Ovarian Cysts: Treatment Options For Cysts On Ovaries

Ovarian cysts can sometimes be dangerous. This is so especially when complex cysts on ovaries develop. An ovarian cyst rupture may also pose a serious threat to a woman. There are various treatment options that will be available to a woman who has cysts in her ovaries depending on the seriousness of her condition.

The first option is to wait and see. This approach of treating ovarian cysts involves leaving the them for some time to see if they disappear on their own. This is a method that works because in most cases, cysts usually develop and after a short while, they usually disappear. There are also cases where while they may not disappear, they remain of the same size and thus do not cause any negative effects on the functioning of a woman’s reproductive system.

The use of birth control pills is a common treatment of ovarian cysts. This works because the growth and development of cysts on ovaries is usually tied to a woman’s menstrual cycle. This is one of the reasons why women usually experience an increase in the severity of cystic symptoms at certain stages of their menstrual cycle. The use of birth control pills will prevent ovulation and thus in effect will either prevent the development of new cysts or prevent the growth of existing cysts on ovaries.

In cases where cysts are simple and have not yet developed, a doctor can use a vaginal ultrasound to prevent the development and growth of cysts on ovaries. Through this method, a doctor can empty its contents and thus preventing it from becoming large. As such, most of the complications associated with having large cysts will be avoided.

Where cysts have developed and resulted into complications, removal of ovarian cysts may be necessary. Where the size of a cyst on ovary is greater than 5 cm, where it lasts for more than three menstrual cycles or where the symptoms of ovarian cysts continue to worsen, it may be necessary to remove it through a laparoscopic surgery. In cases where the cyst is not cancerous, it is possible to remove it using this procedure without any damage to the ovaries. The whole ovary may have to be removed in severe case or where the cyst is malignant and there are possibilities of having a recurrence. Complex cysts may however call for open surgery, but this usually occurs in extreme cases only.

Natural methods of treating ovarian cysts are usually effective, especially when it comes to preventing the development and growth of cysts on ovaries. It is usually advisable for a woman to watch what she eats and her general lifestyle especially if she wants to avoid any complications.