Overcome Stuttering

In a society that is depending more and more on the need to say things and say things quick, the stutterer is being left far behind. Time is becoming more and more of an issue and managing your time is an important skill, especially in the corporate world. How is a person who is suffering from a speech impediment like stuttering going to be able to compete or get ahead in such a fast-paced, fast-talking world? Many people, from young children on up to adults, suffer from stuttering, and it affects them more than you might realize.

If you are among the stuttering sufferers in the world today, relax. I mean that literally. Relaxing and relieving stress is the first way to begin taking control of your stuttering issue. Along with that, let's talk about other ways that you can be overcoming stuttering and be among the top contenders in this competitive society of ours. If you can learn some ways of overcoming stuttering, you can formulate a game plan to conquer it.

Belt it out. What I mean by that is sing. That's right … sing. By learning how to articulate your words in a sing-song fashion, you can overcome your stuttering problem. Remember Mickey Gillie, the country singer? Sang great tunes, but stuttered like crazy during interviews. Many people claim not to be able to do this because of shyness. I say nonsense. If you have to, practice singing in front of a mirror all by yourself for a while, until you get used to this technique. Then move to practicing in front of a view close friends and family.

Breathing is another exercise that is very useful when overcoming stuttering. It works great for singers and public speakers, and can help the stutterer as well. With this technique, you want to speak as you are breathing outward. Talk on the exhale. So, start by taking a deep breath. Then, as the bad air is expelled, so are the words you want to speak. You see, one thing stutters do is try to rush their words out as quickly as possible, either out of nervousness or stress or anxiety.

Doing so, they trip over their tongues. We all do, imagine how hard it would be for a stutter sufferer. So, deep breaths, then even speaking as you exhale, nice and easy and stress-free. By doing things this way, you will help your condition greatly, because one of the root causes of stuttering is stress. Breathing exercises are a great stress reliever. A perfect combination.

Just as when we all learned to speak in general as toddlers, stutterers can learn to overcome stuttering in a similar way, through repetition of the sounds and words that are complicated. Do so in a stress-free environment first, then, as your confidence grows, share with others your ability to not stutter.