Obtain New Hair Growth With a Laser Hair Comb

The laser hair comb may sound like a gimmick, but for people suffering from thinning hair or hair loss it is worth investigation. Laser hair therapy is the latest device for re-growing hair. It uses cool or red spectrum light laser to enhance the restoration of scalp hair without side effects or the need for clinic visits or prescription medications.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT ) or cool light laser uses laser energy to energize the tissue on the scalp. As the lasers in the laser hair comb are passed over the scalp area, the hair follicles receive the high intensity light and cell processes are stimulated, causing new or renewed hair growth. This process is scientifically known as Photo Bio-stimulation. Similar to photosynthesis in plants, where light energy is transformed into chemical energy to cause plant growth to create food, here the cellular energy creates new hair growth. This laser technology has been used for 25+ years in Europe and for nearly 10 years in clinics in the United States for treating hair loss. This treatment in a clinical setting was quite costly and time consuming as it required multiple weekly sessions that needed to be scheduled for 6 months at a time before the sessions could be tapered down to once a week or less. Now, the laser hair comb provides treatment at relatively low price and can be used conveniently at home or even while traveling.

The market today is flooded with remedies for hair loss including scalp creams, gooey shampoos and conditioners. In most cases, these substances just end up making people spend money without any positive results. However, the proper combination of low sudsing shampoo, a conditioner that leaves no residue, an amino acid scalp treatment, pre-treatment cleanser and the laser hair comb is very promising indeed! Add good nutrition, hair-specific vitamin supplements and you will have the optimum chance for jump starting those tired, worn-out follicles into action.

Many hair loss victims have resorted to the use of wigs, hair pieces, obnoxious hair styles or hats to cover up the problem. Often times, these choices just cause the scalp’s follicles to degenerate further as they are smothered and do not receive the proper light and air circulation to grow properly and remain clean and healthy. The use of proper hair care products and the laser hair comb can solve the problem, not just cover it up.

The laser hair comb has elicited many positive responses from users and with its new certification from the FDA it has considerable credibility. The laser comb is designed just like the normal hair brush and may be used in the same way. To maximize hair growth however, it should be used in laser mode for at least 20 minutes per day, every other day, covering the entire area of lessened hair growth. Additionally, it should be used in areas of “normal hair growth” as well to make sure these follicles are receiving proper care as well. This laser hair device has shown positive results after being used for only five to ten weeks. Hair has improved in quality as shown by improved thickness, strength and sheen. This regime has to be maintained to ensure that any positive results gained are not reversed. The laser hair comb, as well as any hair re-growth prescription medication, requires prolonged use to maintain an environment for optimum hair growth.

The laser comb has become very popular as this type of hair restoration therapy is safe to use and does not have any reported side effects. This is great news for all of those people who have spent money on products that haven’t worked or for those worried about the cost or side effects of taking prescription medications. This also eliminates the need for costly surgical procedures which cause down-time and may show scarring or a fake looking hair line. It’s time that modern technology can ensure sufficient restoration of weak hair follicles and create healthy, beautiful results.