Obesity – What is it and How Can We Control It?

What is obesity? It is a condition wherein the body has too much accumulated fat and the body becomes vulnerable to illnesses such as type II diabetes, heart ailments and some cancer types. To distinguish it from being overweight, you will need to know your body mass index; if it is about 30 kg/m2 or higher, then you are already obese.

Obesity is preventable, but it is sometimes difficult to control it because of the eating habits we have developed over the years. A decade of eating fast food, oily and fatty meals, and inactive lifestyles all lead to obesity.

How do we stop obesity?

Obesity in childhood and adulthood has seen a rise in recent years. With technology becoming more and more advanced, we find ourselves sitting in front of the computer all day and the television all night. Everything is remote controlled and this makes for a very sedentary lifestyle.

Sometimes, medications and surgeries become necessary for this condition but it would be better if we could just change lifestyles and behavior. A good diet and physical activity are still on top of the list. However, the difficult part is keeping the program. Thus, good psychological health is also necessary in preventing and treating obesity. Some researches have been successful in using weight loss hypnosis. Using the power of influence to have obese people control their urge to eat, or the food they like. This potent force can also be used to maintain energy for a more active lifestyle. It is hard to exercise, and it is harder to keep moving if your mind is not up to the challenge.