Others Have Sleep Paralysis Stories, Too

We have all heard about it. The stories where someone tosses and turns, moaning, "I can not fall sleep." Those who have a condition called sleep paralysis may find that they have no problem falling asleep, but may find that upon awaking, their body is nearly paralyzed, and that they may only be able to move their eyes.

Occasionally called the "old hag," these stories have revolved around dozens of different tales. Contrary to popular belief, sleep paralysis has been around for a very long time and has been recorded consistently in history.

Those who find themselves constantly saying, "I cant fall asleep," may find themselves facing dozens of different challenges. Once someone knows what type of condition they are facing, it becomes much easier to research and find treatment.

What Does Sleep Paralysis Feel Like?

Contrary to popular belief, experiencing sleep paralysis is not uncommon. Those who experience this condition say that it frequently happens after experiencing periods of stress. Sometimes, those who happen to face the problem can see hallucinations and can have what are experienced as "wake nightmares." Essentially, it is almost like the body is frozen in a half sleep, half awake state.

There have been multiple reports of different experiences that others have faced as the result of this condition. Some people do experience seeing demons, although this is only reported as a hallucination. "The scariest part of it is that you can not control your body. Those who suffer from sleep paralysis are instructed to move their eyes and their face, but this is usually not possible, as the brain is not enough to function."

Those who suffer from this condition may also experience the feeling of being "pinned down", as one person describes it. Essentially, this is like a feeling of being tied down to a bed, mattress, or where someone is lying, without any visible restraints.

I Think I Have This Condition

If someone thinks they have the condition they should speak to a doctor promptly. This will be the best way to get treatment effectively. Additionally, it will also ensure that the condition is diagnosed properly.

Those who are facing this condition should know that there are medications and products available to treat it. However, before taking any of these products, one should always speak to a doctor. This will ensure the best treatment that is available and the most accurate diagnosis possible.