Oral Candidiasis (Thrush) Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Want to know what causes oral candidiasis (thrush), what it looks like and the treatments available? Oral candidiasis, also known as thrush, is a fungal infection that can affect men, women and babies. Here, you’ll discover the risk groups, as well as the causes, symptoms and treatment options.

First, let’s go over the symptoms of oral candidiasis (thrush). The usual signs are creamy / white thick coatings on tongue and mucous membranes, slightly raised inflamed spots, difficulty swallowing, and a slight burning sensation in mouth. And, although many adults use the term “thrush”, it is most usually used to describe oral candidiasis in babies.

The cause of candidiasis in general is the yeast-like fungus called Candida Albicans. This resides in our bodies quite naturally, but is usually held in check by your body’s beneficial bacteria. But when the numbers of your good bacteria reduce enough, the Candida fungus can overgrow, causing a candidiasis infection, also called candida or yeast infection.

A yeast infection can occur almost anywhere, but the most common places are the vagina, penis and mouth, because they present the perfect conditions for the fungus to thrive, i.e. dark, warm and moist. Here, we are only concerned with oral candidiasis (thrush).

There are certain things that can ‘trigger’ the conditions that allow the fungus to overcome your good bacteria. In terms of oral candidiasis, the following are the “at risk” groups; smokers, diabetics, folks on antibiotics or steroids, denture wearers, women on oral contraceptives or are pregnant (hormonal changes), folks with immune defficiency (e.g. HIV/AIDS, chemotherapy) and breast-feeding babies.

Now let’s look at the treatment. Your normal mainstream treatment largely consists of drug-based liquid suspensions that you swish around your mouth and then swallow (“swish and swallow”). You can get these on prescription or over-the-counter. Typical drugs are nystatin, miconazole and amphotericin B. This approach can work quite effectively over time.

But many sufferers are finding that their symptoms keep reappearing after they’ve finished the course. This recurring candidiasis could be due to the medication just addressing the symptoms but not the root cause, and, the fungus becoming drug-resistant.

This is why so many sufferers with oral candidiasis are successfully turning to totally natural home remedies that are way cheaper than expensive drug-based medications and without their negative downsides.

Typical of these are raw garlic, plain yogurt and raw apple cider vinegar, but there are literally tons out there that you need to search out and try. You also need to address things like dietary and lifestyle changes.

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