Ovarian Cysts and Pregnancy – What You Need to Know

Ovarian cysts during pregnancy are a concern for many women. This condition can and does lead to miscarriages often. Pregnant women need to get medical care immediately as soon as they have symptoms of a cyst.

About 1 in 1000 women will develop a cyst during pregnancy. In many cases it may just dissolve by itself, but it might become a cause of great concern if it grows and becomes painful. These cysts are usually benign, but doctors will normally order an ultrasound to check for cancer out of precaution. Only 1 in 25,000 births has an incident of ovarian cancer.

There is no treatment for ovarian cysts during pregnancy, other than waiting to see if it shrinks, or surgery. When the cyst becomes large there is a chance that it may rupture and twist, causing severe pain. If a cyst is 6 – 8 cm or larger there will usually be a couple of weeks of bed rest and careful watch to see if it will shrink on its own. However, a cyst that large will usually be removed surgically.

The danger in a large ovarian cyst during pregnancy is that that it can be so painful that it may produce a miscarriage and preterm delivery of the baby. This is especially true of polycystic ovaries, ones that have many cysts. The best time to perform surgery is during the second trimester, at about 14 to 16 weeks. Sometimes laparoscopy may be used to remove the cyst, but very large cysts will require an open incision to remove them. Even though surgery is not recommended during pregnancy, at this point, it may be the safest alternative for mom and baby.

You can take precautions that are very beneficial to treat your cysts at home. Natural treatment of ovarian cysts will help shrink your cysts and prevent your body from forming more cysts. By changing your diet and incorporating some supplements and vitamins, you will be able to heal your body and stop copying cysts. Learn how to take part in your own healing.