Olive Oil Skin Treatment For Nail Fungus

It has been proven that Olive Skin Oil Treatment in conjunction with other natural products can help heal and cure Nail fungus.

Introduction to nail fungus:

– Nail fungus is fungal infection that gets under the nails of fingers and toes.
– It's medical team is "Onychomycosis".
– The fungal causes the nails to thicken and turn yellow.
– Infected nails look dark and crumpled.
– The breeding ground for nail fungus is warm, dark and damp places like inside the shoes and socks.

It begins by a white or yellow spot on the nails and spreads gradually under the nail bed, where it becomes harder to treat. The nails start to turn yellow and ridged and starts to flake around the edges.

The cause of this infection has also to do with age. The older we get it becomes more common to attract nail fungus because of poorer blood circulation and more exposure to the environment. Also with age our nails become thicker and grow slower which adds to the risks of contracting infection.

This infection is most common on the toenails because the foot spends more time in dark and moist places like in shoes. Also the feet are prone to contract this disease around public place like showers, locker rooms and pools.

People who spend lots of time with their hands in water and damp gloves are also prone to finger nail fungal infections. Also salons that do not disinfect their tools can cause an epidemic of this infection.

It is very easy to spread from one customer to another if the tools are not sterilized between clients. Your feet are also at risk when receiving a pedicure. It can be attracted by soaking your feet in a basin that has not been properly cleaned from previous customers that may have this infection.

Also exposure to unclean public places and salons may cause another fungal infection called "Athlete's Foot.

Like all contracting infection, prevention is the best method. To avoid contraction there are some suggestions:

– Because nail fungus breeds in dark and damp places, keep your hand and feet as dry as possible.
– Change your shoes and socks after training or exercise because your feet tend to sweat more.
– Have an extra pair of sock handy, so if your sock get wet you can change them for dry ones.
– Avoid tight shoes.
– Try to avoid walking bare foot and wear shower sandals in public places like showers, pools and locker rooms.

Those who are at risk are people who:

– Perspire a lot especially hand and feet
– Already have skin condition like Psoriasis or Eczema
– Wear tight shoes
– Have athlete's foot
– Do not allow feet to breath
– Walk barefoot in public showers, pools and locker rooms
– Have nail injuries
– Have poor circulation
– Have poor immune system
– Have diabetes

Treatment of nail fungus should begin as early as one notices signs of discoloration:

– If the nail has turned yellow, brown, grey or black
– If there is the appearance of fragments under the nail
– If a bad odour is present
– And if the surroundings of the infected area hurts

In the treatment of this ailment one should consult his or her doctor to determine the best treatment for it.

There are also many home remedies that have proven affects and can totally cure of the fungal. Some of the few home remedies includes an Olive Oil Skin Treatment mixed with other natural ingredients, such as Tea Tree Oil.

While the Olive Oil in itself will not cure the bacteria, it plays an essential role in the overall treatment, it will help soften the cuticles and nails, prevent dryness and cracking. Also it's other properties like antioxidants and vitamin E will help restore tissues and retain the natural oils needed in the treatment.

If you would like to read more on Home Remedies using Olive Oil Skin Treatment with other natural ingredients to cure this infection, you may like to visit the links bellow this article.

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