Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy and Bodywork provided by a skilled Licensed Massage Therapist are very effective in treating muscular pain and related problems arising from muscular issues. For example, in my San Antonio, Texas based Massage and Bodywork practice I often treat pain from nerve entrapment syndromes including the well-known Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Like many painful conditions, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome responds quite well to massage therapy and bodywork.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the name of a painful nerve entrapment condition, in which the median nerve is placed under abnormal pressure by the tendons of forearm muscles passing through the carpal tunnel on the palm side of the wrist. When the tendons passing through the carpal tunnel become tight and enlarged, pain results from myofascial trigger points (knots) in the muscles, and pressure on the median nerve. Pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is usually found in the palm of the hand on the thumb side. Additionally, there is very often numbness or a pins and needles feeling in palm, thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. Most of the time the symptoms are on one side, usually the dominant hand, but may affect both sides at the same time. Additionally, people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often have a sense of weakness of grip in the affected hand(s) and symptoms may worsen with continued use.

What is the cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There are a number of causes for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome including direct blunt trauma to the wrist itself, and poorly healed breaks of wrist and forearm bones; however, this syndrome is most often caused by overuse and/or repetitive stress of the forearm muscles whose tendons go through the carpal tunnel to the hand. Examples of activities contributing to this syndrome include prolonged use of screw drivers or other hand tools, excessive computer use and typing, detailed work such as needlepoint, and other activities requiring highly repetitive forearm and wrist motions.

Massage Therapy and Bodywork for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There are many ways that massage therapy and bodywork can be used to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The massage therapist will employ a number of techniques to relieve the condition. For example, the massage therapist may use Neuromuscular Therapy or Trigger Point Therapy to eliminate myofascial trigger points in the muscles of the forearm to take tension and pressure off of the tendons in the carpal tunnel. The massage therapist could also use Myofascial Release techniques or Deep Tissue Massage techniques to release adhesions between the forearm muscles and surrounding tissues while also using Muscle Energy Techniques to gently lengthen the forearm muscles. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome also responds well to positional release therapies such as Ortho-Bionomy which work with the body’s nervous system to release muscles and improve joint movement in the wrist and hand area. Lymphatic Drainage Massage techniques might also be used to enhance lymph flow in the wrist area to decrease pressure in the area. Working on the muscles whose tendons go through the carpal tunnel may be enhanced by providing therapy for other muscles opposing them to improve muscular balance. Comprehensive treatment with massage and bodywork, in conjunction with a home program of stretching and exercise, usually helps to completely resolve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Other Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

While massage therapy and bodywork are an excellent treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome there are other treatments you should discuss with your physician:

Wrist Splints
Steroid Injections
Anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS)
Decompressive Surgery

Other Names for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chronic Wrist Pain
Pinched Nerve

The information in this article has been provided for information purposes only. It is not meant to provide a medical diagnosis, only a licensed physician may diagnose Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you feel that you have the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome please see your physician for a proper diagnosis and plan of treatment which may include massage therapy and bodywork. There are a number of serious conditions that are similar Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that could require immediate medical attention.

If, after consulting your physician, you would like to pursue treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Massage Therapy and Bodywork please contact me at my San Antonio Massage and Bodywork practice or contact a Massage Therapist near you.

Don’t Take Your Tonsils Out!

Do you have a sore throat that won’t go away? Do you find it difficult or painful to swallow? Are you suffering from headache, fever and chills at the same time?

If you said “yes” to the above questions, you probably have tonsilitis – a disease characterized by red, swollen tonsils.

The tonsils are collections of spongy tissues located on each side of the back of the throat. Doctors once believed they served no useful purpose and even tagged them as dangerous sources of infection. Due to this mistaken belief, the golden age of tonsillectomy flourished and many children went through this unnecessary operation.

Today, we know that tonsils filter out mild infections and are the guardians of the gateways to the digestive and respiratory passages. Since the tonsils are part of the body’s defense systems, removing them is like throwing away your sword and suit of armor while confronting a dragon.

In the course of their duties, however, the tonsils get sick and become inflamed. This is known as tonsilitis and is characterized by a sore throat, pain with swallowing, pus on the tonsils, fever, headache and nausea.

Tonsilitis may be caused by a viral or bacterial infection. The latter can be deadly, especially in children since strep bacteria are responsible for many serious diseases like rheumatic fever, heart and kidney damage. Fortunately, strep bacteria can easily be crushed with today’s antibiotics.

“When bacteria and viruses enter your body through your nose or mouth, your tonsils act as a filter – engulfing the offending organisms in white blood cells. This may cause a low-grade infection in your tonsils, which stimulates your immune system to form antibodies against future infections. But sometimes the tonsils are overwhelmed by a bacterial or viral infection. The result is tonsillitis,’ explained the Mayo Clinic.

You can limit your chances of contracting tonsilitis by staying away from an infected person. Frequent hand washing is another effective measure against tonsilitis.

“Other common-sense precautions apply, too. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue. Don’t share drinking glasses or eating utensils. Avoid close contact with anyone who’s sick. Look for a child care setting with sound hygiene practices and clear policies about keeping sick children at home,” said the Mayo Clinic.

When should tonsillectomy be considered? The late Dr. Morris Fishbein, the former editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, says the time for surgery is ripe in the face of recurring ear infections or chronic enlargement of the tonsils that interfere with breathing.

Dr. Marshall Stone, senior otolaryngologist at the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston, said surgery may be required if the enlarged tonsils make breathing difficult.

“Emergency surgery is necessary only rarely, when sudden blockage of the air to the lungs occurs or an abscess is not responding to medical management; otherwise, a tonsillectomy is an elective procedure that should occur only after careful evaluation of several issues,” he said.

To strengthen your body, take Immunitril – your first line of defense in maintaining a healthy immune system. For details, visit

Everlasting Candida, Will It Cure? Candida Causes Multiple Hypersensitivities

A friend of mine has been suffering from candidiasis for more than 5 years now. She has tried everything without results. The worst thing is that she has to go to the bathroom every half hour even without drinking any water and on the other side, she feels a lot of pain during the intercourse. She’s worried if her husband may get it. That’s why she asks for some useful tips to do.

As for me, I think long term results of taking prescription drugs for a few weeks are not good. You need to have some kind of program and you need to realize that the candida has probably gone systemic, which means it’s a far different thing than just treating a “vaginal infections”, etc. Many who have the pain during intercourse call it vulvonynia or cystitis. This can also be cured by a comprehensive candida plan.

Candida Related Complex (CRC) is certainly not easily treated. If CRC (Candida Related Complex) is uncontrolled, it can cause new symptoms throughout the body and aggravate existing conditions. CRC can produce a weakening of the entire system and a lowering of resistance to other diseases. Disrupting the intestinal absorptive processes results in two widely differing characteristics with those infected with CRC. These patients can become extremely thin because their food passes too quickly through their gastro-intestinal tract. Other patients can become overweight, some even obese. In these individuals, no matter how much food they eat, their nutritional needs are not met; therefore they are often hungry within an hour or two of eating.

The mucous membranes in healthy people have a coating of mucous and immunoglobulin that helps fights fungi. Immunologist Patricia Lucas, Ph.D. has hypothesized that the major causes of immune disorders are defects in the gastrointestinal mucosa due to Candida. She presented scientific data to the Society for Clinical Ecology supporting her hypothesis that Candida causes multiple hypersensitivities by first damaging the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

Air Pollution And Skin Allergies

A recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology discovered a link between itchy skin, irritated eyes, and headaches with certain types of pollution.

French researchers studied the air’s nitrogen dioxide, small particulate matter and ozone levels in urban areas surrounding Bordeaux. Bordeaux is an area in France where pollution levels are usually slightly higher than the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO). The research team collected medical case reports from SOS Medicins, a public health-care network that makes emergency house calls. They concentrated on the number of visits that are related to complaints of respiratory problems including tonsillitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, asthma, bronchitis, or cough, as well as conjunctivitis, skin rash, headaches and asthenia, a conditioned characterized by general feelings of weakness that are usually the result of allergies.

The researchers noted a 1.5 percent and 2.6 percent increase in the number of visits for upper and lower respiratory diseases respectively, a few days after particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide levels rose.

But what is most telling is the increase in doctor visits for other disease. On days when particulate matter was highest, visits for skin rash or conjunctivitis increased by 3.2 percent, while headaches and asthenia rose 3.5 percent.

When ozone levels rose, visits for skin rash or conjunctivitis increased by 3 percent, and 1.7 percent for headaches and asthenia.

Increased levels of nitrogen oxide caused a 2.8 percent increase in visits for headaches and weakness.

We know that air pollution affects the heart and lungs. But, these slight effects of air pollution on human health will likely affect more of us as it worsens.

“Once you start looking at the entire body, we start to realize this is not as benign as we think,” says Neil Kao, MD, an allergist at the Allergic Disease and Asthma Center in Greenville, SC, and a fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. “It’s not just bad for your heart—it’s bad for everything.”

Whereas allergy to pollen can trigger obvious reactions like sneezing, the subtle impact of pollution may not be evident immediately. Kao recommends staying indoors during sunny-but-polluted days. “As much as I promote a healthy, happy lifestyle with lots of exercise,” he says, “there are certain days just can’t reset your immune system.”

If polluted air is affecting your health, here are some things you can do to avoid it:

Check the air forecast –stay on top of high-hazard air pollution days.

Stay indoors – staying inside your home helps, but only if the air inside is less polluted than the air outside. Air washers, filters and the like, can help rid the air of particulate matters. However, they are useless against nitrogen oxide, ozone and other harmful gasses. So on days when pollution levels are particularly high, keep you windows shut; and on days when the air is clearer, let your home air out to decrease indoor toxins.

Wear a mask – breathing through masks with an N-95 rating can help cut help lower pollution-related headaches. Wearing protective clothing like long-sleeved shirts and sunglasses when outdoors will keep particulate matter off our skin and out of your eyes.

Why Most Psoriasis Treatments Don’t Work – The Truth

The one thing you need to understand about psoriasis is that it starts from within the body. It is not caused by an allergy or reaction to any external irritants. This particular disease is not a skin disorder, although it does affect the skin. It is an embarrassing complaint that, in its most severe form, causes pain, discomfort  and social isolation for many people. This article looks at the causes and latest treatments of psoriasis to help people better deal with it.

What is psoriasis?


It is an immune system disorder where skin cells or keratinocytes multiply faster than their normal 28-30 day cycle. These extra skin cells then build up on the surface of the skin forming red inflamed plaques or lesions with silvery scales, which can be found on all parts of the body, but more commonly on the elbows and knees and occasionally on the scalp, arms and legs.

Psoriasis does not discriminate! People of any age, sex or race can become victims. However the severity of the disease can vary greatly in different people. Some people only ever have one outbreak and are never troubled again while others suffer a severe form and are in constant discomfort. The severity of psoriasis is measured by a system called PASI, or psoriasis area and severity index which is based on the skin area affected and the level of inflammation and redness present.


Causes of psoriasis


An immune system malfunction is believed to be the most common cause. The immune system is mistakenly triggered which causes an increase in the white blood cells which causes inflammation. A flare up can also be caused by prolonged stress. Genetics may also play a part and some doctors believed it can be passed down through the generations. Certain medications can also bring on an attack.


Is psoriasis contagious?


The answer to this is a definite no. It cannot be passed on to others on contact or in any other way.


How can I find a psoriasis treatment?


Many treatments have been tried but most have only a temporary effect as they are treating the disease from outside and not from within. The most common medical treatment is topically applied cortisone cream followed by coal tar ointment, anthralin and calamine lotion.


Of all these the calamine lotion is probably the safest but it only stop the itching for a little while. Coal tar ointment can be effective but is messy and can cause skin irritation. Cortisone cream can cause thinning of the skin when used for long periods so should only be used sparingly.


Some people find that moisturizing the skin can bring relief. If this is to work properly a natural moisturizer should be used, not one based on mineral oil which can actually worsen the skin’s condition.


Exposure to sunlight or ultra violet A rays (UVA) is one of the latest treatments of psoriasis, but the side effects can be skin cancer and premature wrinkling of the skin. This option should be used very carefully.


Then there are the internal treatments such as methotrexate and cyclosporine. I often say if you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t swallow it, well here are 2 good examples of this! Methotrexate can lead to hair loss, decreased resistance to infection, headaches and miscarriage among other things. Side effects associated with cyclosporine include insomnia, acne stomach pains and nausea.


Is there anything that’s safe to use to treat psoriasis?


Since the disease is triggered by the immune system the logical answer is to treat the immune system. There are homeopathic treatments which can build skin health from the inside and these help enormously. Simple remedies like drinking enough water and ensuring your diet is healthy can also help.


Because psoriasis comes from within, it will always respond better to an internal treatment. Treat the body from within and use a natural anti itching cream or lotion on the skin itself. We can’t yet cure psoriasis but we can manage it well enough so it doesn’t have such a debilitating effect on our lives.

The Truth About Diabetes

Like all complicated matters there are certain misunderstandings regarding Diabetes.

Today I want to dispel some myths regarding diabetes.

Here is a list of the questions that I will be discussing:
Can get diabetes from someone else?
Eating too much sugar causes diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is mild diabetes
People with diabetes eventually go blind
It’s not safe to drive if you have diabetes
People with diabetes can’t play sport
People with diabetes are more likely to get colds and other illnesses
People with diabetes can’t eat sweets or chocolate
People with diabetes shouldn’t eat bananas or grapes
People with diabetes should eat special diabetic foods

Now for some serious myth bashing…

Can get diabetes from someone else?
Although we don’t know exactly why some people get diabetes, we know that diabetes is not contagious – You cannot get it from others. There is a chance that a person whose parents or brothers and sisters have diabetes might get diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes. But lifestyle factors also play a part.

Eating too much sugar causes diabetes
Eating sugar does not cause diabetes. Diabetes is caused by a combination of inherited and lifestyle factors. However, eating a diet high in fat and sugar can cause you to become overweight. Being overweight increases your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, so if you have a history of diabetes in your family, a healthy diet and regular exercise are recommended to control your weight.

Type 2 diabetes is mild diabetes
There is no such thing as mild or borderline diabetes. All diabetes is equally serious, and if not properly controlled can lead to serious complications.

People with diabetes eventually go blind
Although diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people of working age, research has proved you can reduce your chances of developing diabetes complications – such as damage to your eyes – if you:
• Control your blood pressure and glucose levels
• Keep active
• Maintain your ideal body weight
• Give up smoking

It’s not safe to drive if you have diabetes
Providing you are responsible and have good control of your diabetes, research shows that people with diabetes are no less safe on the roads than anyone else. Nevertheless, the myth that people with diabetes are not safe persists

People with diabetes can’t play sport
Pakistan’s famous all-rounder Wasim Akram has diabetes; many other people with diabetes take part in active sports. People with diabetes are encouraged to exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping active can help avoid complications associated with diabetes, such as heart disease. There may be some considerations to take into account with your diabetes before taking up a new exercise regime – talk to your doctor for more information.

People with diabetes are more likely to get colds and other illnesses
No. You are no more likely to get a cold or another illness if you’ve got diabetes. However, people with diabetes are advised to get flu vaccinations. This is because any infection interferes with your blood glucose control, putting you at risk of high blood glucose levels and, for those with Type 1 diabetes, an increased risk of ketoacidosis.

People with diabetes can’t eat sweets or chocolate
Sweets and chocolate can be eaten by people with diabetes just like the rest of us, if eaten as part of a healthy diet. Remember that confectionery foods tend to be higher in fat and calories too so for this reason they should be limited especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

People with diabetes shouldn’t eat bananas or grapes
All fruit and vegetables are extremely good for you. Eating more can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, some cancers and some gut problems. You should aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This also helps to improve the overall balance of the diet. Eating a variety of different fruit and vegetables ensure you get the maximum benefit.

People with diabetes should eat special diabetic foods
Diabetic versions of foods offer no special benefit. They still raise blood glucose levels, contain just as much fat and calories, are usually more expensive and can also have a laxative effect. The healthy diet for people with diabetes is the same as that recommended for everyone – low in fat, salt and sugar, with meals including starchy foods like bread and pasta and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Leave the Finishing to a Drywall Contractor

Over the years, I have reluctantly undertaken many drywall projects. Not by choice, but simply out of necessity. When money has been tight, rather than hiring a qualified dry wall contractor who actually knows what he is doing, I have often gotten in over my head with what turned out to be a remodeling fiasco. And if there is one thing I have learned as a result of my experience, it is that finishing drywall should be left to the pros. Like me, maybe you too have fallen prey to the how hard can it be school of thought. This mentality has frequently gotten me into trouble, but the frustration I have had when trying to finish drywall has been some of the greatest trouble of all.

On one such occasion, I had the ambitious idea of building a room in our two car garage to house a large model railroad layout. At first I had planned to simply build a wall with a small pre-hung door in it to separate the two bays from one another. But as often is the case with me, that basic design ended up being way too simple to fit my taste. Thus I proceeded to hang drywall on three of the four walls so that the painted landscape would look right in the background. My thought being that it would be cool to have lots of picturesque mountains, blue sky, and little painted trees surrounding the trains. In retrospect, just connecting a painted panel border to the table would have probably worked just as well. But that would have been far too easy. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I had to finish out the entire room to achieve the effect I was looking for.

That being said, I have never had much trouble hanging drywall. Cutting the boards to the right dimensions and then zipping a few screws in to the studs is the easy part. The fun starts when I get the finishing tape and a mud knife in my hands. That is when all hell breaks loose and the swearing commences. I do not know about you, but I have the kind of personality that usually resonates with the philosophy that if a little is good, than more must be better. But in the case of drywall mud, this is just not the case. After countless hours of slapping on a thick coat of mud, followed by furious sanding, followed by more mud, and then more sanding, I usually end up with a floor to ceiling speed bump where the seam used to be. Not to mention that the room I am working in is now covered in about two inches of powdery white dust second only to the surface of the moon. As I shake the thick residue from hair and wipe the dust out of my eyes, now bloodshot and as dry as the Sahara, I behold the end result of my labor. Generally, it really looks like crap! Why did I not hire a good drywall contractor to do this?

If you have ever watched a dry wall contractor finish drywall, it is truly a sight to behold. Delicate little skim coats fly on like paint from the brush of Divinci. A flick of the wrist and that screw head disappears. The tape clings to the seam like it was begging to be there all along. And sanding? Who needs sanding? It is like they could complete an entire house in about ten minutes. Who are these people? Is there some clandestine training facility tucked away in the Himalayas where they sit for years under the tutelage of an aged drywall Guru? How did they learn to do this? And more importantly, what kind of mental retardation am I suffering from?

If you are currently thinking about undertaking a drywall finishing project, take it from me, think again. Good drywall contractors are worth their weight in gold. The headaches you will avoid will far surpass any money you might save. If you currently need help finding one in your area, there is a link to a detailed directory listed below.

How to Get Rock Hard Erections Quickly and Naturally – No More Drugs

Do you want to get rock solid erections very time you get intimate with your woman?

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem among men. A weak or soft erection can put you in a tight spot since it makes it almost impossible for you to satisfy your woman sexually.

Nitric oxide or NO plays a very important role in helping you achieve hard and stiff erections. Not many men are actually aware of this but lack of nitric oxide in your body can lead to ED. It’s main role is to allow expansion of blood vessels so that more blood can flow into the penis, making it hard and rigid.

Nitric oxide production declines with age, making it hard for men to achieve solid erections.

Here are some simple and easy ways to boost nitric oxide in your body so that you can get harder and stiffer erections:

1. Use Vitamin C and Garlic

This is a cheap and effective remedy to boost blood flow and NO production in your body. Vitamin C is great for your arterial health and garlic is proven to drop your blood pressure.

When used together, Vitamin C and garlic can skyrocket your nitric oxide production significantly.

As a matter of fact, a clinical study indicates that such a mix of Vitamin C and garlic can increase nitric oxide production in your body by a staggering 200% within a few days.

Apart from increasing blood circulation and nitric oxide secretion, Vitamin C and garlic helps boost your testosterone levels too. This triple effect, improves your erection quality significantly.

Yet another positive feature of this remedy is that it is absolutely safe and free of all kinds of side effects.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is another great fruit that can help you get harder erections. The flesh part of this fruit contains a compound called citrulline which gets converted to arginine in your body due to enzymatic reaction. L-arginine is a pre-cursor to NO. Thus, it can help boost nitric oxide production in your body and help dilate or expand blood vessels, resulting in increased blood flow to the penis.

3. Have More Pomegranates

Pomegranate is another excellent fruit that can help boost your sexual potency. Pomegranate is highly effective in reducing arterial plaque by as much as 30%. This is great for increasing blood circulation in your body. Another added advantage of pomegranate is that it can help boost your testosterone levels by around 22%.

More importantly, pomegranate can also help increase nitric oxide production in your body. Thus, it is highly effective in improving sexual or erectile function in men.

4. Consume Brown Rice

Brown rice might look like a simple food but it can be great for your erections. This is because it can also help increase nitric oxide production. Yet another benefit of brown rice is that it can help relax arterial walls. This double effect helps increase blood flow to your penis signficantly resulting in harder and stiffer erections.

Thus, if you want to enjoy better sex, its time to include brown rice in your diet.

5. Natural Penis Pills

Natural penis pills are a great way to improve your sexual health without worrying about nasty side effects. Some of the best penis pills come with ingredients like pomegranate allagic acid, l-arginine, ginkgo biloba etc.

Such pills increase nitric oxide secretion in your body and give a boost to blood circulation. They also help stimulate testosterone production in your body. The net effect is that they can help you get harder and stiffer erections.

Regular use of such pills can also help boost your staying power so that you can last longer in bed.

So, if you want to get harder and stiffer erections, check out the Best Penis Pills that have been getting incredible user reviews.

Getting Cold Sores And Reducing The Blister Quickly

Did you ever have that awful feeling that you know your getting a cold sore? It starts with some people as a little tingle that feels like an itch. For others they notice a tiny bump on the lip that foreshadows the full eruption of the cold sore blister. It is frightening because you know it can last seven to ten days and that a few of those days will mean that it can also bleed when you are eating or smiling when it cracks.

First of all, cold sores that occur on the lip or mouth area are herpes simplex virus one. This is in distinction from herpes simplex 2 which is in the genital area. You may have gotten initially through a kiss, sharing some personal item with another person or even just the ultraviolet rays of the sun that hit your lip due to sunbathing. That is how I got my cold sore and I really regret sunbathing without using sunscreen on my lip.

It is contagious so you want to be careful around others. There are both prescription and over the counter remedies that help to ease the pain and the size of the cold sore so it will resolve faster. Also, stress can cause as well as aggravate them so be sure to get to sleep early before exams and not burn both ends of the candle.

Taking lysine can be helpful to stop recurrences or to reduce them. This is an amino acid that you can find in drug stores, supermarkets as well as health food stores. We need the right amino acid balance and many people have too much argine via chocolate, peanut butter and other foods that then make us deficient in the amino acid lysine. A supplement is a good way to check this problem.

We often forget to moisturize our lips but that is important , especially to prevent cold sores there. Be careful in the summer time as it’s easy to forget how much the sun is shining on your face when you are watching a sports game outdoors of baseball. Always use spf of 15 or higher on your lip area and wear a cap if you are likely to get herpes blisters. The skin on your lip is very susceptible to the sun so don’t ignore this. Once there is a fever blister there, it is easy to get them back again on the same spot as the skin is now vulnerable.

Vicks for Nail Fungus: an Effective Cure?

Vicks Vapor Rub for nail fungus has been known to cure nail fungus infection effectively. As with any treatment, this has been met with skepticism by some people. What is the truth behind it?

Vicks Vapor Rub is commonly known as the over-the-counter medication made specifically for colds and cough. But there are a lot of people discovering new uses for Vicks vapor rub. Though there hasn’t been any major scientific studies to base these claims people made, the sheer number of positive testimonials gives a lot of circumstantial proof that vicks vapor rub is a promising cure for nail fungus infection.

There may be some valid reasons why Vicks for nail fungus works. Vicks contain natural oils that are derived from plants. These include, eucalyptus oil, myristica oil, oil of cedar leaf, as well as menthol and camphor. Maybe one or more of these ingredients have anti-fungal properties.

Healing Plants – The more promising cures for nail fungus are derived from plants as well. These include tea tree oil, lavender oil and oregano oil, among others. This should be a good time for scientists to conduct studies on the effectiveness of the different ingredients in Vicks vapor rub.

Vicks and Other Treatment – Usually, people use Vicks for toe nail fungus in conjunction with other treatments. They use Vicks vapor rub at night, before and during their sleep. They usually apply a generous amount of Vick vapor on the affected toes before bedtime, and then cover it with a sock. They leave this on overnight. Before doing this, one has to trim the nails as short as possible. Then, one applies hydrogen peroxide to the toes before applying Vicks vapor rub.

There are several theories that try to explain why Vicks work for nail fungus. Vicks vapor rub has a deep penetrating action and this can go inside the nail where the fungus often resides because it is warm, moist and dark. This has also a high success rate with children since they have softer nails, which lets the product penetrate much easier. This might be one of the reasons why some doctors even recommend Vicks vapor rubs to their patients to treat toe nail fungus infections.

While some believe it to be true, skeptics also say that these different testimonials of using Vicks vapor rub for nail fungus is just solicited advertisement for the company. There might be truth to this, but actual studies and research has to be conducted before anyone can make conclusions about this. There isn’t any particular strong evidence linking it to curing toe nail fungus except through people’s testimonials. So don’t get too excited about this.

Although it may be a cheap alternative in treating toe nail fungus, one still has to consult his/her doctor to get expert advice on what to take. Though there have been success stories with people using Vicks vapor rub, there are also complaints about this not working on some people. It is best recommended to try other natural products that are made specifically to treat toe nail fungus infections.

Many People Suffer from Hives

Hives are a common condition in which scratchy, red bumps and lumps form on the skin. They are also known as uticaria. Hives are normally caused by a mid allergic reaction, but they could also be caused by an uncommon, but harsh allergic reaction called an anaphylactic reaction. It’s very rare that hives could be caused by an autoimmune disorder called lupus. Before going for the treatment, it’s vital to know the hives symptoms so that the treatment could be carried on effectively.

Hives could appear anywhere on the body and could be oval or round in shape. They could also be unevenly shaped, lumpy patches that come together to cover large areas of skin and could be pink or red in color. They could also have a pale center with redness on the edges. Hives affected area of the body is normally very scratchy.

Symptoms that go with hives due to an allergic reaction include runny nose, sneezing, itchiness, watery eyes, sinus pressure, nasal congestion and headache. A stern allergic reaction could result in swelling of mouth, lips, throat and shortness of breath. Symptoms that go along with hives due to lupus include fever, seizures, anemia, painful swollen joints, hair loss, a butterfly shaped rash on the face, photophobia, lesions in the nose or mouth and inflammation of the lungs.

Making an analysis of hives and their underlying cause includes performing a complete assessment that includes an allergy and medical history and physical examination.

Hives Treatment
The most efficient hives treatment plan uses a comprehensive approach. Treatment plans are also individualized to best address the precise cause and severity of hives and the patient’s age and medical history. In general, hives can be treated, although they are not curable. Treatment of hives usually begins with prevention. This includes diagnosing the precise allergens and avoiding exposure to them. For e.g. a person who has been diagnosed with a reaction to eggs, should avoid eating eggs and any foods prepared with them.

The patient following a good treatment plan can control hives to a degree that allows him/her to lead a normal life.

Friendship – Bridge Between the Hearts

We all know human beings are gregarious by nature. It is due to this nature of ours, social life has immense infusion to our individual life. Perhaps that is why the great Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, claims man to be a social animal. Now friendship, if we further contemplate, is an indispensable reality of social life. In this brief paper, my aim is to provide a general idea of what true friendship is, along with its importance and benefits.

Denis Diderot, in his encyclopedia, defines friendship as “the commerce (with someone) in which the heart takes an interest because of the pleasure it derives from it.” Diderot further posits that the commerce involving pure mind rather than the heart is an acquaintance, not friendship. I would like to add a point to his claim. According to him, heart captures interest because of the “pleasure” friendship derives. Seeking only pleasure in friendship seems quite self-centered and unoriginal. Moreover, the source of affection and love between people, other than for kinsfolk, cannot simply be based on pleasure only. The truth is, however, when the heart finds interest due to the “virtues of the fellow person”, it is true friendship. Pleasure, namely, is one of the many influential upshots of a faithful relationship.

Many have also questioned the durability of friendships; how long a friendship between individuals is reckoned to last, in relation to diverse circumstances? The time period of a general friendship is considered to depend on multiple factors such as intensity of bond, age, dwelling, etc. In spite of this information, I personally believe a true friendship is never-ending, or more specifically, has timeless memories; both happy and sad. In some cases, friends might not be practically together due to residence remoteness and/or excessive work exertion. Yet, time and time again, a part in their hearts echoes with affection for one another; they are present in each others’ hearts. Now I would invite the readers to attend to the benefits of being under this umbrella of true love and source of ageless memories.

Benefits of Friendship

For quite some time, psychologists and researchers were tempted to discover the benefits of friendship. Though exploration still continues on the subject in an enormous amount, so far, tons of studies and programs have declared friendship “life-enhancing” (1). In contrast, the absence of friendship, or to simply put it; loneliness is deemed damaging to mental and physical health. The question is, what aspects of life and health does friendship influences, in order for, we call it “life-enhancing”? Let us explore the answer.

Conventional intelligence believes; friendships boost the individual’s sense of happiness. Happiness, in turn, has scores of positive biological and psychological impacts. For example, according to the research of Kira M. Newman, a writer and editor, happiness systematically protects the heart, strengthens the immune system, diminishes stress, combats diseases and disability, and enhances longevity. A couple of other potential advantages of friendships, proposed by many researchers, include the opportunity to learn about empathy and problem solving. Moreover, in front of friends, an individual feels at ease with his or her personal identity and innate habits. Such a comfortable zone directs the person towards no pressure; rather, it contributes to self-confidence and social development.

What is more, true friends are selfless and supportive to their fellow friends at difficult times. They can act as a source of motivation for one another, concerning the hardships of life. A report from Mayo Clinic is parallel to the prescription: friendships “increase your sense of belonging and purpose”; furthermore, they “help you cope with traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss or the death of a loved one.” Therefore, one can avow, friendships are highly effective for the emotional dimension of human beings as well.

Conflicts in Friendship

In friendships too, like in any other relationship, involved individuals can quarrel, now and then. These disputes are temporary and are melted away by the warmth of mutual affection and understanding between true friends. However, lack of productive efforts or knowledge can exacerbate the situation as well. Hence, it is wise to explore the foundation of these clashes, in order to prevent them in the first place. Sufficient knowledge on the subject can also help the person to distinguish his true friends from the fake ones. Under this section, I underpin (and clarify) the reasons for conflicts in friendships into three chief bases; triviality, external grounds, and communication gaps.

Firstly, disputes may ensue when a trivial approach, intentional or unintentional, is adopted by an involved individual concerning friendship. A trivial approach, technically, refers to expressing insignificance in friendship or not taking the responsibility of being a friend sincerely. This can be due to paucity of knowledge about the role of accountability in friendship by the person (unintentional) or deliberate reasons (intentional), directing to the warning of a fake friend. The unintentional case is usually concerned towards the lower age groups of society. Let us observe the insightful words of Khalil Gibran on this matter, “friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity (2).” It is noteworthy, responsibility in friendship is never onerous, for this reason, Mr. Gibran utilizes the word “sweet” before responsibility to brush aside any sort of misleading interpretation.

Secondly, a third-party aims to jeopardize friendship between individuals, owing to hatred or in their own personal interest. Assuming either motive, loyalty and honest communication between friends are the best remedies to thwart any iniquitous intervention.

Lastly, communication gaps occur when the message intended to be delivered by the speaker is not understood by the recipient. The reason behind this, as the name suggests, is poor communication. In friendships, this leads to misapprehension and, thus, towards negative estimations about the fellow friend. Solution to the issue lies in communication itself. Honest and open communication, or technically, effective communicative skills can ultimately bridge the communication gaps, and reduce the likelihood of their proliferation.

To conclude, friendship is an astounding and somewhat special gift of life; one which systematically benefits the friends at social and mental level, and in another sense, psychologically strengthens their willpower to live life confidently and optimistically, regardless of what the circumstances might be. Obviously, true friendship demands certain responsibilities at times, yet one should always remember that such responsibilities are “sweet”, which eventually result in creating pleasant and timeless memories! And once these memories are implanted in the brain, they somehow find a way to sprout the flower of love in the hearts. That’s why I think we can construe friendship as “bridge between the hearts” – don’t you agree?


1. Telfer, E., 1970-71, “Friendship”, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 71: 223-41.

2. “Khalil Gibran Quotes”. BrainyQuote. N.p., 2016. Web. 20 Sept. 2016.

Panic Attacks – What You Need to Know

That is not only sad, it is dangerous because continually suffering with panic attacks can lead to anxiety disorder (the constant fear of having another anxiety attack). When this happens all life decisions are ruled by the fear of suffering yet another attack.

Needless to say, this can damage your lifestyle, friendships, love-life and even threaten job performance.

This results of panic attacks are that the sufferer will often withdraw from normal everyday activities, such as:

* Planning holidays or travel.

* Leaving your home, or being alone.

* Making appointments or socializing with people, for fear that you might have to excuse yourself half way through.

* Giving a speech or presentation, for fear of having a panic attack.

Common Symptoms Of A Panic Attack

If you are unsure whether you, or someone you love is suffering with a panic attack, then here are some common symptoms that you should look for:

* A Racing Heart

* Chest Pain

* Palpitations

* Difficulty breathing

* Headaches

* Sweats

* Bowel Troubles

* Nausea

* General Fatigue

* Dizziness

* Insomnia

* Butterflies in the Stomach

* Difficulty Swallowing

* Constant Fear Of Impending Doom

* Depression

* Agoraphobia

* Sudden Panic

* Irritability

* Social Nervousness

* Feelings Like You Are Going Crazy Or Losing Control

* Feeling Alone And Out Of Place

* Believing That There Is No Hope Of Normality

* Social Phobia

* Disturbing Dreams And Thoughts

This is not a complete list but any combination of the symptoms mentioned there should very well point to panic attack as the cause. If you are suffering with these symptoms you should take action to get your attacks under control before they increase in frequency.

Immediate Action You Can Take To Help Panic Attacks

Many people have found it helpful to learn what can exacerbate anxiety and lead to panic attacks. Simple items such as food can amplify anxiety, or make a panic attack much more probable.

Foods like:

1 Processed Foods (lunch meats, chips, packaged snacks)

2 Caffeine (in coffee, tea, chocolate)

3 Energy Drinks (Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar etc.)

4 Sugar (in the form of sucrose, glucose, corn syrup)

The Truth About Alcohol And Panic Attacks

Though having a stiff drink may seem like an obvious way to “calm the nerves,” you need to understand that alcohol dehydrates the body and this causes the body to feel tired and fatigued. It also reduces blood sugar levels and causes vitamin depletion as well.

Even though you may feel relaxed, after it wears off, anxiety may actually get worse.

This article was presented by Panic Defence, the UK’s leading name in combating panic and anxiety. If you would like a <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/1241597’);” href=””>free download</a> with easy and effective tips to end panic, visit now.

Online Dating Profile Examples to Attract Men – Powerful New Information

In the summer of 1994 (can it already have been 18 years?), I used my first dating site. I forget the name, though I do remember the phrase “photo personals” in the title, and it was this phrase and the possibilities it spoke of (actually seeing hundreds of potential men to date) that convinced me to sign up – with much excitement. I was single and ready to mingle. And the prospect of leafing through hundreds (hundreds – not thousands – being a lot of dating profiles at the time) had me full of nervy anticipation.

However, I had a problem. I’m sure you can guess what it was. How was I to write a good dating profile? There were no online dating profile examples to attract men. Trust me, I checked – and checked. So I muddled through and cobbled together my first ever dating profile. It went something like this:

I’m 19 and Want a Boyfriend

I have no idea what to write here – which is super strange because I’m actually a writer (well, training to become one at University.) Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. If you’re a nice, good-looking guy who isn’t an axe-murderer (sorry, no exceptions), please get in touch. If you are an axe-murderer, try to kill pillows instead; they’re less messy! If you want to know anything else (the nice guys that is), don’t be afraid to ask. Bye!

Not super terrible, right? But also not super good!

Let’s fast-forward eighteen years to the present. Here we are together, you and I. In nearly two decades, I’ve become a writer, a dating coach, and have written too many dating profiles to remember – some I wrote for myself to find a guy, others I wrote as examples to help others do so, folks like yourself. And the latter is what I’ll do now.

In the next few paragraphs I’m going to encapsulate some very powerful knowledge that will help you attract men on dating sites. And you will do it all with words. Let’s get started.

My Headline Here Just Sprouted Hands and Waved At You!

A headline should grab the attention. This is easier than you would think. The vast majority of dating profile headlines go as follows: “I’m Looking For A Man;” “I’m Lonely.” Say it with me: Boring! If you were a guy, scanning hundreds of dating profiles, would either of those headlines stand out and grab you by the lapels, and demand you read the body of the profile? I thought not.

When you look at most online dating profile examples to attract men (and I imagine you’ve read a few of them), rarely do they ever even mention headlines. How silly! Headlines are arguably more important than anything else. Because it is the headline, which grabs attention, that gives us the opportunity to tell our story to someone.

Your headline should zing. Imagine a thousand other headlines but one of those headlines is lit up by a spotlight and as you look closer you hear a marching band and as you lean closer still little arms reach out and wave in your direction. How could a guy resist checking you out?

Make your headline different. What’s different? Different is a million things. Your unique brain and life-experience will dictate something to you. To help, though, let me give you a few tricks.

How can we catch a man’s attention and compel him to read our entire profile (in order for us to attract him)?

You can use humour. It’s eye-catching and creates a good first impression.

Certain unusual words and phrases – ones we didn’t expect to see – are equally powerful.

The question mark at the end of an enticing question is a nice trick, too. People are compelled to read questions and answer them; don’t you think?

And, finally, the ellipsis is perhaps the most clever way to get a man to read our profile (though, used alone, is not enough to capture his attention).

Here are some examples of dating headlines:

(Humour) Help! My Dog Asked Me Out On A Date. He Looks Rough. Nice guys – Inside!

The above example is pretty good, but be careful not to overuse the exclamation point.

(Unusual words and humour) What a PICKLE I’m in. I don’t have a Date! I’m also inside a pickle. Come rescue me!

(Question mark and ellipsis) Have you ever known anyone as crazy as me? I took a picture and…

All About Your Body! No, Not That Body – Profile Body!

You know how to attract a man’s attention with your headline. Now we move on to the body of your profile; the part that attracts the man and convinces him to contact you.

This article would be needlessly long if I gave you dozens of online dating profile examples to attract men (and fill up your inbox). I always figure it’s best to show a person HOW to fish instead of give them fish. So let us continue by me giving you all of the tips you will ever need to attract a man with your profile body.

Your writing should be conversational (though grammatically correct, so it can be understood). Let your speaking voice shine through your words. This is, after all, not a dissertation on global warming!

Begin your profile by writing about yourself; end it by writing about the kind of man you want to meet.

Refrain from writing about the mundane and the clich̩d. We all like to have fun and laugh and many of us like long walks on the beach. But saying so is redundant. Write, instead, about interesting Рperhaps very much different Рthings that define your uniqueness. Perhaps you like to collect pink socks! Maybe you make mean pancakes and your own apple sauce! Dare to be different.

Humour is a powerful attractant for men. A saucy photograph on your profile pales in comparison to a woman with a good sense of humour (the world is, after all, littered with saucy profile photographs; so much so, in fact, that they have become almost subliminal). Let your humour shine through.

When you complete the portion of the profile about yourself, always make the point of asking the man to ask you more about yourself. This encourages that all-important first contact from them.

Now, when it comes to writing about the man you want to meet, we have a slightly harder task (sorry!). We need to filter out the unwanted men for the wanted men, but we don’t want to seem too picky in case we put off those wanted men.

Before you begin writing this last portion, take a moment to ask yourself, in general terms, what kind of guy you want. Keywords are always best – written on a scrap of paper, maybe. Perhaps words like funny, rugged, mature, established, caring, adventurous describe your ideal man (hey, mine too!).

It is important to specify the traits you want to see in the men contacting you, but to do so in a general way and not write at much length. So, be concise. This way, you end up getting the men you want and not putting them off.

Now, let us conclude, ladies, with an example of a good dating profile to attract men that utilizes everything you have learned.

Oh, GOODNESS! My pet fish asked me out! But he’s too wet behind the ears. Older Guy, Rescue me!

Oh, you’re here. Thank goodness. I have nothing against fish, you understand, but I think I’m going to prefer you. But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What do YOU think about ME?!

Oh, yes, I should tell you something first, shouldn’t I?

Well, I’m here because I’m single, enjoying life, but on the lookout for a man to share all the fun that life decides to throw my way. Even the best things – like donuts and coffee – taste better with a nice guy enjoying them with you, too.

Talking of donuts and coffee – yum, that’s my breakfast of choice. I also make a mean omelet. Well, it’s not mean-mean, you understand. It doesn’t leap off the plate and scream, “Hey don’t eat me!” But, well, you get me.

When not creating talking omelets, I love to go to the markets on a weekend, hunting for a bargain. Last weekend, I bought this lamp fashioned from a cavalry helmet. In the day, I work as a writer, downing coffees, and listening to Aerosmith and Bon Jovi in my apartment. I have a potted plant named Cecil, a cat name D. Mille, and together they watch movies as I work – best of friends. I spend my evenings inside, watching black and white flicks or anything by Woody Allen, and dreaming of a man by my side – possibly you.

And who is this man, this man to steal my heart? Well he’s mature, rugged, humorous, kind and considerate, with some kind of interesting job.

If you’d like to know more, just ask. I don’t bite – the same cannot be said of my mean omelets!

And there you have it: a dating profile imbued with the knowledge you have just gained.

Before I leave you, and you begin putting to good use your new knowledge, let me suggest Clicking Here to make a dating profile and putting to the test what you have learned. I recommend this site to all of my clients (and readers) because they allow you to make free profiles and are one of the largest dating communities in the world.

Have fun attracting your man and thank you for reading!

Iritis and Stress – Are They Related?

Are stress and iritis of the eye related? The answer is yes, because stress can trigger inflammation in the body which causes this condition to occur. The iris area of the eye becomes inflamed when this condition occurs, and can cause severe pain, extreme irritation of the eye, light sensitivity, temporary blindness, vision distortions, and many other symptoms. The eye may become red or bloodshot, and movement may be uncomfortable while the inflammation persists. Stress causes many chemical reactions and physical changes in the body, frequently referred to as the flight or fight response. When in danger this response can help you survive, but in the modern world the stress experienced is not usually physically threatening, and your body may be in a constant state of stress and chemical confusion due to daily irritations and this can produce an increase in inflammation.

Mental stress causes your body to produce more chemicals called cytokines, which contribute to inflammation in every part of your body, including your eyes. These cytokines include compounds such as interleukin-6 and interferon gamma, as well as tumor necrosis factor alpha. In addition stress causes your nerves to produce other compounds which contribute to inflammation, and iritis flare-ups. Prostaglandins are produced at an increased rate when you are under psychological stress, and this is true of corticotropin releasing factor as well. Your nerves will also increase the production of neuropeptide Y, and all of these compounds can cause or increase the amount of inflammation in your body.

Stress also causes your body to experience a substantial increase in corticosteroid production, and this includes the compound cortisol. The effects that stress cause in your body are present even after the stress itself has disappeared. Stress can cause iritis and it can also make this condition worse, because stress causes your blood pressure to increase and your level of blood flow to change significantly. This may result in small tears in the lining of the blood vessels near the iris, leading to inflammation and pain in the area. Hormones and cytokines which are produced in response to stress are responsible for inflammation in many circumstances, so an increase in your stress levels can cause this condition to flare up and cause problems.

If you suffer from iritis or you have had this condition before then you should take steps to minimize stress as much as possible. Resting the affected eye can speed up the healing process, but if you do not get your stress levels under control the problem will probably recur, and cause pain and visual symptoms in the future. Because this condition is caused by inflammation it is necessary for you to limit the factors that cause the inflammation to start or worsen, and this means minimizing or eliminating the stress that produces the chemical reactions and physical changes in your body. The link between stress and an inflammation in the iris area of the eye is so strong that often the first question asked with this condition is whether you have been under a lot of stress lately.