Oral Thrush – Symptoms and the Most Effective Treatments

Oral thrush isn’t a very nice medical condition; it is caused by a yeast infection and hits the mouth of the sufferer. It can be painful, and can be very common in newborn babies and those that wear dentures, although the yeast that becomes a problem is present in all of us.

The symptoms of oral thrush focus on the tongue and sees white or yellow colored spots which are slightly proud of the tongue forming on the surface, and it looks particularly unpleasant. However, it will cause little pain in babies, and in adults it is comparable to a sort throat with a burning feeling in the mouth.

One of the key triggers for oral thrush is antibiotics, so whilst the doctor will offer you more medication to bring this condition under control, this is not necessarily the best thing for the body. It is much better to take a natural approach to this condition and treat it without the use of harsh drugs that may have their own side effects.

There is a completely natural, drug free treatment available and people who have suffered with oral thrush say that the results are very fast. Many say that they saw an improvement in symptoms after just a couple of hours, including a relief from the pain that goes with the spots on the tongue. Most sufferers go on to say that they were able to fully rid themselves of the condition in just a few days. The product sounds too good to be true, but thankfully in this case it certainly isn’t. The cure is a plant based extract called Goldenseal.

Goldenseal has been extracted from the plant and turned into a liquid, which you can apply directly to the tongue with a cotton wool swab. It is 100% safe and natural so any liquid that is ingested will not cause you any harm either, and with such an overwhelming success rate it is certainly worth a try. Basically it helps the body regain control of the candida yeast, which is the yeast causing all the problems in oral thrush, and takes it back to a naturally occurring level, which we all have and need, and when kept under control causes no problems at all to the body.

Goldenseal is a widely available product that you can find in most health food type stores, and isn’t expensive to purchase. Unfortunately it is unlikely to be available directly from the doctor; however, the benefits on the body far outweigh the small cost that you will have to make.

Remember that the doctor will take the anti-fungal drug approach, which is very hard on the immune system and will heal the infection but will also kill off all fungal infections it finds. This can be very harsh on your health as there are certain levels of yeasts needed to be healthy. By attacking them so harshly you run the risk of feeling a lot worse before you feel better and prolonging your recovery period for no real benefit, when there is such a fast acting, safe and drug free product available that actually does a better job when looking at the overall health of the body rather than the oral thrush infection in isolation.