OxyDHQ – Killing Cancer Through Cellular Oxygenation

Low cellular oxygen levels can lead to cancer:

We live in a world today where harmful toxins & carcinogens are ever present, even in the air we breathe. General household products including cleaning products, air fresheners etc. plus beauty & skincare creams, bath & shower gels, unless they are naturally based, contain parabans & other toxic substances proved to be carcinogenic. In addition to this the food we buy, unless certified organic, is sprayed with pesticides & other chemicals which inhibit the healthy functioning of our immune system & can also directly contribute to cancer.

The build up of such toxins in our body results in the surrounding cells becoming starved of oxygen. Oxygen plays a key role in the functioning of healthy cells, they need oxygen as they are aerobic, this means they burn oxygen to produce energy. When the availability of oxygen becomes reduced to a certain point, the cell is unable to continue to function correctly & is now susceptible to attack from microbes, which actually take over the cell. At this point the respiration mechanism of the cell ceases to function in a ‘normal’ manner, it turns anaerobic. This is the basic functioning of cancer cells, they are anaerobic & they seek out glucose, instead of oxygen, to produce energy. The surrounding healthy cells become affected by the functioning of these cancerous cells & lack of oxygen as a result of the anaerobic processes of them & they too become unable to function in a normal manner. This is how cancer can take a hold in our body & begin to spread. Cancer cells, when in an oxygen deprived environment will thrive & spread like wild fire! As cancer cells get more & more oxygen the rate at which they spread becomes slower & slower until they start to die.

Healthy cells thrive in a highly oxygenated environment & have the ability to repair & maintain themselves, fighting off disease before it even takes a hold. So it is vital that, should we be faced with a serious illness such as cancer, cellular oxygen levels are boosted in order to increase our body’s ability to fight the disease at the most important level; at cellular level!

Your oncologist will be well aware of the fact that oxygen kills cancer, however as they are only able to recommend & prescribe any form of medication that is provided to them through pharmaceutical companies, whose focus is primarily ‘patenting drugs’ they will not be supportive in your choice to go down such a route. The big drug companies are only interested in producing medication which they have the legal rights over, oxygen does not fall into this category, as it cannot be patented & over-priced.

Otto Heinrich Warburg won Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for his discovery that cancer cells are anaerobic, so this is by no means a new concept, just one that appears to be simply overlooked by the medical industry who constantly seek the recognition of having the ‘next big cancer drug’ under trial. Always drugs because this is all they can ‘invent’. The truth is that the most effective treatments are far more simple than all this, nature provides all we need & science gives us the ability to encompass these natural ingredients into potent cancer killing remedies.

Effective methods for delivering oxygen to cells:

The difficulty in successfully delivering oxygen into cancer cells arises due to the thick coating the microbe creates around these cells. It has not yet been discovered actually how the microbe forms this protein coating, but one of its most likely purposes is to keep oxygen out.

What is needed is the ability to cut through this coating, where the oxygen can then be released into the cell. It then becomes possible, not for the cell die, but for it to reconstruct itself & return to normal, healthy functioning.

Most oxygen supplements are unable to penetrate the coating around cancer cells. One method, however, which many people have found to be very effective, is by drinking food grade hydrogen peroxide. It is easy to be put off by the thought of this but this is only due to lack of understanding of what hydrogen peroxide actually is. We would normally think of a chemical used for bleaching hair. The truth is that hydrogen peroxide is completely natural & is simply water with an extra oxygen atom. We all know of water as having the atomic structure (h2o), hydrogen peroxide is very similar (h2o2) & this extra oxygen atom gives it some very interesting properties. It has many, many uses although it is important that, when consumed as a method for treating illness, a proper protocol is followed. Hydrogen peroxide baths are another good way of absorbing oxygen through the skin. I would recommend reading “The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide” http://educate-yourself.org/cancer/benefitsofhydrogenperozide17jul03.shtml

Perhaps the best way to successfully oxygenate our cells is by taking OxyDHQ. The proteolytic & pancreatic enzymes contained in OxyDHQ have the ability to break through the protective coating around cancer cells & oxygen is then released into the cell, right where it is needed. In addition to this OxyDHQ contains 5% sea-ormus, 84 minerals, 39 enzymes, 19 amino acids, 13 major vitamins, ellagic acid, 28 phytonutrients, 19 herbs, 23 whole food greens and a 7 juice blend, making it a very active & potent fighter of many other diseases as well as cancer.

What is DHQ?

DHQ not only greatly increases the healing power & cancer fighting ability of Oxy DHQ, but it has also been shown to extend healthy cell life up to 240% in test tubes. This means that healthy cells are also being protected from the spread of cancer. DHQ is a powerful free radical scavenger & helps to fortify the blood & improve circulation.

Ascorbo-phoshpate is a form of Vitamin C, far more potent than regular Vitamin C & is another ingredient of OxyDHQ which enhances the performance of the DHQ & boosts the cancer fighting capabilities of this product even further. Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant & the ascorbo-phoshpate, being around 16 times stronger is yet another powerful & anti-cancerous element of OxyDHQ.

Attacking cancer from different angles increases the potential for success:

If you are considering Oxy DHQ as part of your cancer fighting regime, taking it along with Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ & PH Balancer 8 increases the potential for success considerably. These three products are also known as the Dynamic Trio & come as combo who is extremely popular.

Zeolite, due to its chelating properties is an excellent heavy metal detoxification method. The Liquid Zeolite which comes as part of the Dynamic Trio is also enhanced with DHQ & as well as its detoxification properties, is also a very effective cancer killer.

Another condition necessary for cancer to thrive is highly acidity levels. PH balancer 8.0 neutralises the bodies pH levels making it ever more difficult for cancer to survive, making this an important angle to cover in any cancer fighting regime.

These products can result in a cancer patient feeling an improvement very quickly & at the very least they will be slowing the rate at which the cancer is spreading. If the size of the tumour is still increasing, though, then the dosage needs to be increased & perhaps used in conjunction with some other cancer fighting supplements.

Beating cancer successfully:

It is important to remember that, although the methods mentioned on this page provide potentially a far more effective way to beating cancer than chemotherapy, in order to maximise this potential a few other lifestyle changes can have profound results. We discussed earlier on in this article, how cancer cells have 20 times more glucose receptors than healthy cells, as this is how they produce their energy; from glucose. It makes no sense; therefore, to eat anything containing any sugar as this is clearly ‘feeding’ the cancer cells. I also mentioned how cancer thrives in a highly acidic environment, so no acidic foods should be eaten. A strict cancer diet is the best way forward & will boost the success of any other products you choose to take indefinitely.

Remember, the aim here is to become completely cancer free & for it never to return. Going back to old lifestyle & diet habits is quite simply creating the ideal conditions for cancer to return, they are likely to have played a part in the formation of cancer in the first place, although this not always strictly true. But keep up the healthy lifestyle & you should always remain cancer free!

OxyDHQ Dosage Requirements:

Should you choose OxyDHQ as part of your cancer fighting protocol, the correct dosage requirements are important in maximising its effectiveness & are dependent on the stage of cancer being treated.

Below is given the correct amount to equal one month’s supply:

Early stage cancer = 3 bottles Advanced cancer = 4 bottles Very advanced = 4 bottles End Stage = 5 bottles

If you decide on the dynamic trio then the correct supply of the Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ & pH Balancer 8.0 are already calculated around the above figures.

For further info. & purchasing details please see below.

OxyDHQ possible side effects:

If you find after taking OxyDHQ that you experience side effects such as an upset tummy, then a recommended alternative product to use would be Zeo3. One possible reason for such side effects is if you are unable to handle highly acidic drinks & due to the high acidity level of Oxy DHQ, then better option for you would be Zeo3.

As well as delivering oxygen to cells, Zeo3 helps improve pH levels in the body & also contains some zeolite. This is the next best thing to Oxy DHQ.

Zeo3 is also available from the link below.