One Of The Symptoms Of Scabies – Rash

One of the first symptoms that appear in the case of scabies mites’ infestation is the scabies rash. Just as all the other symptoms of the scabies, the rash is generated by the parasitic organisms’ secretions: saliva, feces, eggs and larvae. Those toxic elements affect the human body and produce irritation, rash, scaling of the skin, blisters and inflammations, severe itching and a state of discomfort.

There is a great resemblance between the symptoms of the scabies and the symptoms of many other different skin conditions like chicken pox, dermatitis or eczema. It is necessary for more than one sign to be discovered by the specialists in order to provide the proper treatment for scabies and not to reach an erroneous diagnosis. There are cases of scabies infection that are not discovered and treated in time and generate complications like scaling and crusting of the skin or bacterial infections. This is due to the unspecific character of the rash caused by the mites’ infection.

The rash caused by the scabies mites is usually the first sign to show in an infested patient and also the last sign to disappear. It is quite difficult to treat it because it remains even for weeks after the scabies infestation has been completely eradicated. Medications that cannot heal the rash but can alleviate it are hydrocortisone and antihistamine. The severe scabies rush can also be calmed down using analgesic creams and gels but the longest lasting effect is provided by the oral analgesics. Alcohol based medications are still used by many people that seek alleviation from the scabies rash although these pharmaceutical products are not recommended by the doctors anymore because they tend to aggravate the itchy sensation and help forming the crusts on the skin, effects that are undesirable and amplify the state of discomfort and soreness. For avoiding all the uncomfortable complications it is recommended not to use the alcohol based medications in the treatment of the rash.

Scabies mites seek hidden places that can provide shelter, so it is less likely for them to appear on the face or neck. The preferred areas of the body for the mites are the hands, the regions between the fingers, the wrists, elbows, armpits, the region of the nipples, the genital area, the chest and lower abdomen, the buttocks, the feet, the knees or the ankles. In some particular cases, the scabies mites may also affect the scalp, cases like infants, old people or people with an impaired immune system. It can even be associated with intense itch and pruritus in the more severe cases of rash met in infants and very young children.