Ovarian Cyst Treatment – 4 Options

Ovarian  cyst  treatment can vary based on your individual circumstances.  Some ovarian  cysts  are harmless and others can be a grave danger to your health. Most cases are referred to as functional  cysts  that develop at the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle. These types of  cysts  usually go away on their own after the eggs contained in the  cysts  have been released.

In some cases ovarian  cysts  can contain cancerous cells, cut off blood supply to the ovaries and continue growing.  Some form of ovarian  cyst  treatment is necessary in these cases.  Below we have outlined the four best treatment options available for the different types of  cysts .

1. Cystectomy- A cystectomy is a surgical procedure in which a  cyst  is removed from the ovary.  This procedure is very useful for treating non-cancerous  cysts .  A cystectomy is also a popular ovarian  cyst  treatment because it leaves the ovaries in tact. By leaving the ovaries in tact a woman will not lose her ability to have children.  Unfortunately this procedure is not an option with cancerous  cysts .  Also, it is an invasive surgical procedure and risks are associated.

2. Oophorectomy- An oophorectomy is another surgical procedure used in cases of last resort, such as cancer.  This is a serious ovarian  cyst  treatment and will change a woman permanently.  In this procedure the ovary or ovaries are removed.  By removing the ovaries a woman can no longer produce or regulate the amount of estrogen in her body. She is also no longer able to create her own eggs for reproduction.  Doctors often prescribe hormone replacement therapy for the estrogen issues.  However this becoming less used because of possible links to breast cancer.

3. Oral Contraception- Also known as birth control pills, this method is non-invasive  usually the first step in treatment if you have a family history of  cysts .  If a woman is not menstruating, she can not form functional  cysts  because she is not releasing eggs.  Birth control pills allow a woman to prevent her period from coming, thus keeping functional  cysts  from forming.  This is mostly a preventative ovarian  cyst  treatment and can cause other problems later with pregnancy.

4. Natural Treatment-  Some woman choose to use a natural treatment.  Sometimes these methods are said to not work.  Other times they are said to work miracles.  There is no overwhelming scientific proof either way.  The fact is natural treatment is non-invasive and has almost no risks associated with it.  This type of ovarian  cyst  treatment may be the perfect cure for a woman that does not want surgery or to take a pill for the rest of her life.

All of these ovarian  cyst  treatment options have their place in the world and all are necessary in certain cases.  Regardless of which one you choose, you should get your doctors opinion.