Options Available For Removal of Ovarian Cysts


There are treatment options available for removal of ovarian cysts. Before deciding the options it is very essential to take various factors into consideration. For example as the age of women increases there is a greater likelihood of her developing a cancerous cyst and hence surgery will become essential. Here it is essential to look into the age of the patient and the type and size of the cyst before deciding the natural ovarian cyst cure to be looked into.

Usually it is believed that a cyst will disappear naturally after a few menstrual cycles. Generally the cause of ovarian cyst is the imbalance of hormones and insulin within our body. Here is the problem can be solved naturally. That's why it is also believed that the cyst will disappear naturally after several menstrual cycles. Cysts can be removed naturally by intake of supplements, minerals, vitamins and natural herbs.

However, your doctor may insist or suggest on removal of ovarian cyst through surgery. If that is the case it is very important that you take a second or even a third opinion before undergoing a surgery. Surgery should be the last resort in case the cyst has become too large or has become very painful or if the cyst has developed an ovarian cancer.

There are two types of surgeries for removal of ovarian cysts:

Laparoscopic Surgery:

This is a less invasive surgery. A small incision is made near the belly button and the cyst is removed with the help of an instrument.

Laparotomy Surgery:

This surgery is performed under anesthesia and is more invasive. After the removal of the cyst it will be tested for cancer. If it is found positive of cancer the ovaries will be removed and also the uterus if necessary.