Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder. This type of disorder affects many Americans. It can be quite debilitating if the person suffering couldn’t control it any longer and it got out of control.

There are many treatment options when the person is ready to seek help.

OCD in Depth

OCD is an anxiety disorder, meaning it all comes from the brain. There is a chemical imbalance in the sufferers who deal with this disorder. Usually, OCD sufferer will lack serotonin and that’s why they obsess easily. This is what causes someone to obsess, they don’t have the serotonin in their brain to be able to realize what they are doing is irrational. Once someone gets that serotonin back, whether it be medicine or supplements, they will see they will obsess less. Hereditary is such another strong factor when it comes to OCD. There was recent research done indicating that it can be indeed hereditary.

Living with OCD

Living with OCD can be difficult. Imagine repeating every action you do during the day. This is how an OCD sufferer lives. Some cases are so severe that the person can’t leave their house because they can’t stop cleaning, washing their hands, repeating actions, etc. It gets in the way of their every day life. Sometimes, people even put jobs, college, and even a family on hold because they just can’t seem to function and lead a ‘normal’ life. Living with OCD can be quite debilitating, frustrating, and most of all, depressing. It’s not by any means easy for someone to live day to day not being able to get out in the real world. For those who are more mild, they still have the same problem at times, they don’t want anyone seeing them repeat these actions out in public or they may be scared of germs. Whether the case is mild or severe, everyone with OCD suffers until they seek the right help they need.


There are many types of treatment available. There is the option of talk therapy for someone who isn’t as severe. However, for more severe cases there is Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Exposure Therapy available. The last resort would be medication.

There are many different kinds of OCD that one can have. In the end, it all comes down to the same irrational thoughts, leading to repetitive behavior. Every OCD sufferer needs peace of mind and seek help. Every OCD sufferer deserves to be able to lead a happy, healthy, and normal life.