Omega-3 Can Benefit People and Pets


Here are some ways Omega-3 can help your pet.

  • First and foremost their immune system, Neural Development during puppy and kitten growth
  • Pregnancy and Lactation, Skin and Coat, Behavior and Aggression
  • Improve their health and their quality of life from fetal development and through their senior years.
  • Omega-3′s have anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Did you know that inflammation is the root of most chronic illness?

So what is an Omega-3?

Omega-3 and 6 are essential fatty acids. The body can’t make them so they must be consumed. All mammals require dietary Omega 3/6. Fish are excellent source of Omega-3.

Omega-3 also supports brain cell structure, can reduce damage from oxidation and inflammation and can reverse age related decease in the brain function.

So in conclusion from people to pets we all should be taking Omega-3

Here is why! It helps with all of these listed below:

  • Heart Health – Brain Health – Mental Health
  • Pregnancy – Fetal/Childhood Development
  • IQ- Behavior – Mood – Happiness – Anti-Aging
  • Inflammation – Alzheimer’s- Depression – MS
  • Cognitive Function – Concentration – Focus
  • Memory – Athletic Recovery – Strength
  • Endurance – Diabetes – ADD/ADHD- Asthma
  • Cancer – Arthritis – Eye Health

Omega-3 is really good for you it helps with just about anything as you can see.

Fish Oil Will Help Keep You and Dogs and Cats Healthy

Fish oil is a great supplement, people and pets should be taking Omega 3’s because these fatty acids are the most commonly used nutritional supplements that your body needs for optimal health.

Not only does Omega 3 oil provide nutrients for the immune function, it nourishes the skin and coat but it also supports vision, heart and joint health and in general to help fight diseases.

Fish oil is recommended for use in treating allergies in pets, such as in cases of kidney disease, elevated cholesterol, and arthritis, to dry itchy skin.

Are you and your pet taking fish oil? If not you both should be…

To You and Your Pets Health!