Obesity – Why Are You Obese?

Obesity is seldom about food. Do you really know why you are obese? Identifying the cause, the real cause can help. Many of you suffer from obesity due to relationships gone array, birth of wanted or unwanted children or any other stress related situation. Do you identify with any of the stated statements?

Obesity-Why are you obese? Simple question with many possible answers.

  • Are you depressed about something you have no control over?
  • Are you stressed about a job, money problems, family worries?
  • Are you alone, alone, having problems with your spouse?
  • Do you have sick parents or other very important family members?
  • Are you a single parent having a hard time making ends meet?

You are not alone. Any reason, that is not medical, is one you can learn to live with and bring your health back to normal. Your body is storing food because you are telling it to. Any of the above mentioned situations gives your mind a reason to store fat to ensure your safety.

  • The problem with obesity is that it quickly gets out of hand and you develop many excuses to justify the problem.
  • Obesity is a symptom of something that happened or is happening to you right now.

My wife and I were very worried about one of our grandschildren. Every thing else in our lives was put on hold for many years. Without any justification we started eating for the wrong reasons and our brains tried to protect us. When we realized what was happening to our bodies, we had a lot of work to do.

What is important is to identify what you are worried about, accept it for what it is, and stop it from letting your body bear the brunt of your worries. It can be done and you can do it.

Food for thought.