Oral Yeast Infection – Thrush

Thrush is a yeast infection of the mouth that can cause a lot of pain when swallowing. It can also have many other symptoms that are not pleasant such as white patches that have been described as "lacy" looking that is on top of a bed of red and soreness that can appear on the tongue, palate and in various other parts of the mouth. To determine whether or not the white patches that you have are actually oral yeast infection thrush then you can take a small cotton bud and wipe the affected area. If the white part comes away and leaves the red bit looking sore, angry and bleeding underneath then the chances are that you have a yeast infection in the mouth.

A yeast infection that is present in the mouth can cause a lot of discomfort while eating and drinking and there before it is important to make sure that the infected person is still having fluids and food to make sure that they do not become dehydrated. This is especially important for young children and in young babies, this oral yeast infection can be a common problem.

As a general rule, an oral yeast infection will require a trip to a medical professional such as your local doctor to get the recommended treatment. There are a few things that you can do to soothe the pain at home and one of these is to eat natural yoghurt which has a calming effect when taken from the fridge and the natural organism's present help to fight the yeast that has overgrown. This however, can be rather hard if the sufferer is having trouble eating and drinking so this should not really be used as treatment by itself.

An oral yeast infection in children and particularly young babies will require rather more urgency when taking them to the doctor as they can become easily dehydrated especially if they have having problems feeding.