Organic Skin Care For Men VS Chemical Skin Care For Men


When we men start buying skin care products, we do not look too much in the components and nature of the product in front of us. We just tend to glaze over the counter and read general features, such as "anti-aging", "no more wrinkles", "bye bye greasy skin". However there is one of these features that we should be more aware of: "organic product".

Organic skin care or natural skin care, refer to the use of all natural ingredients to take care of our skin. These products are generally made of more than one type of herbs and seeds, that combined are able to bring the same results as a chemical based products. Organic lifestyles and the rediscovery of ancient herbs are making organic skin care increasingly popular in men skin care products, and put chemical based products under the spotlight.

Chemical skin care became popular thanks to its sometimes incredible results in correcting skin problems. And that was the reason they had a higher price too. But as years had passed, medical investigations had shown that some of these components are not safe. Components such as Aliminum, Propulene Glycol and Imidazolidinyl urea, have been proved to be harmful to people. Their effects include links with breast cancer, contact dermatitis, ototoxicity, kidney damage and more. Most of the products with these components have been banned, but there are some that not, even with all the research to back that up. There may also be other components not YET found harmful.

As men we are in contact with a lot of these chemicals, but not as much as a woman. An average woman uses 12 beauty products a day, this adds up 168 chemicals!

However, with all that, we should not rely so blindly in Organic skin care. Organic products are notoriously under-regulated and some of these so called "All-natural" products use chemicals, and chemical processes to blend the components. Of course not too many people speak loud about these, and you come to discover the effects by yourself.

The best advice to take is this: Know what you are using. You have to be informed, because it is your skin what we are talking about here. You may think that as a man your skin is tougher, but that is not true. Facial skin is more sensitive in men due to constant bad shaving habits. Do a search on Internet for the ingredients on the product you're about to buy and if possible ask a doctor for advice.