One Stammer Cure That Actually Works


Looking for a stammer cure that actually works? Look no further, I'm going to show you one effective technique to stop your stammer once and for all.

First, I must warn you this is not an instant cure or a secret potion that magically cures your stammer. It also takes a bit of work on your part, and you must have patience and stick with it. Still interested, okay. Here it is.

One Technique to Try in Order to Cure Your Stammer

The reason you stammer is a result of blocks and triggers. Triggers are physical and mental states which cause you to stutter. Many exercises are devoted to avoiding triggers to avoid stuttering. We'll talk about triggers at another time.

Blocks, as you would imagine, are fluency obstacles you encounter when you try to speak. A typical block would be to repeat a particularly troublesome word. This is where the ccc-cat comes into your speech. You repeat "Cah" over and over because it is a block in your fluency. You with me?

Like triggers, if you can identify your blocks you can overcome them and speak more clearly. Here's one exercise to help you increase your blocks. Ready?

Block Busting Stammering Exercise

Step 1:
Read aloud for 1 minute from your favorite book or magazine. Try your best to speak fluently, but do not stress over it. At the end of the minute add up how many words you read. This is your baseline. For example maybe you read 50 words in 1 minute.

Step 2:
Now, re-read the same passage again focusing on reading at a pace which allows you to continue moving forward without major stammering. This may be very slow – do not worry! How many words did you read this time in the 1 minute? It may be less, it may be slightly more. The key is to read at an even pace at a speed which allows you to continue reading without stuttering.

Step 3:
Continue this exercise of reading out loud and counting the words you get through in a minute. Slowly beginning speeding up as you read. Only speed up if you are able to get through the passage without a stammer. Focus on moving forward through the passage and slowly increasing speed over time.

This exercise allows you to work through your block until one day you realize you are able to read more words, in the 1 minute time without stammering at all. Lather, rinse, repeat from there until you are up to a comfortable speaking speed. Make sure you read different paths or different books as you work this exercise.