Outsource Your Data Headaches With On Site Data Destruction Service

Security concerns not only for individuals and companies but for the culpability of Information Officers for having procedures in place, are forcing more and more companies of all sizes to be more responsible for the information contained on their hard disk drives. This is not just Fortune 500 companies that need to be concerned about data destruction. This concerns expanses about that data itself while in use but even once a drive containing all that data has completed its life-cycle inside their walls before releasing the drives or disks for resale or return from lease.

This responsibility can be challenging for many companies to accomplish securely, thoroughly and quickly. What is complicating the process is most companies are not aware of the options available to them and even fewer have the necessary hardware and software to accomplish this task. As a solution to the increased liability and lack of internal know-how and tools, companies are looking to outsource this service.

One solution is to hire a company to provide on-site data erasure or hard drive destruction service to the client. This is a viable solution whether its loose hard drives, storage towers full of drives, or laptops and desks with hard drives inside. An experienced company that can certify data destruction will bring with them all the tools they need – whether its a software or hardware solution to accomplish the task. This data destruction service should offer to provide you with written documentation specific to each drive's serial number that certifies each drive is clean of data.

If you require erasure of hard drives comprising a storage tower or storage shelves, one piece of equipment you might see would be an appliance that enables direct connection to the shelves in a storage tower. This allows the user access to the drives contained in these shelves where each drive can then be erased without removal of the hard drive from the tower. Most towers can be erased in one business day.

And there are some companies who have batches of loose hard drives stored away, waiting to be erased. A similar piece of equipment is an appliance that can erase any type of loose drive (SCSI, FC, SATA, IDE, SAS) in multiple batches at a time.

Erasure of drives in storage towers is far from the only situation with which these companies need data erasure solutions. Another is the batches of laptops and desks that require data sanitization before they are donated or returned at the end of lease. By setting up a local sub-net, large batches of these assets (as many as 200) can be erased simultaneously. By again being able to certify the data destruction, the value of those laptops and desks is increased.

So when your company has hard disk drives in storage towers, laptops and desks, or just loose hard drives of any type, there are viable cost-effective solutions that can provide an on-site service to give your company the protection it requires and the peace of mind to know that all its data risks are addressed and eliminated.