Organic Lotion


Organic lotion is a good, effective alternative to the typical commercial lotions we use. You skin is extremely important so taking care of it should be high on your healthiness list. Buying it isn’t as hard as you might think it would be. You want to look for ingredients such as Aloe vera, Pure Beeswax, wild slippery elm, rosemary extract, sesame oil, bergamot, lavender, sweet orange, organic coconut oil, licorice root, and clary sage just to name a few. These lotions won’t necessarily be found at your local stores so try specialty health food stores.

I think these natural body care products makes great gifts because they help promote healthy skin. Those who you use regular lotions might not think of natural lotions to use. Sometimes giving something such as natural and organic body care products as a gift can open up a different world to a person they might find interesting and will look further into. You give them organic lotions and they might start eating organic foods perhaps, it’s just as idea.

You can also make your own organic lotion at home which might take longer but you can create your own recipe with the different amount of organic herbs you can use. One of the most basic ways to make an organic and natural lotion is to use petroleum jelly, scented oil, Epsome Salt, mix in a bowl and use. Organic lotion is not 100% organic keep in mind but it should be no less then 70% to be considered as organic lotion.