Ovarian Cyst – Healing Naturally

If a lady starts feeling dull pains even before the expected date of periods which slowly extends to her right side, lower back and thighs, then she is not supposed to overlook as menstrual cramps. If the pains get repeated few days prior to periods or get worse, then pain relievers might not solve the problem; one must consult the Doctor and go for an ultrasound.

Doctor may diagnose an Ovarian Cyst and prescribe regular medicines.

There have been number of cases where the prescribed medicines, including birth control pills, do not help in providing any relief to the patient and while the Cyst keeps on getting larger.

The patient gets stressed and scared, thoughts of cancer run through her head. Every night she has to face unbearable pain and worry about the cyst growing on her ovary.

Prescription drugs and pain relievers may temporarily mask the symptoms, but the ovarian cyst will still be there and will most likely grow faster. It is a well know fact that some ovarian cysts become problematic if not treated.

Conventional treatment of ovarian cysts almost always leads to surgery. These surgeries are risky and unnecessary and sometime your doctor may decide to remove your ovary or your entire uterus, leaving you unable to bare children ever.

Your body has a built in system to warn you something is wrong. Ovarian cysts and the pain they cause is a desperate alarm from your body telling you something is wrong inside.

Conventional treatments are designed to shut off your bodies warning alarm, the most dangerous part of muffling your natural alarm system is that what’s wrong is almost always getting worse. It’s as if your house is on fire and you are awakened by the fire alarm, but instead of calling the fire department, you just shut off the alarm and go back to sleep.

Your body is, in effect, telling you, “Hey! Wake Up! You have a problem!” By using drugs to muffle your body’s alarm system, you are replying, “Shut up! Don’t bother me!” The only way to cure your Ovarian Cysts is by working with your body.

There is a natural way of eliminating Ovarian Cyst and achieve permanent relief. Users have reported that their ovarian cysts shrunk rapidly and the pain disappeared within few days. They could easily avoid surgeries and never experienced a single Cyst, again.