Offbeat and Fun Dresses – What to Avoid


Undoubtedly buying a dress can be a confusing process, especially if you're trying to pick a formal dress. Between finding the right size, color, design, cut and length, the shopping experience is more of an exercise, in well … exercise. Even more frustrating is trying to find a funky dress that fits properly and will fit 'in' properly. Of course, when buying a funky style dress, a woman does not want to needlessly fit in perfectly. Standing out is part of the charm of wearing a dress that has distinctive tastes. But what happens when you want to choose a funkier wedding dress? Standing out can mean looking silly, or it can mean looking gorgeous and unconventional. Here are some thins to avoid when buying a funky wedding dress or funky bridesmaid dresses.

  • Fuller size figures should avoid wearing any type of crinoline or petticoats. While these dresses can look gorgeous, if you're larger on the bottom, fuller skirts will only increase the appearance of the hips.
  • Ruffles are pretty, but not when there's a full bust or hips behind the ruffles. What you think you're hiding, you're actually adding size. Choose beading instead or angled designs.
  • Straight sheath dresses are gorgeous in style, but if you're already very thin they will just make you appear more thin. Ruffles, beading, and petticoats.
  • Choosing bridesmaid dresses is not an easy task, but keep in mind the bridesmaids' figures and insecurities. If you're choosing a dress with bare arms, consult with the bridesmaids if they want a shawl or other type of wrap.

Nowadays there is no "appropriate" dress color for the bride, or bridesmaids, although there are some colors you might want to avoid mixing on your dresses.

  • Pink and blue can be pretty in pastels, but mixing neon pink and blue together will look more clownish than funky. Mute louder colors with softer colors.
  • White may be traditional, but pairing bright white with off white can clash severly. You may get all eyes on you, but it will be because the mix of colors draws the eye, rather than the beauty of your dress.

Brides and bridesmaids can wear any color the wedding couple chooses. Today etiquette does not dictate everything, as it has in the past. If you want to wear a Saree, it's your choice. Light up your wedding in green, blue, pink or red. Even black is stylish and beautiful for your wedding day. Keep in mind that during the revolutionary war, women wore red dresses to the wedding to support the fight against the British. The real choice for a wedding dress is choosing a flattering fit, style and cut, not 'proper' ones.