One Quick Premature Ejaculation Treatment


A good Premature Ejaculation Treatment technique to use for masturbation is similar to the” stop and go” method that most men are familiar with.

The problem with the standard” stop and go” method is that most men have learned to carry it out incorrectly. It is generally misunderstood how to carry out this premature ejaculation treatment technique because it has either been taught to them wrong or not explained properly.

In general, men have learned to masturbate to the point of ejaculation and then stop. You wait for a little bit until the urge passes. You then start masturbating again. This is basically the advice most men have been given.

This can be a somewhat effective Premature Ejaculation Treatment. The problem here is that you need to stop masturbating before you get to the point of feeling the urge to ejaculate. The trigger point for the ejaculation process begins once you first feel the urge. If you catch it within a 10 to 20 second window you still can stop it, but it maybe difficult because the semen is already about midway through the process of moving up and out.

So, in the new and improved process, what you are going to do is find a window of time that is approximately 45 seconds before you actually ejaculate and stop then. With a little practice this will be easier than it sounds.

Let’s say on average you ejaculate after five minutes of masturbation, the feeling to ejaculate for most men, will usually begin to creep up around 15 seconds before you actually blow. Adding an extra 30 seconds will give you an extra layer of protection. That gives you a 45 second window of time before you ejaculate. This cushion of time will keep the flow of semen from getting started.

So, in this method instead of waiting for the urge to ejaculate to hit you before you stop which would be four minutes and forty five seconds, you need to stop at four minutes and fifteen seconds from when you first begin. At first it maybe difficult to figure out where that 30 second line is but you’ll get it with a little practice.

You should take a full minutes rest between each session. While you are taking a time out keep your erection hard. Try starting out with 30 minute sessions and work your way up to 1 hour. If you become sore cut back on the time until you can better tolerate it.

This technique works on rewiring your ejaculatory reflexes and the way your mind works with it. This helps your system to handle a longer stimulation. It is important that you follow these masturbation techniques as described. Keep your PM relaxed while practicing to control your arousal. When you have come to the end of your session, it’s up to you if you want to ejaculate or not. It is best if you keep ejaculation down to one to four times a week. Not ejaculating helps in the rebooting of your system, but it’s not good to hold back every time. On the days you do decide to let it go, try holding it back as long as you can to help develop your PM and ultimately find a complete premature ejaculation treatment.