Overcoming Depression and Obesity With a Detox

There's nothing like depressing as being overweight or obese. Some say that depression causes obesity, but others say it's the opposite. Even researchers have been puzzled over this chicken-and-egg dilemma over the years. But there's no question about it – obesity and depression are linked in both adolescents and adults, and no one wants to be stuck in either of these unfortunate situations.

Research has shown that there's no clear one-way connection between obesity and depression. Depression can lead to overeating and excess weight gain while being obese can cause an individual to get into a depressive state. The two have a tendency to feed off each other in a vicious, repeating cycle.

Depression causes obesity: Individuals with symptoms of depression tend to undergo drastic weight-related changes. Depressed people have a tendency to make poor food choices. Some tend to lose their appetite and a lot of sleep, while most are likely to overestimate in an attempt to ward off the depression. Decreased levels of the serotonin hormone have also been observed during a state of depression. Serotonin acts as the brain's oil and when we find ourselves in stressful or depressive states, we use more serotonin than is normally replaced. As a result, there is some sort of a disturbance on the appetite. We either lose our appetite completely or yearn for sweets and carbohydrates as the brain accelerates serotonin replenishment. Eating becomes a sub-conscious attempt to self-medicate and restore serotonin levels to normal.

Obesity causes depression: Overweight or obese people are 25 percent more likely to experience mood disorders such as overwhelming sadness and depression compared to those who are not. A low self-esteem and a tendency to isolate themselves contribute much to the cause of depression among overweight individuals who find themselves ostracized, discriminated against and stereotyped. The extra weight they carry can also result in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which are known to be linked with conditions of depression.

Either way, depression and obesity are quite difficult states. Both conditions steal the life out of an individual and restricts him or her from fully enjoying the beauty of the world around him. Depression and obesity can both be addressed and one road to take is treating such conditions the natural way. Nature's supplements have amazing healing benefits to the body and can bring it back to optimum condition so that negative elements cease to take their toll.

Toxins and harmful elements get into our system through the food that we eat and the stresses brought about by uncontrollable factors in our life. As a result, metabolism falters and gives us that sluggish overall feeling. A disturbed metabolism is one major cause of weight gain and hormonal imbalance that can cause depression. We need to build up our defenses so our body is able to deal with these conditions effectively.

One effective way to address this is to cleanse the body of all harmful toxins and free radicals so metabolism is normalized and the body is able to absorb nutrients properly.