Outsourcing Jobs to Free Up Your Time


When you’re working with a client to build or improve his website, there are lots of things that you can do to outsourcing jobs. It’s not possible with twenty-four hours in a day to do every tactic under the sun, so when you go through that process, so you need to prioritize. Certain things you’re going to need to do. You’re going to sit down with a client, you’re going to need to talk objectives, strategy and map out the tactics.

Obviously to try and do all these things in one go all at the same time is going to be quite heavy going unless you have some heavy duty systems in place.

We need to get from, here’s what needs to be done, to getting it down without you necessarily really being in there in the real world. Yes, we can go ahead and do blog comments, for example.

Whenever someone asks you, as a customer, can you do this, the answer is always yes, how much money do you have? On a higher level, if the person has a website but they have no free offer or free report, I’ll often interview them. I had a health care company who taught doctors how to not cut off the wrong leg, using an air safety checklist.

Something like 90,000 people a year are killed in the United States in hospitals by medical mistakes every year. That’s like a 747 Jumbo crashing every day. If a Jumbo crashed every day, the place would be in an uproar but because it’s someone’s Grandma in a little hospital and they get a shot with ten times the dose that they need and they get killed, it’s not news. But 90,000 people a year get killed by medical errors.

When I do my outsourcing jobs and one, I train them on how to say that. They would go round saying, well, 90,000 people get killed in the United States every year, and everyone says, well there are 500 million people, that’s acceptable odds. Contrast that with putting an image to it, a Jumbo jet crashing every day. Oh gracious, the horror! because we’ve ridden on planes.

On a higher level, I’ll work with them on the strategy. I’ll create an audio where I interview them. ‘Hi! Welcome to Healthcare Matters. Today’s show is focused on the mortality rate in hospitals across the United States. This is totally unnecessary. With us is a special guest and expert Bert Steveharden who is the owner of the company and knows all this stuff.’ I interview them. Now they have a free audio to give away on their site.

That kind of thing I will be personally hands on because it’s fairly strategic, it’s something that’s creating media, so I’ll be on the video or on the audio with them.

However, once we’ve made the number of audios, and you can make twenty to forty videos in half a day, easy, no script, no nothing. They already know the information, they just need to be cued. So I’ll help them with that.

Then for anything else, the systems, like video placements, YouTube and all that, I’ll have subcontractors that I outsource to. Their role is really just to put in the keywords, the meta tags and get it distributed and they’ll use a tool like Traffic Geyser from my friend Mike Koenigs. I find a tool. I usually have two or three that we’ve tried. There are quite a few things that go bust. We’ll go through suppliers until we find the right ones.

Everyone who is doing this outsourcer thing doesn’t want to hear that sometimes it doesn’t work. Eventually what happens is, the cream of the crop rises to the top. Over time you eventually find one to three suppliers in the area that you want that you keep under your wing and those are the people you subcontract to if you’re offering services.

So I’ve got a great web designer. He can have a blog up in twenty-four to forty-eight hours for my radio show clients. He just turns it around. He knows how I work, he knows the system I teach to people. They need a PodPress blog, they need a banner, they need a footer, they need a two or three column blog and here’s what goes on it. There’s a pattern to it. Once you’ve got a relationship, we just give him the pattern and there are just things you can’t work around, like experience.

I’ve worked out several projects when outsourcing jobs. I say, remember what we did with that guy in New York, do that again, only this time make it red. So any time you know you’re going to duplicate something for someone, use your own experience as a template. That is the best thing I can say there. There is no easy answer. There is no God coming down from heaven with a golden finger touching people’s websites.