Options For Nail Fungus Treatment

You may have seen a few different advertisements or commercials about nail fungus treatment and prevention but some really don’t know what nail fungus actually is. Nail fungus is a fungal infection of the nail also known as onychomycosis in the medial world.

Nail fungus will typically infect the toenails as a common occurrence. Very seldom will nail fungus attack the fingernails. Studies show that approximately twelve percent of the U.S. population has some sort of nail fungus and it is typical to persons of all ages. People over 40 are most susceptible to nail fungus. Like many other forms of affliction, nail fungus is hereditary. Those who have a suppressed immune system due to certain diseases or treatments may be more susceptible to nail fungus. People who have been diagnosed with AIDS, have received transplants or are undergoing cancer treatments are at higher risk.

You must make an appointment with a dermatologist in order to determine if you have nail fungus. They will scrape your infected nail and give you microscopic examination. The nail will be carefully examined with a microscope which helps to determine what type of fungus is growing in the nail. Your dermatologist will determine if you have nail fungus and which type you have. Dermatophytes are nail fungus usually found in the toenails. Yeast is the common type of nail fungus found in the fingernails.

If your dermatologist has diagnosed nail fungus, he or she will prescribe one of many varieties of treatments available to combat the infection. Among the treatments for nail fungus, there are prescriptions such as gels, creams and lotions that may be effective in treating mild cases of nail fungus. For particularly acute cases, your dermatologist may prescribe oral medication to solve the problem. In extreme cases, your doctor may remove the nail, either the section infected or the entire nail to assist in treatment for the nail fungus.

Except the ugly aspects, there are still good news about nail fungus that is if you do get it it can be treated considerably quickly. There are also steps you can take to avoid getting the infection or avoid getting it again. Talk to your dermatologist, he or she will provide you with the necessary information you need about nail fungus and how you can prevent it.

Prevention is still best to avoid nail fungus but if the fungus does occur, here are some options you can do for treatment. Prescribed oral medications are effective which must be taken for several months. However, these medications can have harmful side effects including headaches, upset stomach, liver damage and rashes. Natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil are supposedly helpful in treating finger nail fungus. In addition, some essential oils can treat the condition, initially. Aside from curing finger nail fungus, these natural oils have other benefits in the overall health.

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