Overcome the Fear of Vomiting With Hypnosis

Do you avoid food or drink, because you are afraid they could make you vomit? Do you refuse to start a family because you are afraid of morning sickness? Do you avoid going to hospitals or visiting sick family members because you may see someone throw up? If so, you have emetophobia or a fear of vomiting.

What Causes Emetophobia?

You probably have wondered many times what has caused your fear of vomiting. You may feel anxiety and sadness because your friends and family members do not understand that you are not in control of your phobia, and you have no idea where to turn for help.

Your fear might stem from a scary situation from your past that included you or someone else being sick and vomiting. These experiences, like everything else you have ever experienced, are stored in your subconscious. Sometimes our subconscious distorts an event form our past, then fixates on it causing an exaggerated effect on our lives today. This can leave you with irrational thoughts and fears that change your behavior and prevent you from doing normal day-to-day activities. You may not remember the event or experience from your past that is being distorted; therefore, you are helpless against your body’s response to it.

Maybe you are afraid to read books or watch movies because someone may throw up in the story. Maybe you avoid flying or driving because you are afraid the motion may make you throw up. You may even obsessively clean, because you are afraid that germs might make you sick enough to vomit. Hypnosis can help you get past these fears.

A certified hypnotist can help you identify the cause of your vomiting phobia, and teach your subconscious that those fears have no place in your life today. During hypnosis, your subconscious will be reprogrammed so that the thought of throwing up no longer sparks fear in you. To do this your hypnotist will quiet your mind, allowing you to enter a natural state of being. In this state, you will be able to eliminate distractions, your power of concentration will be heightened, and your subconscious will be open to specific techniques that will reprogram your mind so that your fear of throwing up is released.

When working with your hypnotist you may be surprised at what event is causing your phobia, it might not even seem related to sickness or vomiting. As you work through your phobia, a connection will become evident.

Through positive affirmations planted in the subconscious, your hypnotist can replace negative thoughts, feelings, and fears with truthful statements that will allow you to do the things you may never have thought you would be able to do.

Once your fear is released, you will be able to go to a movie and out to eat with friends or family. You won’t feel the need to obsessively clean, and will be able to care for sick members of your household without being afraid of getting sick.