Overcoming Sleep Paralysis

Overcoming can sleep paralysis can be very easy to some people and complex to others. Here is some enlightenment to help people that want to overcome this sleep disorder.

The "Old Hag" or "The Witch" is not what you may think. For over forty years I suffered with sleep paraylsis. It was one of the most frightening things that happen to me upon awakening. Iwas eight years old when I had my first experience. I tried to move … but could not.

I tried to shout … but could not. I felt a presence in the room but I could not see it. What ever it was …, it felt like it was from the land of, "I'm going to get you!" After the spell was over, I got out of bed and went to my mother. I told her what had happened to me and she said it was "The Witch that riders you. To be honest, that was not comforting. What child wants to hear that they have a" Witch "that rides them in the night. As a child I was afraid of the dark. This fear followed me well into my adult years. As a Christian, I was ashamed. Perhaps you too have experienced being afraid of the dark; better known as the "Bogey-Man" syndrome. Finally, a new revelation caused me to think differently about this folklore, riding "Witch."

The Bible actually gives it one interpretation and my medical manual on the other hand gives it another and yet both books are right.

A) Sleep paralysis can be avoided by getting lots of sleep.
B) Avoid sleeping on your back.
3) Maintain a regular sleeping pattern schedule
4) To alleviat the fear of over sleeping / napping, use a alarm clock.
5) Turn the television off while sleeping.
6) Avoid substance abuse.

Discuss you fears and anxieties with someone you can trust. Often people do not understand what sleep paralysis is and will not talk about it as during the Salem Witch Trials. The hag is a malevolent witch. Folklore has it that the hag / witch comes to sit on their body in effort to entrap their soul.