Online Associate’s Degree in Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

The role of occupational therapists is to help those people with disabilities – physical, mental, or emotional to regain their mobility so as to carry out their day to day activities with ease. They work on enhancing their productivity, both at home and work by increasing the strength of their muscles and flexibility in physical movements. However occupational therapy is different from physical therapy in its aims. While physical therapy is generally focused on enhancing muscle movements, occupational therapy aims at dealing with the physical, physiological and to an extent their psychological aspects of the patient. In that sense it is more holistic in its approach and treatment.

Occupational therapists and assistants instruct and back patients as they work on learning fundamental skills required in daily life. This requires the therapists to make use a large variety of, equipment and tools which will assist the patients in becoming increasingly independent. It is the occupational therapist who is in charge of carving out a plan of treatment for every patient. The job of an occupational therapist can be extremely taxing. However the job satisfaction is even high as it is rewarding to see the improvement in the patient’s abilities and independence.

Online Associate’s Degree

It is necessary that the occupational therapists and their assistants be licensed. Those who intend to be occupational therapist assistants require an associate’s degree from an accredited school offering an occupational therapy program. An amalgamation of theoretical studies and practice, occupational degree is most definitely a valuable degree if one intends to build a career in the field of health care. It is one of the most sought after occupations as occupational therapists are hired by not only hospitals and health care centres but also other institutions like special schools, foster care homes, and even those in sports to an extent. Given the wide job opportunities, you may take a first step towards their career by start with an online associate’s degree.


Apart from general education, in subjects like English and mathematics, the core of the curriculum is constituted by courses specific to occupational therapy like research methodology, occupational therapy management, and theoretical basis of this field.

Fieldwork and internships form an integral part of the learning process and to graduate from the degree program. Thus students are expected to complete an internship or a certain amount of fieldwork. To qualify for the associate program, you must hold a high school diploma.

An associate degree can be completed in a period of two years. Graduates also must be prepared to appear for the national exam which is required for licensure.

The Attributes of Online Courses

Online education is one of the most convenient formats to graduate in occupational therapy. It offers flexibility in schedules, facilitating interaction with co-students and instructors. Students not only save up on the travelling expense and time, but also save up on the course fees. Now that it is possible to complete an occupational therapy degree online, it makes it easier and convenient for students to pursue their careers within the area of healthcare. A number of institutions offer an occupational therapy degree program online. Universities like Keiser University, Brown Mackie College, Wallace State Community College, Herzing University, and New England Institute of Technology offer an online associate’s degree in occupational therapy.

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