Oral Herpes Virus Treatments – Effective Home Remedies

Oral Herpes is some of the most annoying issues in the world and also the second most annoying thing is discovering a proven cold sore treatment that works for YOU.

You can find some lucky individuals who have never had a cold sore in their lives, but for the rest of us we just need to discover to deal with them.

Below are three proven “home remedy” cold sore remedies for you to start with but your in all probability going to wish to move beyond these initial remedies to some thing that can provide you with long-term piece of mind.

1. Lysine-

This amino acid basically starves the herpes virus into submission. Most folks take a maintenance does of 500 milligrams each day and if they get a “breakout” up the dosage to 3,000 milligrams until the sore heal themselves. Lysine really should be part of any cold sore treatment program you undertake.it’s that efficient.

2. Frozen Tea Bag-

Wet and then freeze a couple typical tea bags and as soon as you really feel a tingling sensation around your mouth or on your lips apply the frozen tea bag. This wants to be done at the first sign of breakout to be most beneficial.

3. Calcium-

The primary trigger for the cold sore virus is if you body is acidic. That’s why you might hear that coffee and chocolate are poor since they tend to raise your bodies PH level.which is a breeding ground for the virus.

By taking Calcium every day you’re keeping your body in an alkaline state which keeps the virus from replicating. Like Lysine this ought to be component of any on going cold sore treatment plan you start.

Once again these 3 cold sore remedies are excellent preventative measures but you ought to also analysis other proven therapies for those times when the virus does end up winning and you need to destroy those nasty blisters rapidly. Be certain to research only proven topical oral herpes treatments.

Because over 80% of the population is infected with the virus there are numerous remedies in the marketplace today. Using a daily regimen of vitamins, minerals and Lysine has proven to be a quite effect begin and regardless of which topical treatment you determine to make use of by all means keep attacking the virus from the inside. It has been proven that with correct nutrition you are going to start to experience much less and less out breakouts.