One Way to Treat Extreme Nausea When You Are Having Candida

Do you experience nausea as part of the candida? Nausea is also another issue a candida sufferer has. In fact I have several friends who have experienced this. One of my friends thinks she is too acidic and feels reflux, nausea. Another woman is also having a problem with extreme nausea. She is nauseated all day, all the time. It is worst in the morning; She almost throw up her medication (swallowing pills is the worst; tablets are worse than caplets). The only thing she knows of is low stomach acid, she took an acidity test and she was very alkaline. Is there anything that causes this nausea? How can we prevent that? Maybe eat less protein, less meat because it is acidic as opposed to alkaline?

I used to have nausea, long time ago. I felt nausea all the time. Also I believe it to be a bowel symptom, if someone would have told me that sooner I may not be where I am right now. I became so nauseous that I felt I was going to vomit. I would go to the bathroom to puke in the toilet and just when I thought my stomach contents would leave me I got a sudden urge to have a bowel movement. So instead of bending over I sat down to take a dump and the nausea ended. I told you I was messed up.

After I was treated for 2 years on Nystatin these episodes ended. However today I notice if I eat sugar, when it gets to my bowels I get nausea attacks until it, the sugar moves out of my system. I had also wondered if it is just sugar sensitivity but since the Nystatin improved things I will lay my money on the yeast.