Our Article on Rubidium Daily Value


Rubidium is a trace mineral. A trace mineral is one that is required in very little quantity (measured in micrograms). Like rubidium there are many other nutrients that do not have an RDA set. Neverheless, this does not implying that they are important.

Numerous chemical processes in our bodies require the trace minerals to be present. Moreover, approximately 5% of our cells are made up of minerals and trace minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of the enzymes.

Rubidium is one such mineral and even though there is no rubidium daily value, it is sure that everyone needs some.

Previously, we used to obtain the trace minerals from the soil. Meaning that, vegetables and fruits would extract these minerals from the soil into them, and then we would consume these natural sources. But now, the soil no more contains these minerals that are critical to our health, they have been striped off. So, some experts in nutrition believe that many people need to take a mineral supplement.

You may have heard about the link between rubidium and depression. Many people regard this mineral as being beneficial in alleviating depression.

The rubidium depression link is believed to occur from the following: "it increases platelet GABA binding and in the presence of rubidium 5-HT accumulation the rate of synthesis of 5-HT in the brain is enhanced."

Bottom line, we can infer from all this trace minerals are crucial for our good health and vivacity.


As with every other vitamin or mineral, the daily required amount of rubidium varies from one individual to another. It depends on your gender, your diet, your lifestyle, where you live and what you eat.

And again, there are certain health conditions, like being pregnant or nursing, where people should avoid taking this supplement on their own. It is always advisable to talk to your health care professional before taking any further steps.