Oral Sex – Safety First!


We all want to enjoy a meaningful and pleasurable sex life. And, for some of us, this includes oral sex. While we are partaking, it would behoove us to take precautions, so that we can continue to remain healthy. Cleanliness and sexual health go a long way in making oral sex a pleasurable experience for both partners.

What is Oral Sex?

Oral sex is defined as the sucking, licking or manipulating with the lips of the genitals or anus of a man or woman. Cunnilingus is the act of placing the mouth on the vagina and the labia. Fellatio is mouth to penis. Anilingus is mouth to anus.

Are there any STDs that can be passed on during oral sex?

Yes. Occidentally, genital warts are transferred orally. The giver may get warts in or around his or her mouth.

Herpes can be passed on during oral sex; both the cold sore type (transferring to the genital area), and, less commonly, the genital type (transferring to the mouth).

The 'claps' (gonorrhea) sometimes infects the giver of oral, taking up residence in the throat. Although the body usually clears up this type of infection within 90 days, the person with the infected path can pass the claps on to other partners' genitals; and, they will need to see a physician to get rid of the infection.

Syphilis can be contracted if, while in the genital region, your mouth touches an open sore or the syphilitic rash of an infected person.

During anilingus, parasites and gastrointestinal disturbances can be contracted from the anus.

Hepatitis A can also be contracted from contact with the anus. Hepatitis B is present in sex fluids and blood, while Hepatitis C requires that infected blood be present during oral sex.

Is HIV passed on during orally?

From the scientific studies I've seen, the researchers say that there is a slight chance of transmission of the HIV virus between the giver and the receiver orally. It seems that these cases were people who had open sores, cuts or the like in their mouths or in the genital or anal region when oral sex took place. So … be aware!

How can I protect myself and my partner during oral sex?

Safety is easy! The risk of infection is low, and you can lower it still further. Here's how:

For fallatio, condoms can be used. Flavored condoms could be just the thing for those who do not like the taste of regular condoms or that funky spermicide. For cunnilingus or anilingus, you can use a dental dam (a piece of latex), a flavored condom, split open, or even plastic wrap form the kitchen!

So, protect yourself, children! Class over!