Ovarian Cyst Size

Ovarian  cyst  size varies from case to case. Each different type of ovarian  cyst  will also result in a different size. The following provides some general idea of how the size can vary depending on the type of ovarian  cyst . It is important to note that more than one type of  cyst  can occur at the same time, thereby compounding the ovarian  cyst  size somewhat.

The typical ovarian  cyst  size generally starts at around half an inch. The following are a few types of ovarian  cysts  with their corresponding sizes:

1. Follicular  Cysts  or Graffian Follicle – can grow up to about 2 inches in diameter

2. Hemorrhagic  Cysts  – may grow up to about 6 inches in diameter

3. Dermoid  Cysts  – may grow up to about 17 inches in diameter

4. Multiple  cysts  or Polycystic ovary – a cluster of ovarian  cysts  that can be up to five times larger than healthy ovaries

As can be seen, the ovarian  cyst  size varies from type to type. However, regardless of the size, it is important to detect ovarian  cysts  as soon as possible so that remedial actions can be taken. This is especially true in some cases i.e. in the case of cancerous  cysts . These cancerous  cysts  typically do not show any symptoms until the  cyst  is larger.

Before the  cyst  gets too large, certain adjustments can be made to alleviate and in some cases reduce or even eliminate it completely. This can be done relatively easily by following basic natural healing principles that govern how we live.

These areas focus on a few simple elements that are so critical to our well being i.e. knowing what food to eat, following a painless detoxification program, reducing stress and getting enough rest, among other things. This may seem simple, and it is, if you know exactly how to go about it. After that, all it takes is to just adjust your lifestyle accordingly and your body will naturally find its balance and reduce many if not most diseases and complications such as  cysts  and PCOS.