Overcome Infertility-Menstrual Cycle modification-Symptoms, Causes &Treatments;Of Symptoms Of Sore Breast And Irritability Of The Ovulation Phrase


Some women may experience sore breast and irritability during ovulation phrase of menstrual cycle.They are defined as conditions of liver qi can not move blood freely due to liver qi stagnation.

I. Causes
1. Spleen qi deficiency
Stomach is the primary organ in digestive food essence after foods are eaten. If for what ever reason, the stomach can not digest food properly, it may cause the inability of spleen in absorb food qi and essence for our body needs, leading to spleen qi deficiency, resulting in disturbing the qi formation and transporting it to the liver to move blood, leading to liver qi stagnation cause of sore breast and irritability.

2. Kidney in fluid distribution
Spleen is a vital organs in transporting fluid to the kidney for distribution to our body needs, if spleen fails to do it function or kidney’ inability to transport fluid properly, it causes fluid retain in the body tissues. In this case, it causes fluid accumulated in the breast, leading to sore breast and irritability.

3. Lung qi deficiency
Lung qi is imporant to circulate qi in the entire body, lung qi deficiency can be caused by spleen qi deficiency that interfere with the function of lung in assisting liver in moving qi in the blood vessels.

4. Liver qi stagnation
Liver qi stagnation can not transport blood and assist heart in moving blood freely in the blood vessel, leading to pain moving around and nervous tension. In this case, it causes pain in the breast and irritability.

II. Treatments
A. With Chinese herbs
1. Sheng ma (Black cohosh)
the cool herb helps to sooth the channels of lung, spleen, stomach and large intestine, thereby reducing the symptoms of sore freast and irritability caused by liver heat and toxicity as well as raising yang and guiding other herbs upwards.

2. Chai hu (Thorowax root)
It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine in treating liver qi stagnation as well as nourishing the deficiency of spleen and stomach and kidney, thereby reducing the risk of liver qi stagnation caused by spleen and stomach’s inability to absorb food qi and essence.

3. Bai shao yao (White peony)
Beside having a function in nourishing blood and regulating period during menstrual cycle, it also enhances the liver function in calming yang and alleviating pain, includuing sore breast.

4. Qing pi (Tangerine peel)
the berb improve the function of liver qi causes of irritability and sore breast by promoting the soothing of channels of liver, gallbladder and large intestine.

5. Huang qi (Astragalus root)
It is one of the herb that helps to increase the function of liver in generating more blood and liver qi in blood transportation due to excessive blood loss during menstruation.

6. Etc.

B. Acupuncture
Suggested acupuncture points
1. LI4(Er jian)
2. LV3 (Tai chong)
3. LV4 (Zhong feng)
4. St36 (Zu san li)
5. GB20 (Feng chi)
6. Etc.

C. Diet
1. Garlic
2. Chicken
3. Coconut meat
4. Date
5. Cheery
6. Squash
7. Red and black date
8. Rice
9. Etc.

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