Ovarian Cyst Bloating Relief – Remedies to Help


The discomfort from ovarian cyst bloating is not easy to live with. When a woman has an ovarian cyst she needs to adjust to the bloating and the pain. It’s not an easy road though. There are a few things that you can do at home if you are experiencing bloating from this type of harmless growth in your ovary.

Heat can bring relief to ovarian cyst bloating. Just as you turn to heat when you are struggling with the effects of your menstrual period, you should do the same now. Heat can calm the bloating down making it easier to fit into your clothing and making the discomfort less severe. Using a heating pad for this is the most convenient approach although many women find soaking in a warm tub very beneficial too.

Ensuring your bowel movements stay regular is another route to take for ovarian cyst bloating relief. If you find yourself feeling constipated it’s only going to add to the bloating feeling. It’s best to take a natural approach to this issue by adding extra fiber to your diet. If that isn’t enough to keep you regulated ask your doctor about a natural laxative. There are several in liquid, capsule and even tea form that work gently.

You should also not hesitate to use the washroom if you feel the urge to urinate. Keeping your bladder empty can also help with ovarian cyst bloating relief. If you allow your bladder to get and stay full it will only increase the feeling of pressure in your midsection. Try and empty it as soon as you feel the urge to go. You’ll find this very helpful with managing the discomfort that comes with having a cyst.