinent definitions of discipline for this discussion and one for joy.

First, discipline is punishment. This is the most common form of discipline. It is this form of discipline that Anna finds herself repeatedly facing with her bosses. She does not, or can not, control herself enough to perform even the simplest of tasks with any regularity. This total lack of self-control that Anna exhibits allows those who have authority in her life to correctly wield punishment, such as releasing her from work. She is left with feelings of anger and resentment. Any happiness that she might have with her life is obliterated. Since there is no control of her actions, Anna has absolutely no control over discipline.

The second definition of discipline is control gained by enforcing an ordered or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior. We see this form of discipline in a school where everyone must follow set rules so that order is maintained. Our society too has a set of rules defining the base conduct that we all must follow; Our laws. It is this form of discipline that John is inflicting upon himself. I will not call it a self-control but rather self-discipline. He may find this system of regulation makes it easier for him to deal with his every day tasks, but it is not bringing him any happiness. In fact, he showers as if he is in a rut. His self-discipline has power over him; John has no control of discipline.

Now, before we get to the final definition of discipline, pertinent to this discussion let's take a moment to define joy. Again, going back to Merriam-Webster Online we see that joy is the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune. I have heard it said that joy is the ability to be grateful no matter what the circumstances. It is impossible to have this feeling of joy in your life without having control of discipline; Without knowing that you have the freedom to be who you are while maintaining the basic morals that give us an orderly society.

It is in the final definition of discipline that we see the path to joy. Discipline is training that corrects, molds or perfects the mental facilities or moral character. I call this self-control. It is the ability to do what is right, not because it is what is expected of us from outside influences, but because we recognize internally that it is the correct course of action for us.

If we look at John, his actions are being enforced. He feels obliged to perform all his tasks in a timely manner. We know this not by looking at the actions themselves, but by seeing what he is feeling. If he was choosing these actions because he really felt they were the correct path for him to take, he would not feel as if he was in a rut but instead he would feel the freedom of making those choices. He would grateful for his circumstances in life – he would feel joy.

The same reasoning applies to Anna. She is repeated fired because she is not performing the commitments that she has agreed to when accepting a job. If she were to take the time to show a little self-control before taking a job by looking at all the responsibilities and ensuring she could and would perform them, then she could go to work daily with peace of mind. Anna would be taking the steps to control her own discipline, so not allowing discipline to control her. By taking this action Anna, like John, would allow joy to enter her life.

Again, John and Anna represent extreme examples of discipline being in control. Most of us are not so excessively out of control in our lives. However, there may be some area in where discipline has domination. Some internal searching to determine where our joy is missing might help identify that part which is being controlled by discipline. With training we can give ourselves a firm grasp of self-control refusing to allow discipline to control us. We can control discipline and have complete joy in our lives.

Guitar Lessons – Open Chord Movements in "A"

When playing guitar it's not uncommon to strum a series of chords in success, one right after another, according to the song you are playing.

And while it's important, especially as a beginning guitarist, to get comfortable with changing from one chord to the next smoothly and fluidly, it's also important to learn that there are things you can do with a single chord while remaining in one position.

The technique of staying in a single chord position, and "moving around" in that position, is know by many as a "movement," and is something that will add some impressive new layers to your playing style.

Although you will find single chord "movements" that you can perform at various locations on the fret board, some of the easiest and most effective can be played in the open "CAGED" chords (CAGED)

Today we will look at a simple "movement" you can do with an open "A" chord. If you've been a student or subscriber of ours for any length of time, you probably already know that I am a huge fan of playing an open A chord using the "single finger" method – and this discussion is a perfect example of why .

When playing the open "A" chord on guitar using the "one finger" method, you would use the 1st finger and "barre" the 3 notes (on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings) that compose the "A" chord on the 2nd fret. This can be a little tricky to get the hang of, but when you do, you'll never go back to playing an A chord with multiple fingers!

The "movement" we will look at today involves strumming an A chord, then picking some bass notes, all while keep the A chord position. The chord itself would have played with the 1st finger, as described above, and the "movement" notes are played with the 2nd finger.

Here's how it looks:

————————————————– ——————–

——- 2 —————————————— ———— 2 ——-

——- 2 —————————————— ———— 2 ——-

——- 2 —————————————— ———— 2 ——-

——- ——————————– 0 —- 3 (bend up) ——- 0 ——-

————– 0 — 0 —- 3 (bend up) ———————- —————

In the above example you would:

1. First strum an open A chord just to get you ears used to sound, then play the open 6th string (E) twice

2. Next, using the 2nd finger on the 3rd fret of the 6th string, play a slight (1/4) bend.

3. Next, "resolve" that bend to the open A note on the 5th string.

4. Next, play a slight (1/4) bend on the 3rd fret of the 2nd string (C) similar to the way you played the bend earlier on the 3rd fret of the 6th string.

5. And finally, release that note bend and let it resolve on the open 5th string (A) and continue on with strumming the full "A" chord.

This is a fairly easy movement but try not beat yourself up trying to get it exactly as the about TAB is written. That's not the point.

The goal of this lesson is to simply make you aware of the many possibilities available to you when playing an open chord and staying in one position.

So play around with this, experiment a little, and come up with some open chord moves that are completely your own!

What Causes Recurring Ovarian Cysts?

From the moment that a woman begins to menstruate, she deals with a constant fluctuation of hormone levels. From pregnancy, to breastfeeding, all the way to menopause, there is rarely a time in a woman’s life when hormones stabilize or stay the same.

While this is a normal part of a womans experience, and most women adjust with little notice, there is the potential for abnormalities to occur when hormones are not properly regulated. One of these issues is ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts that happen on a regular basis may be categorized as recurring ovarian cysts and deserve a closer look.

How Cysts Form

The most common type of ovarian cyst is a functional cyst. Having this type of cyst doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong. What is probably happening is that the ovulation process is being interrupted.

Either when an egg is being released, or when the follicle is forming, things can happen that cause the ovary to become sealed off and filled with fluid. This is a functional cyst and it will probably fade away over a short period of time.

In fact, if you happen to get an ultrasound or internal exam and your doctor notices this ovarian cyst, it’s very likely that he will do nothing about it.

What Makes Recurring Ovarian Cysts?

While having an ovarian cyst, especially one that is functional, isn’t really a problem, a woman’s body should not be constantly developing ovarian masses. If this is the case, you have what is known as recurring ovarian cysts.

This just means that they are growing on an ongoing and regular basis. This is a good indication that your hormone levels are a bit out-of-whack. There are several common conditions, some with genetic links, that can result in recurring ovarian cysts.

Genetic Factors

Like anything in your body, your hormones are affected by your genes. Simply put, some women are just more prone to suffer from recurring ovarian cysts. This includes women with PCOS and endometriosis.

In younger women and girls, a genetic condition known as McCune-Albright syndrome can lead to recurring ovarian cysts, coupled with very early signs of physical maturity. Both of these conditions have the potential to interfere with normal fertility, so these types of recurring cysts should be taken seriously.

Treating Cysts Naturally

One of the more positive aspects about recurring ovarian cysts is that they rarely have long-term side effects. This doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to experience issues when they are untreated. Rather, once you get the cyst under control, normal reproductive function is almost always the result.

There are several common ways that a natural health practitioner or holistic doctor will deal with recurring ovarian cysts. First, you can likely expect that a closer look will be taken to the state of your hormones.

Hormones can be regulated with herbs, homeopathics and even by reducing stress. Attention should also be paid to diet, as what you are eating will directly relate to your hormone levels.

Not only should you eat a high concentration of antioxidant rich foods, but you should avoid things like animal products and unhealthy fats; alcohol and sugars are also bad for recurring ovarian cysts. As you can see, natural treatments are very promising for recurring ovarian cysts.

These issues tend to be highly treatable when a smart, holistic plan is implemented. Not only does holistic care deal with the symptoms, but it also often completely eliminates the root cause.

Home Remedies For Oral Thrush – Natural Remedy From Your Kitchen

Oral Thrush is a fungal infection and also known by the name of thrush mouth. In this condition, in the lining of the mouth fungus Candida albicans grows in abundant which is impossible to be checked. Usually you find this on your tongue or it may grow inside the cheeks. It may result into white creamy lesions. This may be painful and sometimes while brushing or by scrapping the white stuff, it may start to bleed. This problem of oral thrush may spread to your gums, roof of your mouth and also down your throat.

Commonly this problem of thrush may affect the babies, toddlers and older adults. It may affect the people having weak immune system. For some people it may be a serious problem and requires immediate treatment. Some of the important symptoms of thrush are given below:

1. Appearance of white lesions which resembles to cottage cheese.

2. Lesions may be painful and in some cases it may bleed.

3. You may observe the appearance of the lesions on your tongue, inner cheeks, gums and tonsils.

This problem may be treated with the help of home remedies for thrush. You can treat this problem with home remedies for oral thrush as soon as it converts into some big problem. Though healthy adults rarely have to face this problem but sometimes it may affect them too and requires immediate treatment. Some of the important natural remedies for oral thrush are given below:

1. Clove oil is very effective home remedy for oral thrush as it is a fantastic antifungal. Though this oil is too strong you can use it by mixing it with coconut oil.

2. To treat this problem naturally with right home remedies, you should take proper diet like sufficient quantity of yoghurt as it will help you to fight with candida albicans fungus.

3. You should strictly avoid the intake of fermented food and drink. It is also advisable to avoid the intake of alcohol, bread and sugar at least during this infected period.

4. It is also advisable that if the mom has the habit of smoking then she must stop it at once as this will increase the infection.

5. You should take the good quality probiotic from a health food store and also try to take the products which keep you cold.

Hope above home remedies will help you in getting relief from oral thrush naturally and effectively without any side effects.

Liver Transplant Surgeon Hyderabad – Low Cost Liver Transplant Surgeon

We Care Health Services Logo

Liver Transplant Surgeon In Hyderabad

Welcome to the Multi-Organ Transplant Program by We Care India International Patients. It is one of the leading transplant programs in India, including heart, kidney, kidney-pancreas, liver, and multi-visceral transplantation…..

LIVER Transplant

There have been over 60 different liver diseases treated with liver transplantation. However, there are several conditions that are more commonly treated with this procedure. They are frequently conditions that cause chronic or continuing liver inflammation. As the inflammation heals, fibrous tissue forms, much like a scar forms when a cut in the skin heals. Severe and advanced scarring of the liver is called Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is not reversible and leads to end stage liver disease….

Live Donor Liver Transplant

Living liver donation Introduction : –

Liver donation is possible from a living donor who is a relative of the recipient who can donate half his/her liver. The donor operation is entirely safe and the half liver quickly regenerates in both the donor and the recipient in a few weeks. In the first few days after operation even when regeneration is not complete, the half liver is enough to maintain normal donor functions due to the immense reserve in the liver…..

Children’s Liver Transplant

A liver transplant is recommended for children who have serious liver dysfunction and will not be able to live without having the liver replaced. The most common liver disease in children for which transplants are done is biliary atresia. Other diseases may include Alagille syndrome, alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, Wilson’s disease, hepatitis, and hemochromatosis…..

Liver Transplant Surgeon

We Care India ( Hyderabad ) partner hospital, transplant teams are comprised of surgeons, medical specialists, nurse coordinators, social workers and ancillary staff members who provide superior, specialized expertise in all related transplant services. From careful pre-transplant monitoring to post-surgical care, Stanford’s strong emphasis on continuous quality improvement creates better outcomes for transplant patients.

At We Care India, Hyderabad partner hospital, Liver transplant unit was established in 1997 with a view to providing state-of-the-art tertiary level care and service in liver and renal transplantation.

We wish to provide hope to those with terminal liver disease by informing them that at a fraction of the cost abroad, liver transplants are being done routinely at We Care India, Hyderabad partner hospitals, with results that match the best in the World.

Liver damage from cirrhosis cannot be reversed, but treatment can stop or delay further progression and reduce complications. Treatment depends on the cause of cirrhosis and any complications a person is experiencing. Regardless of the cause of cirrhosis, it is essential that every patient avoid all substances, habits and drugs that may further damage the liver or cause complications or liver failure…..

Hospitals in Hyderabad, India

Hospitals in Hyderabad are attracting travelers looking for medical treatment. Everyday thousands of people from the US and Europe are waking up to the phenomenon called medical tourism that has become quite a rage in recent times.

Major medical tourism promoting hospitals in Hyderabad are Apollo Hospital Health City, Jubilee Hills Hyderabad and Global Hospitals, Hyderabad. These hospitals have been accredited by national and international hospital accreditation bodies and are well equipped to take medical and personal care of International Patients….

The list of Liver Transplant hospitals in Hyderabad is as follows : –

A ] Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad

Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad is a 550-bed tertiary care centre. It has over 50 medical and surgical disciplines. Spread over a campus area of 35 acres, the hospital has a built-up area of 190,000 square feet. Its services are supported by sophisticated technology and experienced medical professionals.

The first PET CT Scanner in India was installed at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad in January of 2005……

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We Care Core Values

We have a very simple business model that keeps you as the centre.

Having the industry’s most elaborate and exclusive Patient Care and Clinical Coordination teams stationed at each partner hospital, we provide you the smoothest and seamless care ever imagined. With a ratio of one Patient Care Manager to five patients our patient care standards are unmatched across the sub continent.

Huge Cost savings with Prostatectomy Abroad

What is Prostatectomy?

Prostatectomy is the surgical removal of the entire or a part of the prostrate gland. Excision of the prostate is required for patients suffering from cancer of the prostate, obstruction of urine flow due to benign enlargement of the gland ( which is common among half the men above the age of 60 years and the incidence increases significantly as age progresses) and occasionally in cases of prostrate bleeding and bladder calculi causing kidney damage.

Prostatectomy Procedures

Prostatectomy is conducted using different techniques namely supra pubic prostatectomy (i.e. through an incision above the pubis), perineal technique (i.e. through the rectum and scrotum), transurethral technique (i.e. through the urethra, using a cystoscope and other technology) and laparoscopic technique (i.e. conducted through small incisions on the abdomen and using a laparoscope). All the procedures are conducted under general anesthesia. The technique used depends on the medical status of the patient, age, urgency and underlying pathology.

Post operative care after prostatectomy

Post operative hospitalization is required in most cases which would range from five to seven days, with complete bed rest for the first 24 hours. Emphasis is laid on refraining from strenuous work, eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water, to hasten recovery. Complete recovery may take about four to six weeks. Favorable outcomes are observed in about 90% of the patients, though the success depends upon the procedure/technique that is used for conducting prostatectomy.

Complications after prostatectomy

Some patients may experience post operative complications like pain and discomfort during urination, incontinence of urine, bleeding, inability to perform sexual functions and secondary infections. Though most of these complaints resolve within a few weeks after the prostate surgery, it is best to inform the doctor and take his advice. Prostatectomy will limit the patient’s ability to have children in the future, though it would not affect the sexual functions significantly.

Going Abroad for Surgery

With advances in healthcare and emerging technologies, several international destinations abroad, including India, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey and Jordan provide cheaper and more comprehensive medical tourism solutions for patients requiring prostate surgery.

Know more about Prostatectomy Surgery in Mexico

Stuck in the Space Between

As I sat on my balcony with a big cup of coffee in one of my oldest and most favorite mugs, on one of Nashville’s most perfect mornings, I looked out over the downtown and the amphitheater. The mug was from my single mom days, and it is an actual miracle that it has survived this long. I remember when I first bought it, and the second I saw it in the department store it made me smile. It exuded happiness in my usually gray world. I sat on my balcony and thought about that mug and that time in my life, which forced me to remember this weekend when Dave Matthews was playing at the amphitheater right off my balcony. I have been listening to Dave Matthews for as long as I’ve had that mug and when he started playing one of my favorite songs “The Space Between” it brought me right back in time.

When I heard Dave Matthews sing “The Space Between” for the first time it had an entirely different meaning than it did Saturday night. The first time I listened to that song I took it in its more literal meaning. For me, it was about a boy and a love that should never have happened but did. A love that would never grow into what I had wished it would. Fast forward fifteen years later, and I am sitting on my balcony with a boy who took me out of the shadows and breathed life into my soul. So that chilly Saturday night, me and my boy snuggled under blankets listening to Dave sing The Space Between and my mind was forced to hear that song differently. It has become more a song about me as a person than a love I wish I had.

If you know me, you know that I struggle with finding my purpose in life. I am always chasing “what is next,” “now what.” I have a large problem with waking up and having no plan for the day. That struggle is less when I am working, but my new life brings work in spurts. When I am working, I am running a million miles an hour. Usually, seven days a week, often 10 to 12 hours a day, but when the show or project is over, and I am home, it is as if I have slammed into a brick wall. I am usually exhausted, craving my chicken’s faces, my own bed and coffee in my favorite mug on my balcony. Once I have peeled myself off that brick wall, drank all the coffee, slept longer than sleeping beauty and hugged my chickens until they let out a yelp “mom, my ribs” I find myself in the space between and I am as lost in that space as I was 15 years ago.

I don’t like that space between, I feel so restless when I am sitting in that space, and as a person who hates change more than she hates peas, it has me craving change. I think that if I change something that restlessness will go away and something will fill that space between, anything. Currently, I have no new job on the horizon, no project in the works, no real plans for the future. Life is an entirely blank canvas, and I can do just about anything I want to do, anything to fill in that space, and it is so frustrating to me. Don’t get me wrong; I am grateful for all I have in my life, a great apartment, great kids, great husband. I am well aware of how far I have come, and I know that not everyone is “lucky” enough to sit on a balcony full of flowers looking at the downtown of America’s newest “IT” city with a cup of coffee and contemplate life.

Right now I don’t have any answers on how to fill that space between and the best I can do right now is fill that mug up with more coffee, sit on my balcony and hope the warm Nashville breeze will blow something into that space and fill it.

Five Things You Can Do If Your Dog Is Bitten By Another Animal

The possibility of infection is very high if another dog or animal bites your dog, not least because the saliva in most animals contains large quantities of bacteria and can easily spread a new infection through its bite.  A small bite which may not appear particularly bad can seriously damage the tissue within the wound.  Ignoring or taking such injuries lightly can have serious consequences on the health of your pet. Irrespective of size, any bite should be examined by your vet as quickly as possible, so that if the injury needs treatment infection can be diminished or avoided.  Below there are five things that are useful to know:-

1. If a dog is in pain, its instinct is to growl, snarl or warn you off.  You and members of your family will not be excluded from this so placing a muzzle on your dog is advisable if he has been bitten.  The muzzle will prevent your dog from biting you and protect anyone else who goes near him.  A temporary muzzle can be made with a bandage or similar material if you don’t possess a muzzle.  Tie the material around the dogs mouth to keep it closed making sure that he is still able to breathe.  If the dog attempts to vomit or appears to have problems with breathing you will have no alternative other than to remove the muzzle immediately.

2. A smaller dog will not be able to wear a muzzle so wrap the animal in a towel and hold him firmly.  At all times, make certain that your dog is able to breathe easily.  If the dog is uncomfortable with the towel around him remove it periodically.

3. When you are sure the dog is not able to bite you, place a small amount of water-soluble jelly, such as KY, onto the wound.  Using a disposable razor or electric clippers, carefully remove sufficient hair from around the bite, to expose the wound.  You will then be able to clean the wound and letting air into it will assist with the healing process.  Run lukewarm water over the wound for a few minutes to clean it and then dry it with some gauze or other sterile material.  If the dog has had the bite for more than a day, use antibacterial soap to clean the wound as bacteria may have already entered it.  Again rinse with lukewarm water and dry.

4. When you are sure that the wound is completely clean and dry, apply an antibiotic cream such as Neosporin which can be bought over-the-counter.  If you don’t have a bandage to hand use any clean cloth or sterile gauze, ensuring that it is not tied too tightly.

5. Your dogs inoculations and vaccinations should always be kept up to date, including rabies.

Monitor the healing progress of the bite and it is advised to take your pet dog to a vet as soon as possible and have the vet look at the wound to ensure all is well.

Brief History of the Optical Gaming Mouse

If you’re like me, you’ve been a gamer since you can remember. You grew up playing games the likes of Wolfenstein 3D, and in actuality it was only the demo version since I was just a kid and my parents at that time didn’t believe in using a credit card to purchase a game “through the modem”.

You were playing Commander Keen and Avoid the Noid, all using the arrow or WASD keys on your keyboard. Soon we were using the mouse after a time of conversion from the comfortable keyboard controls, inside the bounds of gaming, we were running around in Rise of the Triad shooting enemy gangsters and dogs and taking out enemy monsters in Doom with our mechanical ball rodents.

Soon games became more detailed and required better accuracy and a quick wrist to be successful. Traditional ball mice would gunk up and skip across the screen, they just couldn’t keep up.

Voila! Enter the Optical mouse in the form of the Microsoft Intelli-Mouse Optical. In general, the “new” Optical mouse technology of the time provided higher sensitivity, no skipping cursor across the screen because of gunked up mechanical features, and the mouse could now be used on a wide variety of different surfaces. Read here to learn how Optical Mice work.

The only limits were set on the capabilities of the LED optics of the optical mouse and the speed of which the processing of these images takes place, the measure of this is called Dots per Inch (DPI). It wasn’t until the Gaming Mouse that DPI numbers shot up utilizing the Optical mouse technology. An Optical Gaming Mouse of the past couple years is capable of over 1600 DPI, example: Logitech MX518,yet early ball mice were capable of around 200 DPI. Over 8 times the resolution!

Although traditional LED Optical mice are still the majority rule, the Laser Optical mouse made its huge explosion into the Optical Gaming Mouse market with the introduction of the Logitech MX1000 in 2004. The initial advantage the Laser mouse provided was the exact precision of the laser sensor was more accurate than an LED based optical sensor. The MX1000 only had a max sensitivity of 800 DPI but its precision blew all previous mice out of the water, move your hands even the slightest bit and you will see the relative movement of the mouse immediately, no more “stuck” cursors because of the lack of precision. Laser mice can track on even a wider array of surfaces than typical LED based Optical Gaming mice can.

Since the MX1000, Laser mice have made leaps and bounds to where even 5600 DPI is possible as demonstrated in the Razer Mamba There are plenty of other specifications and features that matter on a gaming mouse nowadays, customization of mouse buttons, USB polling rate, max acceleration, even on-board memory storage to store profiles of the above mentioned options.

The computer peripheral we know as the Mouse has gone from plain and clunky to sleek and agile in a mere 10 years time. The Optical Gaming Mouse has played the majority part in the push for this technology and the race between the different companies in the market. The demand has grown as Gamers realize the limitations of the old age hardware and the near limitless possibilities of digital enabling them to step up their level of competitiveness. Technology is a beautiful thing, the Mouse is a platform where this has been shown over and over again.

How Can I Get Rid of a Stomach Ache Quickly?

Stomach ache is one of the most common problem that can occur at any time. You may experience a stomach ache for a variety of sources and conditions. Some causes of stomach aches include serious diseases, such as bowel disease or even cancer. Other more common causes of stomach aches include constipation, flu, gas, food poisoning or lactose intolerance.

Fortunately, if you have a stomach ache, you can take steps to alleviate the pain quickly. There are numerous treatments are available to help you cure your stomach ache fast. Here are some things that you can adopt to get rid of a stomach ache quickly:

1. You can Try lying on your back with your feet higher than the rest of your body. Use a chair, pillows, or the couch to prop them up. After you are in this postion put warm wash cloth on your stomach. The heat will help calm the cramping in your stomach.

2. Mix 1 tsp each of mint juice and limejuice. Add some ginger juice and black salt in it. Drink this mixture for quick stomach pain relief.

3. Drink 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 teaspoon of raw honey and water to get rid of a stomach ache quickly

4. Consume ginger. This natural remedy is often used to remedy stomach aches. You can eat either fresh ginger or drink ginger tea or ginger ale. There are also ginger lozenges or chews available in most health and drug stores.

5. If your stomach ache is likely due to constipation. Take over-the-counter fiber supplements, laxatives or stool softeners, which can encourage bowel movements. Drink plenty of water to aid in the passing of your stool. If you wish to cure your stomach ache in the fastest manner available, opt for an enema, which generally causes a bowel movement within an hour of use.

6. Relax for a few minutes. If your stomach ache is due to food poisoning or intestinal flu, there is unfortunately no known cure. You simply have to wait for the illness or suspect food to pass through your body. If you rest, your immune system will be better fortified to fight off the issue, thereby helping to cure your stomach ache more quickly.

7. Try over the counter pain relievers such as Gas-ex, Pepto Bismol, and Zantac. These types of drugs relieve the pressure that gas can cause. They also can help cure other stomach related pains such as bloating, diarrhea, nausea, and heartburn. Be sure you don’t have an ulcer though. For these drug can tend to make stomach pain worse if it is an ulcer.

Always remember, if you are having constant sharp pains in your abdomen please check with your doctor. Your doctor can help you find the right treatment plan.

Persistent Coughing and Esophageal Cancer

In esophageal cancer, the patient is affected due to many reasons and one of the main reasons is persistent cough. Chronic cough or persistent cough is a cough that does not resolve or go away. Chronic cough is a symptom of other disorders and is not a disease.

Cough plays a major role in maintaining the integrity of the airways and can be voluntary or involuntary. Persistent cough can be a vexing problem for the patient as well as the physician.

Some of the common causes for the persistent and chronic cough may be asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinus problems etc. one of the main reason may be smoking of cigarettes. Cough is commonly triggered by chemical stimulation or mechanical stimulation of receptors in the regions of pharynx, larynx, trachea and bronchi. Cough receptors also exist in external auditory ear canals, nose, Para nasal sinuses, tympanic membranes, esophagus, parietal pleura, stomach, diaphragm and pericardium.

Due to the persistent cough, some of the following conditions may occur. The symptoms may be whooping cough, smoker’s cough, chronic cough, asthma, lung cancer, emphysema; chronic bronchitis etc. cigarette smoking is the most common cause of persistent cough. The non smokers are also affected due to the smoke released by the smokers and hence are subjected to disease.

Another cause for chronic cough may be GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) which refers to the reflux or backward flow of stomach acid and other contents into the esophagus. As the acid from the stomach moves backwards into the esophagus the reflexes will result in the spasm of the airways which can cause coughing and shortness of breath. In some cases, if the reflux is so severe the substances can be aspirated into the lungs and also cause damage to lung tissue.  

The infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis may also cause persistent cough. The virus, bacteria and fungi are responsible for causing these infections. The antibiotics cannot be used for treating viral infections. The viral infections are more severe in patients with asthma even if the infection has cleared.

Asthma is also one of the main causes for the persistent cough in esophageal cancer. It is a disease of airway which may result in breathing difficulty or wheezing. Many patients with asthma have chronic cough as one of the symptom. This can be aggravated due to smoke, pollen grains, exposure to cold air or air pollutants, perfumes etc.

Certain medicines which are used in treating high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction etc may also cause persistent cough. Post nasal drip and sinus problems may also cause cough. This condition is difficult to detect and CT scan is needed to identify this problem. The other causes can be due to sarcoidosis, lung infection or presence of tumors. The chronic or persistent cough can be identified only by taking a chest X-ray.

Natural Remedies:
There are certain natural remedies that offer a promising cure for esophageal cancer. Along with the natural remedies and a well-researched different diet pattern, a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle can make a huge difference to your efforts for prolonging the life for several years. You can increase your chances of surviving esophagus cancer now by trying these proven natural remedies discussed here

Big Reasons to …. Vitiligo

Vitiligo also known as Leucoderma and Safeed daag is non-contagious chronic disease that has affected not less than 3 % of worlds population without any distinction of age, gender, race or ethnic group. This disease is pre-historic and is discussed in bible, Chinese and Greek writing. But no treatment has been discovered yet for Vitiligo cure. This disease has come most into spotlight in early 1990’s after King of Pop Michael Jackson, became a severe case of such skin disorder.

The severity of hypo-pigmentation is not same for every person; also the time of onset varies from person to person. The most astonishing fact about this disease is that the reason of onset of white patches also varies from person to person and therefore the researchers are not able to find the real cause of Vitiligo. Though after several researchers for vitiligo cure some of the theories are believed widely as the reason for hypo-pigmentation to occur.

1. Autoimmune disorder

It is a strong believe of many people that a person that is suffering from autoimmune disease like

  • Hyperthyroidism (over activity of the thyroid gland),
  • Adrenocortical insufficiency (the adrenal gland does not produce enough of the hormone corticosteroid),
  • Aopecia areata (patches of baldness),
  • Pernicious anemia (a low level of red blood cells caused by the failure of the body to absorb vitamin B12)

Has a greater chance of Vitiligo. But 60% of vitiligo sufferers do not suffer any autoimmune disease. Also there is misconception that this disorder causes autoimmune disease but this is not the case.

2. Genetic predisposition

Genetics are also considered as an optimum reason for occurrence of white patches, as about 30% of sufferers have vitiligo history in their family. The people who have inherited set of genes from both the parents are more susceptible to suffer from this skin disorder.

3. Contact with Chemicals

Constant contact with chemical like phenol and photographic chemicals can cause loss of skin pigmentation as these white patches appear on the skin due to malfunction of melanoocytes when they are damaged. People working in companies where the use of Mercaptoamines, Quinones and their derivatives is common are easy targets of Vitiligo. Such hypo-pigmentation is called Occupational Leucodarma  The Vitiligo treatments that is recommended in such cases is herbal treatments as it heal the melanocytes to some extent.

4. Skin Trauma

Skin Trauma and sun burn is also a common cause of onset of Vitiligo. Many people observed hypo-pigmentation soon after severe sun burn or injury.

5. Physical and mental stress

Physical strain or mental stress can also be a reason for hypo-pigmentation. It has been noticed many sufferers had a break up, loss of job or such mental or physical stress before the onset of Vitiligo. Such cases  has  a greater chances to cure  by the treatments of Vitiligo and by suppressing the stress.

Titanium Alloys

Titanium alloys first used as engine alloys.

Titanium alloys were first used in aircraft as engine alloys, but they have subsequently found a progressively increasing use in the aircraft structure. Titanium alloys constitute 20% of the airframe mass in the Tornado and Grumann F-14 Tomcat, as compared to 5-7% in most aircraft. The supreme virtues offered by titanium alloys for use in aerospace are their abilities, first, to develop high strength-to-weight ratios, and second, to maintain their properties at moderately elevated temperatures. It is the second of these virtues that dominates when titanium alloys are used in gas turbine engines and the alpha or near-alpha alloys have been chosen, since only they possess adequate creep resistance in high-temperature use. The presence of beta phase rapidly degrades creep properties so that alpha-beta alloys can only be used for parts in which resistance to creep is less important.

However, the alpha alloys are non-heattreatable and solid-solution strengthening by the alpha-stabilizing elements, aluminium, silicon and oxygen, is the only way of increasing tensile or compressive strength. Higher-strength alloys must therefore contain the heat-treatable betaphase and there are three possibilities: alphabeta, metastable-beta and stable-beta. By definition, a stable-beta alloy cannot be strengthened by transformation to alpha-phase: hardening could therefore be accomplished only by some other form of precipitation. This has proved elusive and there appears to be no immediate prospect of an established high-strength commercial stable-beta alloy.

The metastable-beta alloys offer the highest strength possibilities and should be able to combine this with other significant advantages, the most important being high fracture toughness and deep hardenability. The high-strength metastable-beta alloy Ti-13V-11Cr-3A1 has been most widely used – it is capable of strengths in excess of 1500 MPa (218 ksi) and made up 93% of the airframe weight of the military YF12 aircraft.27 Beta-titanium alloys also have the significant advantages of excellent formability in the solution-annealed, low-strength condition. The principal disadvantage arises from the fact that the beta-phase has an intrinsically low stiffness modulus and this, taken together with the necessarily rich alloying with dense betastabilizing elements, means that the stiffness modulus-density ratio is rather low, thus limiting the usefulness of beta-titanium alloys for stiffness-critical components. The tensile ductility is also poor, except in thin sections. It is thus, perhaps, not surprising that the only wellestablished application of beta-titanium alloys at present is the use of Ti-11.5Mo-6Zr-4.5Sn (Beta 111) and Ti-8Mo-8V-2Fe-3A1 for fasteners. Even here, the well-known propensity of titanium for galling dictates that nuts running on titanium bolts must be of monel or stainless steel” thereby cancelling some of the saving in weight.

Ti-6A1-4V alloy.

However, the great bulk of titanium alloys is made up of alpha-beta alloys and of these the most widely used is the Ti-6A1-4V alloy, variously described as the ‘general-purpose’ or ‘workhorse’ titanium alloy which has been in use since its development 40 years ago, with the aluminium offering both strengthening and a density benefit and the vanadium making hot working of the material easier. It is used for aircraft engine discs and compressor blades up to a temperature of about 350°C.29 Alpha-beta alloys at the lower strength levels are used in the annealed condition but the strength can be enhanced by solution treatment followed by ageing.

An important advantage for some alpha-beta titanium alloys such as Ti-6A1-4V is the fact that they can be joined by electron beam welding, thus enabling complex structures to be built up with high quality joints over a wide range of thicknesses. The high level of titanium usage in the Tornado (~20%) already mentioned is because the wing carry-through box is an electron beam welded fabrication.

The compositions of the higher-strength duplex alloys must be carefully balanced so that each phase makes its proper contribution to the overall properties. It is, of course, possible to influence the relative proportions of alpha and beta phases by heat-treatment procedures. Alpha-stabilizing elements are usually present to provide solid solution strengthening of the alpha phase.

This strengthening mechanism is not available to any significant extent in the beta phase but the composition must contain sufficient beta-stabilization to provide strength from transformations within the beta. The main disadvantages of the heat-treatable alpha-beta alloys are, first, their poor deephardening characteristics (in the high-strength heat-treated condition Ti-6A1-4V is limited to a maximum section of only 25 mm) and, second, their poor fracture toughness, which can be low enough for critical cracks to

be only marginally detectable by non-destructive methods. Optimization of properties by microstructural control is difficult and careful control of processing is necessary if unacceptable scatter in properties is not to result.

Even different specimens from the same batch of material may yield widely different test results. These problems have led to the development of specialized processing techniques, such as isothermal forging, to allow better control of properties.

Nevertheless, certain generalizations are possible. The fracture toughness can be improved by solution treatment high in the alpha-plus-beta field to give a low proportion (10-25%) of primary alpha. On the other hand, the best fatigue properties are obtained when the alpha-plus-beta structure is fine-grained but with a relatively high proportion of primary alpha.

The Diet Cure For Acidosis

All of us are likely to fall into dietary ruts. We are particularly skilled in preparing certain foods, so we serve them often. We just can’t stand particular foods such as liver, oysters, strawberries, cabbage or a hundred others. Men may look upon salads as sissy dishes and thus forego many vitamins. Children may exhibit milk phobias. Women may try to live on lettuce and string beans because they think roast beef will coarsen them. Any of us may (too many of us do) eat excessively of white bread, sugar, and concentrated foods that supply plenty of calories but scant minerals and vitamins.

As a result, over long periods, we become the victims of dietary deficiencies so gradually that we do not realize it. Our own government, in a praiseworthy effort to build us up physically to meet national emergencies, has time and again stressed the inadequacies of general diets.. The oomph values of ordinary foods arise from their ability to supply factors that correct your hidden deficiencies. Want to bet that you don’t have any?

With that point straightened out, it is pertinent to digest some statements by authorities that knock the props right from under some of the country’s favorite fallacies about foods.

“Acidosis” is an ugly word, jerked right out of a medical dictionary to frighten the gullible. If you are of normal health and free from such diseases as diabetes, you can comfortably forget all about acidosis after reading a few facts concerning it.

Properly, acidosis is a condition in which the normal alkalinity of the blood is slightly lowered. The blood is always alkaline and never becomes acid in any condition short of death. Theoretically, if you ate nothing but meat or eggs which leave an over-publicized “acid ash,” you could develop acidosis. Actually, this bogey practically never troubles healthy meat-eating races, nor even man-eating tigers or other carnivora who would probably be dosing themselves with baking soda if they could read the advertisements.

Fruits (except a few such as cranberries and plums), vegetables, and milk leave an alkaline ash and most diets provide these foods in more than adequate amounts to prevent acidosis. Even if they didn’t, the healthy body has efficient protective devices of its own. For one thing, the blood contains buffers that are able to combine with and eliminate acids and bases. The kidneys can excrete acids from blood that is faintly alkaline. Blood proteins, like all proteins, are made up of amino acids that can act both as acids and bases. Moreover, vast amounts of acid-forming products that might otherwise be troublesome are eliminated through the lungs every time you exhale a breath loaded with carbon dioxide.

By taking baking soda you can often “alkalize” the blood to some extent, but this is a temporary measure if you really have acidosis, soda cannot cure the underlying cause. The minerals sodium and potassium are most active in minimizing acidity and we have already seen how abundant these elements are in ordinary run-of-the-mill diets. Extremely low-calorie reducing diets may tend to cause acidosis because of the by-products from the breakdown of body fat. Fasting will eventually produce acidosis because the body produces acid substances as it consumes itself. Balanced reducing diets at levels of 1,000 calories a day or more are not threats to one’s alkaline reserve, as a rule, because liberal vegetable foods are provided.

There is even considerable doubt of the wisdom of confining the diet mainly to alkaline ash foods. A shortage of high quality protein is one likelihood.

Another is that regular consumption of a high-alkaline diet is likely to predispose to the formation of stones in the kidney or bladder. Patients who have lost one kidney by surgery are ordinarily advised to eat acid-producing foods, for if the urine becomes alkaline, calcium phosphate becomes insoluble and there is danger of its being precipitated as kidney stones.

Even in folks with two good kidneys, excess base-forming foods may produce a condition of alkalosis just as undesirable as acidosis.
Unless a physician recommends an alkaline ash diet for specific reasons, there is no reason in the world to be concerned about acidosis unless you get good clean fun from talking about it.

Ordinarily, when people speak of acidosis what they really mean is “acid stomach” a temporary condition of hyperacidity that can be relieved by a dose of soda following conventional indiscretions. If it is necessary for you to take soda regularly to quiet your stomach, there is probably some disease process often serious at work that requires a doctor’s diagnosis. All stomachs arc normally acid; if they aren’t, the physician frequently prescribes a measured cocktail of hydrochloric acid.