Olive Leaf Herbal Medicine – Experience the Goodness of Nature at Its Best

The olive leaf herbal medicinal properties have been known from the times of the ancient Greek Physician, Hippocrates, who prescribed olive oil for many ailments like ulcers. The compound, phytochemical oleuropein present in this herbal medicine happen to be its active ingredient. It breaks down into elenolic acid, a strong anti-bacterial agent, which kills viruses by hampering the amino acid production, making it a powerful antibiotic. Olive oil is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine and the youthfulness of the natives is largely attributed to the natural goodness of Olive.

Olive leaf medicine is obtainable in various handy forms like tincture, leaves or capsule form to suit your varied needs. Olive oil is commonly present in many cosmetic products including after shave balms, herbal mud face packs and herbal face bar, among others. These herbal extracts are used externally in many cosmetic products; thanks to its anti oxidant properties. It reduces the harmful effects of sun tanning and revitalizes skin and ensures a youthful and healthy skin, which makes it a popular anti ageing product as well. This Olive herbs are also used in Chinese and homeopathic medicines.

Olive leaf extract capsules taken internally are found to be useful in many ailments. It is used for increasing the coronary flow to the heart and also to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol. It is a potent, naturally occurring antibiotic, which is found to be highly useful in the management of diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and virus. Olive oil extract is particularly effective against antibiotic resistant strains of micro organisms and halts the production of micro toxins, which are responsible for chronic fatigue.

Is used in controlling Candida infections, PMS, weight problems and other common symptoms associated with yeast infections. It can prevent the distribution of viruses by making them dormant and is a handy medicine against the flu viruses, herpes and even HIV viruses. It is believed that olive leaves are more potent than quinine in the fight against malaria. It is also used for treating shingles, ear and skin infections of various types apart from rheumatic pain and gout. This herbal medication is thought to trigger the production of phagocytes, which ingests bacteria and other harmful foreign bodies thereby enhancing the body immunity.

Olive leaf tea is a common home remedy that had been in use for thousands of years for lowering body temperatures during high fever conditions. The best thing is that olive tea can be taken daily with your meals, if you wish. Pregnant women or those who are on prescription medicines should take their doctor's opinion before taking this herbal medicine as it could aggravate the condition in some cases.

Olive oil herbal medicine should be kept away from direct heat, light or moisture as excess dampness or heat can destroy its volatile oils and its medicinal properties. Do not share the medicine with others or use medicine beyond the expiry date. Olive oil extracts would help you to lead a quality life without any side effects. Indulge in the natural goodness of olive and experience the magical properties of Olive leaf extract.