Canker Sore Treatment at Home

Canker sores are usually the most common non-contagious form of mouth sores. These sores could be caused by many reasons and they are clinically known as Aphthous ulcers. Burning up sensation, tingling or even pain inside the mouth is surely sign towards ulcers. Medically communicating these include white skin lesions circled by the painful, red colored boundaries in which arise on the mucus walls inside the mouth. Although the precise reason for these types of ulcers remains unknown, even now these doctors may see some important factor, which often usually causes the growth of these sores.

Allergic reaction by food, citrus fruit, stress and healthy insufficiencies are the most common culprits. Tomatoes, acidic foods including pineapple, chemical preservatives like benzoic acid could also causing canker sores. Also actual physical shock for body like toothbrush abrasions, splint alterations or the teeth extraction could be one of causes of increasing canker sore. Deficiencies with Vitamin supplements B12, Zinc, Iron or Folic acid are also important. Toothpaste obtaining sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) furthermore causes sores.

Just about everyone has faces these types of by mouth sores at their time in your life. These types of ulcers happen in the age of adolescence or small adulthood and some fewer frequent as we grow older. It offers also been noted the sores happen more often those who are nonsmokers and the life like higher socio-economic lifestyle.

You’ll find various video tutorials and e-books for cold sore and canker sores treatment. These kinds of video tutorials supply 100% pure, medication free alternatives to reduce these types of sores and prevent these re-occurring canker sores. These kinds of e-books, video tutorials, eating books really are a beneficial resource regarding increasing mouth sore. These video tutorials make suggestions towards several methods which often in the event used will allow you to remove these types of sores with a simple manner. The favorable thing is the video clips usually are put by extremely certified doctors which have more than their particular many years expertise to managing these types of canker sores.

Mouth canker sores are probability just about the most irksome by mouth circumstances which may have beleaguered people through every age group, sexuality, and ethnicity. After all of the disturbing signs attributable to canker sores, fortunately that you have canker sore remedies.After all of the disturbing signs attributable to canker sores, fortunately that you have canker sore remedies.

What Is Guttate Psoriasis And How Can It Be Treated Effectively

What is guttate psoriasis? This skin disorder is not contagious but it can be inherited. It occurs mostly on the arms, legs or even the trunk. According to some experts, the main trigger of this skin disorder could be infection caused by bacteria. The lesions occur after two weeks. In some cases the outbreak does not reoccur. If the outbreak is sudden then it could be the first phase of guttate psoriasis. This skin disorder is mostly seen in children and people below 30 years.

The immune system of the body creates white blood cells which are supposed to protect your body from the infection. When your body is infected then it produces some antibodies in order to fight with the infection. There are some home remedies in order to cure guttate psoriasis up to some extent. Try these in order to keep the disorder at bay.
Use coal tar and mild topical steroids in order to get rid of guttate psoriasis. You can also try to use any of the immuno-suppressants. Corticosteroids either in the form of an injection or a pill are sometimes prescribed. You can also use anti dandruff shampoos to get rid of guttate psoriasis. These contain active ingredients that also fight off fungus such as selenium.

Water therapy has been shown to be beneficial when it comes to cleaning the pores and also detoxifying the whole body.
Exercise regularly as it improves various functions of the body and gives adequate strength to body tissues. Try cycling and also swimming.

A herb called chamomile can also be used when it comes to treating guttate psoriasis. In order to prevent this skin disorder some suggest reducing animal fat products.

Good diet and healthy lifestyle are very important when it comes to fighting with guttate psoriasis. Maximize your intake of fresh vegetables and also fruits. Try to stay away from coffee, alcohol and junk foods. You need to remember the fact that some allergic foods cause some types of infection on the skin. Apart from all these, make sure that you stay away from stress in order to counter guttate psoriasis. Dead sea salts have been recommended by some to help with psoriasis, but only if they are genuine and come with certification.

Benefits of a Rational Decision Making Model

An understanding of cerebral management will reveal the pastime of managers in harnessing organisational resources to achieve the desired end. Managers are confronted with challenges and issues that require resolution, clarity and decision almost all the time. Some of the issues are trivial while others are important to the well being of the organisation especially in terms of bottom line and strategic performance.

The managerial environment is becoming too complex and dynamic. This requires rational thinking and rational decision making. No longer will heuristics or rule of the thumb produce any effective solution to organizational problems and challenges. Rationality in decision making is no longer negotiable while irrationality is untenable.

Rational decision making model is a traditional approach to understanding decision making. It is idealistic in that it does not always capture the decision making pattern of the practicing manager but what should constitute the managerial decision making frontier.

It is often referred to as the rational economic model. It presumes that managers, who are indeed the decision makers, are rational and hence would always engage in a sequence of steps that will enhance the probability of attaining the set goals.

The model prescribes a sequential decision making process with a flow that includes opportunity or problem solution, opportunity or problem recognition, opportunity or problem definition, generation of alternatives, information gathering, evaluation of alternatives, selection of an alternative, implementation of selected alternative and feedback through the evaluation of the effectiveness or otherwise of the alternative.

Opportunity or problem recognition is key to effective decision making. Without opportunity or problem recognition it may be difficult to define the phenomenon or place it in proper perspective. Generation of alternative approaches to coping with the situation depends largely on how well the situation is defined.

There is usually a need to gather information on the alternatives so as to ascertain their desirability after an empirical analysis. Thereafter one option is selected after proper screening of the alternatives. The option selected is implemented and subjected to further evaluation to provide feedback that is juxtaposed with the original problem.

The problems with this model include simplistic assumptions that all alternatives will be considered and screened; that accurate information will be available at no cost; and that decision makers are totally rational beings without coloration of emotion and other vices which are part of their individual frames.

Most often than not managers do not always engage in rational decision making as a result of their emotional make up, degree of competence, dearth of relevant information, groupthink and time constraints. Consequently, mistakes are made and resources are wasted on “solutions that realize little ultimate value for the organisation” (Berret-Koehler, 2002). As managers, the truth is that we satisfied rather than maximise all of the time (Vecchio, 2006).

Within bounded discretion, I consider the model an effective one for adoption in my organisation. It will serve as a guide to line managers and professional cadre to developing solutions to problem based on rational thinking devoid of emotion and rule of the thumbs which appear to be the rule than exception.

The whole idea is to provide them a framework for empirical problem solving. However it is important that training be conducted for them especially in the area of problem recognition, ideas generation and evaluation.


1. Hoenig, C, (2006) “Developing Exceptional Problem-solving Skills”. In Business The Ultimate Resource, 2nd Ed,Basic Books ( A Member of Perseus Books Group).

2. Vecchio, R.P (2006). Organizational Behaviour: Core Concepts. 6th Ed, Thomson South- Western

Help Has Arrived For The Pursuit Of The Perfect Body

If you are at all like the rest of us then you are probably very conscious about the way you look and the way others perceive you. Of course one of the largest determinations of other people perception like it or not is your body. This is why so many people spend o much time in the gym and exercising. They want to look great and be healthy. It is sometimes unfortunate that we place so much emphasis on the outside or cover of a person but it is the pure truth we just do. So many people do everything they can do a great looking body including plastic surgery. However, surgery is not the healthiest way to lose weight and get in shape and often even after a weight loss surgery people gain back the weight. The healthiest way to lose the flab is through exercise. With the supplements available over the counter today there are some ways to make the traditional workout route to a great body much easier.

You have to remember that it is also important to develop your muscles and along, through cosmetic surgery, you will just end up getting fat again if you do not exercise. It is a fact that exercise is the healthiest way to get the body you want. However, if you want a leaner looking and a perfectly well-toned body, it may take you quite a while to achieve it.

Today, with the advancement of technology, researchers and scientists have found different kinds of body building supplements that can assist you get a perfectly healthy and great looking body. When combined with proper exercise and weight training, you can be sure that you will achieve great results on your body. With a six pack abs, and large looking and well-toned muscles all over your body, you will be sure that you can have no inhibitions about taking your clothes off at the beach. Also, you will have a healthy heart and other internal organs.

Body building supplements have implemented for quite a while now. However, you have to remember that there are illegal body building drugs in the market, such as steroids. Although steroids can bring quick results in your body building efforts, it is also addicting and it will have harmful side effects to your body. Overuse of this drug can lead to heart problems and muscle atrophy or sagging of the muscles. You may have large muscles, but it is of no use if there is not any strength in it. This is why you should go for the body building supplements that work and 100% legal.

You have to consider that body building supplements can be used by beginners and advanced body builders. However, you have to consider that you should know what you are using as well as know what the proper dosage of the product is. It is also important to know what kind of body building supplement is best for your body in order to receive positive results at the fastest time possible.

It is also important to remember that there are different kinds of body building supplements you should be aware of and know which one to use for your body. And, most important of all, you have to remember that body building supplements only works at its full potential if you combine it with the proper workout and the proper diet.

One of the most popular body building supplement available in the market today and also 100% legal is called creatine. Creatine is naturally produced by the body's liver, pancreas and kidneys and makes its way to the muscles through the bloodstream. You have to consider that this product strengthens muscle strength, increases muscle mass and it also enhances one's endurance. Since creatine is produced by the body naturally, it will mean that it will have no side effects to the body since the muscles normally use them. Meat contains the most creatine. However, there are pure creatine monohydrate products that can be purchased in the market today that you can use when working out. This will mean that there will be more creatine consumed by the muscles.

Proteins supplements can also be of great assistance to you when you are working out. This is because protein is the primary building block of the muscle tissues and with this supplement, you can strengthen the muscles and also gain more muscle mass. It can promote tissue growth and also tissue repair.

There is a whole world of supplements and all kind of supplements that can assist you in your pursuit of the perfect body. Do not get me wrong it will still take work on your part but it is much easier today then ever before. All you need to do is find out which of these supplements can benefit your body the most. Your personal trainer at the gym can assist you with the different body building supplements that you can use. So, if you want a great looking body with well-toned muscles, you should consider working out and taking some body building supplements.

Is There a Cure For Toenail Fungus?

Have you noticed your toenails changing color or your nail becoming thicker than normal? If you have then you may have a toenail fungus. Millions of people across the world have this condition and trying to find a cure for toenail fungus is often difficult if you don’t know where to look. The problem is that this condition is not talked about a lot and because of this there is a lot of misinformation and uneducated opinions floating around.

Do I Have Toenail Fungus?

Don’t rush out to find a toenail fungus cure until you are sure if you have contracted this fungus first. You will know right away if you have a toenail fungus infection because your nail begin to change color. A fungal infection will often turn your nail yellow, brown, or black. if you have a nail that begins to change colors, then there is a good chance you have a toenail fungus infection. If you choose to ignore this problem, or hope it will go away by itself, then your nail will become thick, change shape, begin to flake, and it can spread to the rest of your nails. In some very extreme cases it can even cause permeate damage to the nail bed.

What Is The Best Cure For Toenail Fungus?

One of the most popular cures for toenail fungus is to soak your foot in vinegar. For this method to work you need to soak your foot twice a day, every day for a month. People have reported some success with this method, but it has its drawbacks. First, it can be difficult to make the time to do this every single day. Second, once you stop using this method the toenail fungus will usually come back.

Listerine is another method that is being talked about lately. The procedure is similar to vinegar because your are required to soak your foot daily in a Listerine bath. It will help but you have to keep up the soaking for months, even after the new nail has grown in. The results from this method are nothing to brag about. All to often, after the treatment is stopped, the nasty little fungus returns.

Another supposed cure for toenail fungus is Yogurt. Yogurt contains acidophilus that is supposed to relieve any type of fungus. Most people will tell you to rub yogurt on your infected nail daily until the fungus goes away. However, here is a big problem with this method because I have never met or talked to anyone who has successfully cured their toenail fungus by rubbing yogurt on it.

If you want to cure your toenail fungus, then you might want to consider seeing your doctor. Your doctor will prescribe you some medication that will get rid of your toenail fungus. But even this has its drawbacks. The first is the price. These medications are very expensive so you better hope your insurance will cover it. The second is the possible side effects. Read the warning label and you will see that these medications can cause liver and kidney damage.

If you want a cure for toenail fungus gather all of the facts, weigh your options, and make an educated decision that will work for you.

Trick Your Body Fat Meter With Water

Did you know you can trick your body fat meter with water, making it think you have a different body fat percentage than you actually do? Now I doubt you would want to do this on purpose. What’s the point of measuring if you’re going to fudge the results. But knowing how you could trick your meter into giving incorrect results tells you how to make it give more accurate results. So let me explain how to trick your body fat meter and we’ll take it from there.

First off, you need to know that this trick only works for devices that use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to figure out your body weight. In other words, if you use one of those gizmos that applies a tiny electrical current to you to measure your body fat percentage, this trick will work.

The Trick

Here’s the trick. To make your body fat device show a lower body fat percentage, make sure you drink plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated. Conversely, to make it show you to have a higher body fat percentage than you actually do, let yourself get dehydrated.

Here’s why the trick works. BIA devices measure the amount of resistance your body provides to the small current they zap you with. Fat has less water in it than muscle, and provides more resistance. And muscle provides less resistance than fat. In effect, the device is measuring the overall amount of water in your body. You can trick it by manipulating the amount of water in your body yourself.

Drink a lot of water and stay well hydrated, and your device will show you to have a lower body fat percentage. Don’t drink enough water, or get yourself hung over and dehydrated that way, and the device will show you to have a higher percentage.

How Knowing the Trick Helps You

If you know how to trick your body fat measuring device, you also know how to make it more accurate. Try to keep your consumption of water and other liquids consistent from day to day. Doing that will keep the amount of water in your body relatively consistent, which will make the results from the device more consistent. Along the same lines, be consistent about whether you have anything to drink right before you measure. A big glass of something shortly before you measure could throw off the results too.

And don’t measure your body fat percentage if you had a lot of alcohol the night before. You probably won’t like what you see. Alcohol dehydrates you and that will make your body fat percentage appear to increase.

Information You Have To Know About Drafting Chairs Before Purchasing

It is surprising how chairs come in different styles, designs, shapes, and in fact, specific purposes such as executive office chairs. In this article, you'll learn about a distinct type of chair that may not be attentimes present around you. Today's feature is a drafting chair.

As to who first had the concept of a drafting chair is yet unknown, but the purpose as to why it was invented is clear and has been established. A drafting chair is a complement to a drafting table, which is commonly used by editors, architects, engineers, and designers. A drafting table is relatively high, so it requires a high chair as well.

You see, the type of professions which I mentioned above requires several work and planning-some even stay for hours long creating their masterpieces. And, sometimes, their back and post suffer when they do not sit or feel relaxed in a comfortable manner for long hours. People of these professions are usually seen perching over their drafting table. So, in order to allow them comfortable seating while working, a drafting chair was invented.

It is always important that people who sit or work for long hours must have comfortable seating positions. If they do not, their posture can take a toll in their health. Bad posture can cause chronic pain in some parts of your body (neck, arms, legs, back, and feet).

In purchasing a drafting chair, the first thing you have to consider is comfort. A drafting chair has a backpiece, armrests, foot bar, and must be padded for comfortable seating. The best way, of course, to know if it is in fact the perfect chair for you is to try it out. Choosing any personal material possession is always a personal preference. And, the main objective on why you want to purchase a drafting chair is give you comfort while working, so you must look for that comfort and be satisfied before you purchase any. You should be able to imagine yourself utilizing this chair for a long time.

Another option is to check if it is adjustable. A variety of drafting chair are adjustable in height and slant to cater different individual heights and level of comfortableness.

Also, you must check wherever the chair is sturdy, meaning made of robust materials. Sit on the chair, adjust the bolts, spin around, and feel if this chair will last long in your care. Sturdy pieces of furniture are always a good investment.

Liquid Paraffin (mineral Oil) Allergy

Symptoms of a reaction to Mineral Oils: 

  • Watery spots develop under skin on hands or feet (for me).
  • The area becomes puffy, hot and itchy.
  • Three days later skin will become dry and start to flake.
  • New skin is revealed as the area recovers.


  • Using products that contain Liquid Paraffin (mineral oil).  Such as shampoos, soaps, moisterizers, shaving foam, wax furniture polish, and ironically creams used to treat eczema.

What the doctor gave me:

  • The doctors never new what was causing the reaction, they took a skin sample (of the dry skin not the watery spots) and the results said there was nothing wrong with me.  A specialist later said it may be caused by stress.  I was 11 at the time so this seemed odd.  They gave me creams that made the problem worse (because they contain Liquid Paraffin) but being a child at the time I hadn’t any knowledge of mineral oils and allergies.
  • I eventually solved the problem myself when I used baby oil and had the same rash.  I read the ingredients on the back and realised it only had ”water” and ”liquid parafinum” (Liquid Paraffin).  Since there are only two ingredients this hugely helped to discover what was causing my reaction.


  • Don’t use products containing Liquid Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Mineral Oil, Parfum, Petrochemicals.
  • Replace those products with Organic alternatives.  I use products from the UK company ”Green People”.  There website can be found here:

Facial Cellulitis: Healing a Recurring Infection

Cellulitis is a serious skin infection that is caused by bacteria. This serious infection can occur to anyone at any age. However, one type of the infectious disease occurs on the face, which is popularly known as facial cellulitis. Unlike the other forms of the disease, this one has particular population who are more at risk of contacting it. These people are those with health problems associated with the lymphatic system, those that have upper respiratory tract infection and people who have teeth or middle ear infections. It needs to be pointed out however that these are not caused by the infection itself. Other forms of infections can make them more prone to cellulitis. There are symptoms associated with this particular infection. These symptoms include fever, swelling and reddening around the neck area, itching and a burning sensation on the cheek, a feeling of warmth in the tongue that is also swollen and tender. Irritability is also observed in patients with the disease.

Other symptoms that are associated with facial cellulitis include body aches, chilling, vomiting and a decrease in appetite. The area of the face that is affected is also reddened and swollen. Feels warm when touched and is painful. Diagnosing facial cellulitis includes taking your medical history, blood tests and a physical exam. Your doctor may also need to ask you certain questions to ascertain your exact condition. Pointing out skin breaks in your face will also be helpful in knowing where the bacteria might have entered.

Treating facial cellulitis is through an antibiotics regimen. The dosage depends on the severity of the skin disease. Severe cases need to be cured in a hospital. Antibiotics for the skin infection are penicillin base so inform your doctor if you have an allergy to it. These antibiotics are administered for a longer period since there are many cases where a cured patient has a recurrence of the disease. But once it is totally cured, there is the least danger of the disease coming back again. Therefore, it is important that you follow your doctor’s advice about taking any antibiotics regimen.

Do Heartburn Antacids Or Drugs Leave You Depressed?

Your stomach pH acid level should be 1.0 to 3.0 so that it can properly digest or break apart meat into it amino acids.  Any thing that disturbs these pH levels also affects the absorption of amino acids in your stomach.

Here’s how the stomach creates the acid to digest protein.  The main digestive enzyme that breaks apart meat is call pepsin.  There are certain stomach lining cells called “chief cells” that secrete pepsinogen.  This pepsinogen is converted to pepsin with the help of HCl or stomach acid. 

As your stomach acid pH increases, the amount of pepsin you create decreases.  When your stomach pH is higher than 5.0, no pepsin is created.  You have difficulty digesting protein. 

Antacids and pharmaceutical drugs increase stomach pH and decrease the creation of pepsin.

HCl is secreted from stomach lining cells called “parietal cells.”  These cells have a way of secreting HCl acid through a so called “proton pump.”  Many drugs are designed to shut down these “proton pumps”, which result in less stomach acid.  Less stomach acid creates less pepsin.

Less pepsin in the stomach digests less protein in the stomach.  And, any meat or protein source you eat does not breakdown into specific absorbable amino acids that you need to prevent depression. 

The amino acids tryptophan, phenylalanine, tyrosine and other amino acids are needed to produce the neurotransmitters “serotonin and “norepinephrine.”   Neurotransmitters are chemical impulses that brain cells uses to communicate between each other.   Lack of these neurotransmitters has been associated with depression and other emotional illness.

Antidepressant drugs, such as Prozac, Serzone, or Zoloft raise the level of serotonin giving you a feeling of well-being.

In Doctor Jonathan V. Wright, who wrote, “Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You”, practice, he found that when he tested and found people who had low blood levels of amino acids and had depression, taking amino acids help relieve depression in 50% of his cases.  Ant depressive drugs have a history of 50% effectiveness. 

What all this means is, if you have depression, you can experiment with a self-cure by taking digestive enzymes, which contain HCl acid and pepsin, during meals.  In addition, if you are taking antacids or heartburn drugs, back off from using them but consult with your doctor before doing this.  This will help you digest and breakdown protein in their individual amino acids. 

The result of this is to provide your intestines with absorbable amino acids that will help to cure and prevent depression.

The Problems With Diabetes And Hair Loss

The connection between diabetes and hair loss was established long ago.

Diabetes is a hormone related disorder that often leads to hair loss or thinning of the hair.

Frequent loss of hair is often considered one of the early symptoms of diabetes, which requires prompt treatment in order to avoid further complications. The growth of hair is affected by diabetes, which gradually leads to thinning of hair.

Stress is directly related to diabetes and hair loss, as the disease causes excessive anxiety, which in turn becomes the prime cause of hair loss.

Diabetes Leads To Hair Loss:

Diabetes occurs when it becomes difficult for the body to metabolize carbohydrates properly. Diabetics are highly sensitive to skin ailments, as their blood circulation and blood sugar levels are impaired.

Bruises and small wounds often take a relatively long time to heal; therefore, the recovery rate is comparatively slower and obstructs the re-growth of hair.

This causes visible hair reduction, as diabetics cannot maintain the normal cycle of re-growth process. Bacterial and fungal infections on the scalp because of diabetes could also result in hair loss, thereby making diabetes and hair loss inter-related.

Normally, a healthy person would lose around fifty to hundred strands of hair every day. Therefore, if hair loss increases rapidly, you could require medical assistance, since untreated diabetes can escalate hair loss further.

The process:

Diabetes often leads to diffused hair growth that could be a result of medical stress or side effects of certain prescribed medicines to diabetics. It usually depends on the individual’s body, as each person responds differently to specific medications. The stress caused by chronic diabetes reduces the growth of hair.

After a period of seven to eight months, hair follicles undergo a resting period and are gradually replaced with the growth of new hair. The replaced strands push the old hair to the surface of the scalp, and the hair falls out, this is known as telogen effluvium.

An autoimmune problem:

The other cause of hair loss due to diabetes is an autoimmune problem, which leads to one or more small bald patches developing on the scalp. This ailment is called alopecia areata.

Other additional autoimmune problems like a dysfunctional thyroid gland, the skin rash vitiligo, pernicious anemia, or Type 1 diabetes, often accompanies it.

Generally, Type 2 diabetes occurs when a hormonal imbalance causes polycystic ovary syndrome. Both the conditions are related to insulin resistance, which refers to the reduced ability of cells in the body to react to insulin.

Early detection and monitoring:

Diabetes often remains undetected because the symptoms at the early stage are not considered significant.

This is a major problem because early detection could slow down its harmful effects. Some of the symptoms of diabetes could be blurred vision, frequent urination, acute hunger, increased thirst, unusual weight loss, fatigue and unnecessary irritation.

Early detection of any of these symptoms, and early treatment could help in early recovery from both diabetes as well as excessive hair loss.

Careful monitoring of blood sugar levels provides relevant information that helps maintain control, which would consequently delay the development of various long-term complications.

Some of these long-term complications of diabetes could be the damage of blood vessels and nerves, loss of functioning of the kidneys, loss of sensation, heart disease and strokes.

Hair loss normally begins at the onset of diabetes and gradually becomes worse after the disease takes charge of the body.

It is very important to get the hair loss symptom diagnosed, to know the root cause of hair fall.

You need to seek a qualified doctor’s advice, so that you can avoid further problems, and to desist from using hair lotions and conditioners, which will not help to solve the problem.

The Truth About Diabetic Diets

Most people, when diagnosed as a type 2 diabetes are forced to deal with the overwhelm and frustration of a completely new diabetic diet. There are a few diabetic diets to choose from, and of course, each claims to be better than the others. The problem that the new diabetic faces is finding a diet that suits their lifestyle, but more importantly, still allows them to control their diabetes.

If you were to do a quick search for 'diabetic diets' through your favorite search engine, you would be able to see why do many diabetics find frustration, and rarely an effective diabetic diet. Some of the less responsible diets give misleading information on the proper foods that someone with type 2 diabetics should follow. Some of these diets include: eat more starch, eat 5 fruits and vegetables every single day, and of course, limit sweets to moderation. One diet suggested that you should eat cold cereal with skim milk for breakfast and a bagel with a teaspoon of jelly on it.

It is very important to analyze the diabetic diet before you start on it, and know what suggestions you are choosing to follow, as some of the suggestions are not given by medical professionals. For example:

  • Cold Cereal – is filled with carbohydrates and can have an adverse negative effect on your blood sugar levels. You can verify this by having a bowl of cereal and testing your blood sugar levels after about two hours.
  • Skim Milk – also has carbohydrates in it and taking the fat out of the milk is not advisable. The fat would actually slow down the release of carbohydrates sugars form the milk in to the blood stream. It would have been better to have fat in the milk.
  • Bagels – are also loaded with carbohydrates and can significantly elevate ones blood sugar levels.
  • Jelly – is sugar, and combined with the carbohydrates from bagels can be disastrous for blood sugar levels.

Because of this, it is critical that all diabetes patients do the proper research before settling on a diet that is specifically designed to help them control their diabetes. There is an intense concern in the medical community centered around recommendations that are made by self-proclaimed experts that are very misleading and may possibly cause further complications and damage to the diabetic patient.

Unfortunately, a vast majority of diet information that is available to the diabetic is drawn from the classic food pyramid. Patients with type 2 diabetes are continuously finding them paying a lot of money for misleading information that could even cause them death. It is not surprising that type 2 diabetes is so rampant in the United States with most of its patients unable to control their diabetes.

Anxiety in Learning a Language

Some people come across with many difficulties when learning a second language.It is believed that there are some emotional factors in foreign language learning which affect our learning abilities.These are mainly thought to be intelligence, motivation, attitudes and anxiety. Among these, anxiety stands out as one of the main influential factors for effective language learning.This foreign language anxiety is defined by some authors as “a feeling of tension,apprehension and nervousness associated with the situation of learning a foreign language.”

Initially, I would like to point out that a lot of researches were held in order to understand the reason of that anxiety.According to these studies, there are some internal and external factors which increase or decrease the level of anxiety one feels when learning a second language.There are also some personality traits which increase anxiety in language learning.In my paper, I tried to examine some journal articles of different writers to reach up some outcomes about that kind of anxiety. While studying on them, I found various causes of anxiety and I started to wonder about ways in order to overcome this feeling.

In this paper, I studied on different works of authors in order to understand the relationship between anxiety and achievement. Elaine K.Horwits in her work “Language Anxiety and Achievement” explains this relationship and tells about an instrument to measure this anxiety.She goes on her work by clarifying that type of anxiety and offers some solutions to both instructors and learners. Furthermore, in the text “Anxiety in the College Japanese Language Classroom” by Kazu Kitano we as readers are confronted with a specific research made among college students in United States learning Japanese. We are given some research questions and in the end we are able to evaluate the results. As a result, we draw a conclusion that anxiety in learning a foreign language may differ according to some factors such as age,gender, student’s current level etc. The last text I studied was named “Language Anxiety: Differentiating Writing and Speaking Components” by Yuh-show Cheng, Elaine K.Horwitz and Diana L.Schallert. Here, writing and speaking anxieties are taken separetely and a research was made concerning these. The writers focused on the results and explained the reasons why they found that kind of a research incomplete.

All in all, I would like to say that in my work I tried to find the causes of anxiety in language learning. I examined the researches made by some writers and I have thought about some possibilities in order to overcome this feeling in language learning. I will explain some researchers’ thougths about this topic. Moreover, I will end up my paper by suggesting my own ideas.

To begin with, I would like to mention about Elaine K.Horwitz’s text, “Language Anxiety and Achievement” She and her colleagues name language anxiety specific and call it Foreign Language Anxiety.Owing to that fact, they offer an instrument to measure it which is the Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLCAS). This article mainly discusses the relationship between anxiety and achievement.Firstly, she sees anxiety as a psychological construct.As it is associated with the nervous system, it negatively influences our motions,especially it has a deep impact in learning.The writer talks about the early perspectives on anxiety and language learning.She explains Scovel’s theory who believes in separating the different kinds of anxiety by making specific researches in order to identify the type of anxiety they are measuring.Since then, studies have started to be made by using the FLCAS and other particular measures.Studies show that there is a negative correlation between anxiety and achievement when final grades are concerned.In the first place they evaluated the final grades; but then gave up that idea and started to use more current achievement measures.Consequently, they reached up a point that the relationship alters according to some factors such as ‘instructional levels’ and ‘ different target languages’.Some researchers namely Sparks and Ganschow propose the Linguistic Coding Differences Hypothesis (LCDD) to question whether the foreign language anxiety is independent of language achievement.They want to know if anxiety is a cause or result of poor achievement in language learning.They wonder if shortcomings in first language learning causes this failure. They believe that people who have poor language learning abilities will have foreign language anxiety.Contrary to that belief, MacIntyre and Horwitz argues that there is no tie between these.Afterwards,Elaine enumerates the conditions in which anxiety level changes.The teacher is seen as one of the most important factors.He/she is given many alternatives to make a harmonious environment.To conclude, she recommends to distinguish the role of anxiety in language learning from its role in language performance.She talks about an unresolved issue in which it is difficult to determine if anxiety has really interfered with learning. She still wonders if anxious learners are capable of having difficulties in acquiring a second language.To what extent anxiety negatively affects learning a language is still a question to be answered.

Secondly, the text “Anxiety in the College Japanese Language Classroom” by Kazu Kitano gives us some ideas about the relationship between anxiety and language learning. In his work, he talks about a research made among college learners of Japanese.This study wanted to find out the sources of that anxiety in the classroom. Mainly, this study found out that there are two sources of that anxiety in foreign language learning. These are mainly individual student’s fear of negative evaluation and his or her self-perceieved speaking ability. Many students are afraid of being evaluated negatively. They are afraid of making mistakes while pronouncing a word.As they are sensitive to such assessments they choose not to speak in front of their peers. Furthermore, they compare their speaking ability with other students, teachers and native speakers.To sum up,the author states that there is an interaction between fear of negative evaluation and self-perceieved ability which affects anxiety level.

There are many factors which influence anxiety level. For instance, instructional level of the student, the instructor, gender,age, native language,usage of foreign language, the length of time he/she studies the second language,final grades, previous experience, instructor-learner interaction, classroom procedures and so on.

Taking everything into account, this research emphasizes the importance of teacher’s role in language learning.It offers them many ways which can be applied in their classes. For example, first they can identify their students so that some individual differences will not be noticeable so much. They should make positive reinforcement by making positive comments and show specific consideration to those having fear of negative evaluation. They should bear in mind that there is not such a rule saying that an advanced or experienced student will not be anxious. For the above mentioned reasons, anyone can feel anxious due to internal and external factors.

Life’s A Stage: The Tips And Tricks Of Grease Makeup

Whether you are thinking about using grease makeup for a theatrical event, a special Halloween party or some other occasion, you need to know what products are out there and how to apply them.

While grease makeup takes more time and preparation than regular water-soluble face paint, it also lasts much longer. Most importantly, grease makeup won’t smear or run under hot lights or conditions where you might perspire. With grease makeup you can create a more dramatic and even professional look.

In addition to your grease face-paints and pencils you will need:

  • face-cleanser or cream cleanser and/or baby shampoo
  • clean towels or paper towel
  • clothing cover-up and hair-ties or shower cap
  • possible shaver for men
  • mirror if you aren’t working from home
  • good quality painting brush, powder brush
  • professional setting powder, talcum or baby powder and applicator (see below)
  • Q-Tips or fine painting brush, tissue paper, paper towel are all handy
  • Other items that you might also consider:
  • light moisturizer
  • baby oil (to fix mistakes after painting has ‘set’)
  • charcoal pencil for eyes
  • mascara
  • sponge
  • mister or water-spray
  • glitter and other decoration

Before you start applying the makeup, you need to prepare your face so it goes on smoothly. Thoroughly clean your face, tying back hair where necessary, and for men, have a shave. (Bearded men can apply grease paint makeup but it can be tricky keeping it out of the hair.) Remember that grease makeup will stain clothes, so put on an old button-up shirt. After your skin dries, apply a very light moisturizer.

Working with the lightest color first – usually white – and a good quality brush or sponge, or your fingers, you can outline the area and then fill it in. Alternatively you can paint following the contours of your face. The grease makeup may not go on smoothly if it is too cold, which you can remedy by putting a little dab of the color of in the palm of your hand for a minute. After painting, use your fingers to ‘pat’ the makeup into your skin.

Unlike water-based makeup, grease makeup requires you to paint your face and then ‘set’ it with a professional setting powder, or baby or talcum powder. (If you go with talcum, be sure to confirm beforehand that you don’t have an allergic reaction to it.) You can ‘set’ the grease makeup either in stages following each color’s application, or at the end of all the painting. Some people prefer the latter, applying all the colors before setting with powder, because they can fix mistakes more easily. The downside however is that you risk mixing colors accidentally and smearing your work.

Whether you ‘set’ in stages or at the end, one reliable way to apply the powder is to partly fill a small, clean, cotton tube sock with the powder, tie it up, and then gently dab your face. Allow the powder sit for a half a minute or so before dusting the excess off with a powder brush. The painted areas should no longer feel moist or sticky – if this is not the case, you probably need more powder. Once the grease makeup has set, it should be fairly smudge-proof. If something needs correcting at this point, you can use Q-Tips soaked in baby oil, but remember that neighboring areas could now be smudged.

Be careful not to apply the grease face makeup thickly or in layers. If you do have too much in one spot, press down on it with your fingers to smooth it out. Continue to refine your face, using Q-Tips or a fine brush for the smaller areas. Grease pencils also can be used for the face, charcoal pencils for the eyes, and don’t forget color for your lips too!

Allow the grease makeup to thoroughly dry, and apply a last light coating of powder, dusting off any excess with a brush or tissue paper. A damp cloth at the end can help remove the excess powder, or spray with a very light mist of water. In warmer climates you can probably skip this step because the extra powder will absorb any perspiration.

If you are applying glitter, it should be done at the very end. Generally glitter is most effective when applied over the eyes or on the cheeks, A glitter gel is often used instead of dry glitter to minimize the chances of it flaking into the eye. With dry glitter, first slightly dampen your face and cheeks, then ‘poof’ on the polyester glitter. Remember to let the makeup settle for about half an hour before you go out. If you have stray paint on your eyelashes, cover it with mascara.

Products available

For just about any type of face design you will need at a minimum white greasepaint foundation and a black greasepaint pencil, but of course there are many colors in between and you will probably want to try at least a few of them. The leading producers of grease makeup are Mehron and Ben Nye. Mehron grease makeup is focused on the theatrical professionals who want ease of application with good coverage. Ben Nye also appeals to the same community, although Ben Nye grease makeup is actually a cream. Grease face makeup comes in a range of forms, from palettes (generally sold as a kit), to individual liners. Pencils, crayons and sticks are useful for smaller areas of the face. Both Mehron and Ben Nye also make eye-shadows, blushes, a range of glitter and setting powders and sealing mists. You may also want to consider sweat-blocker sprays for the face to help preserve the greasepaint under strong lights or in a hot environment.

Pipeline and Commercial Insight: Insomnia – Future of innovative orexin drug class in doubt

The availability of generic versions of Ambien (zolpidem, Sanofi-Aventis) in the US from April 2007 onwards has intensified competition for both existing and prospective players in the insomnia market. Following the discontinuation of three 5-HT antagonists in late-stage development over 20092010, orexin receptor antagonists now represent the most innovative candidates in the insomnia pipeline.


  • Analysis of insomnia epidemiology, drug recommendations, patient acquisition process and unmet medical needs.
  • In depth analysis of historic (200509) and future (201019) seven major market prescription sales dynamics.
  • Review of prescription sales data in the Rest of World (200509) and analysis of insomnia epidemiology in Brazil and China.
  • Commercial and clinical assessment of key late-stage pipeline drugs, with key opinion leader comment and country-specific sales forecasts to 2019.


In 2019, the value of the seven major insomnia market is forecast to reach $3.5 billion. While growth of the US market is set to be inhibited by further generic erosion from 2011 onwards, Japan will represent the key growth region over the next 10 years.

Sanofi-Aventis’s dominance in the insomnia market is under threat due to patent challenges to Ambien CR and Datamonitor expects generic versions of this market leading brand to enter the US over the forecast period. In the absence of pipeline insomnia candidates, Sanofi-Aventis is not expected to regain its market leading status.

Three orexin receptor antagonists are currently under late stage clinical development by two Big Pharma players; GlaxoSmithKline and Merck. While safety observations raised in a Phase III trial of almorexant are of concern to developers, it has potential to become the most successful pipeline candidate.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Quantify the current and future size of the insomnia market in the seven major pharmaceutical markets.
  • Identify potential licensing opportunities based on product portfolios and anticipated market needs.
  • Understand the country-specific impact of key events in the insomnia market during the forecast period 2010 to 2019.