Old Time Remedies For What Ails You – Did They Work?

Years ago, there was not much money to go around and when an individual became ill then the Doctor was usually the head of the household. There was no such thing as medical insurance and there were not many Doctors around anyway.

So what were some of the old time supposed cures for common ailments, at least according to the old-timers.

Chest colds:

This called for a good greasing with goose grease. It would be slightly warmed then piled onto the front and back of the individual. Then a flannel or wool cloth would be laid over top of this. It was believed that warm grease would seep into the pores and loosen the congestion that was in the lungs. This was ritual that would be carried out faithfully every night just before bed. It was classed as one of the best old time remedies to ward off pneumonia.

Head colds:

It does not matter how far back in time you go, everyone dreads those stuffy head colds. The way back when remedy for this problem was rubbing the soles of the feet with camphor of mint if camphor was not around. The purpose for this was that it was suppose to pull the cold down through the body and out the feet.

Head lice:

It has been reported that years back that coal oil was one of the remedies for head lice. Needless to say, it was certainly not a safe method of treatment. However, back in the good old days sad to say there were many home treatments that one would most definitely not consider a safe remedies.


Some have reported that one of the most favored remedies for treating a boil was to heat up a glass bottle that had a very narrow neck like a pop bottle. This was heated to get it warm enough but not so hot, that it would burn the skin. The opening of the heated bottle was place right over the boil and held until it cooled. It said that the bottle created suction and when the bottle was pulled away from the boil, it would put the core of the boil with it. This would allow all of the pus to drain from the boil and heal.

These are just but a few of the old time remedies for what ails a person. As to the question of whether they work or not it makes you wonder because many of these treatments were handed down from generation to generation.