Ovarian Cysts Treatment – Do Ovarian Cysts Usually Need to be Surgically Removed?

If you are considering the best type of ovarian cysts treatment then I truly understand how you feel at the thought of surgery.

Doctors will not automatically recommend surgery. It’s usually a last resort if nothing else shrinks your cysts.

The main ovarian cysts treatment that is usually prescribed first is birth control pills. The idea is that they will control your hormones and cause your cysts to shrink on their own. The only thing is there is no guarantee that this will work and sometimes women have no change in cyst size or it actually grows in size.

If birth control pills don’t work they may offer other forms of medication or progesterone creams. However, all the conventional treatments they recommend are a temporary fix. None of them are guaranteed to provide lasting freedom from this condition.

After trying all the above options that is when surgery usually enters the equation. It’s at this point that so many women assume that ovarian cysts need to be surgically removed because there’s simply no other way.

I don’t know if your as worried about surgery as I would or about the risks to your fertility but I didn’t accept that surgery was the only way left until I did some research.

It turns out there really are not many other options apart from natural methods of curing cysts. If I hadn’t been so adamant that I didn’t want surgery then I would never had tried a holistic/natural approach.

It’s easy to think that if medications cannot cure them how can natural methods work. I’d say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I’ve not had a cyst since so I’m glad I gave it a go.