Overcoming Depersonalization/Derealization in the Shortest Time Possible!

Depersonalization may be triggered in many ways such through the consumption of drugs, being a victim of traumatic events or by any other profusely emotionally negative experiences. The feeling of dissociation is best described as feeling almost like living in a dream and is often accompanied by unpleasant psychiatric issues including panic attacks.

I myself have suffered from depersonalization for 10 long month, struggling every single day to find the ultimate panacea. However over the course of suffering I have experimented with a variety of methods which I hoped would help me in combating the underlying issues. Although certain methods proved to be inefficient and rather did the opposite to that I anticipated, others worked like a miracle! Among these are exercise, meditation and most importantly acquiring knowledge about anxiety and its sources as it is crucial to understand what is evoking the unpleasant feelings in you.

Throughout the process of analyzing your origins of anxiety try to experiment with universal methods of combating anxiety such as:

– Exercising

– Eating vital supplements with anxiolytic properties such as L-theanine

– Meditation

– Constantly occupying yourself with some work

The main trick that will help you get out of the state of depersonalization is stop paying attention to it and rather focus on your every-day life. By thinking and obsessing about it you are further feeding it and so prolonging the whole recovery process.

All of the above mentioned tips have helped me to relieve anxiety in the long-run and I have to emphasize the word long-run since alleviating anxiety is a difficult process and requires a lot of patience because it takes practice to control it and to fully understand it. Therefore you have to accept the fact that your recovery will not happen overnight, but rather gradually, by a small step at a time eventually reaching full satisfaction. However the pace of the treatment and recovery can be immensely sped up by practicing such techniques as exercise or acquiring knowledge about anxiety triggers. Remember, you will have to get involved in order to experience relief, so start practicing various methods that have been proven to ease the symptoms of anxiety and do not be afraid to experiment because what may not work for others may work for you!

Once you learn to master these steps you will be a much more confident and happy person than you have ever been and that is something to look forward to!