Over the Counter Thrush Treatment

Also, mouth yeast infection can also be caused by wearing dentures and eating foods like cheese, sugar, beer, and mushroom. There are many over the counter thrush treatment you could purchase if you are suffering from the condition.

Creams & Mouthwash

Certainly, anti-fungal creams could help eliminate the type of fungus that causes thrush. However, you should be careful in differentiating anti-fungal products to treat athlete’s foot with anti-fungal cream for thrust. Also, mouthwash can help disinfect the thrust around the area. It would also help to purchase Gentian Violet to relieve you from itchiness and burning sensation.

Food intake

When you have mouth yeast infection, it is helpful that you eat foods which are acidic like orange and yoghurt. These foods can eliminate thrush as they will most likely combat fungi found in the mouth. Remember to avoid sweet foods as sugar as it would feed on yeast. As much as possible, you should be careful with what foods you take into your mouth.

Gentian Violet

This herb has been proven to effectively prevent mouth yeast infection. Gentian Violet is an extract from a flower known to have large amount of antifungal and antibacterial agents. It is available in syrup with dark purple color when you purchase it. What is great about this treatment is that it is cheaper than other treatment and it works better also.

Other herbs

Other herbs to treat thrust include grapefruit extract, ginger, and garlic that enable to fight bacteria and fungus in your mouth. There are herbal capsules and tea which you can purchase cheaper when you find online.

These over the counter thrush treatment should relief you from pain and discomfort caused by the condition. Remember to carefully read instruction if you purchase one of these treatments. It is better that you are well informed of the product you purchase.