Obesity – Personal Responsibility Or Societal Responsibility?

Do you think that you have control over your weight? Some of us doubt our control and others of us “know” we have control. To those that are thin, weight issues are merely a matter of simple diet and exercise. Anyone who is fat, is then considered too lazy to workout and eat right.

The Battle Rages On

In light of culture telling you to take responsibility, each of us strives to take responsibility into our lives. Nobody wants to be the lazy one or the person that lacks motivation. In the end, we all want to lose weight. We incorporate self responsibility and feel failure and lack of self esteem if our plans do not work out. In light of this battle, with self, let’s consider some basic facts about personal responsibility.

People are Losing the Battle

The truth of the matter is that obesity is skyrocketing. People are getting fatter and the numbers are growing. There are zillions of diet plans out there, gyms to work out at, home gyms, row machines, elliptical machines, thigh busters, gut masters, and more. The message has always been to be responsible with your weight. So, what has happened? Have people become less responsible than they used to be?

In the era of personal responsibility, people are taking on more and more each and every year. The work week continues to get higher. People are working two or three jobs. Most homes have dual income earners. Extra time is becoming a precious commodity that nobody has much of. In reality, people are more responsible now than ever.

Societal Responsibility

There are societies like China that have an obesity rate at around 2%. Compared with the 35% rate in the United States that is extremely low. Statistics like this point to the idea that societal factors make a huge difference in outcomes.

Cities Fight Back

Some cities are fighting back. Some cities have refused to allow fast food to come into their area. Some cities are promoting fitness for children and adults. Some cities are encouraging the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables by placing them in lots of accessible places.

Many of these cities have become very successful at reducing obesity in their areas. One of the most successful states with obesity is Colorado and that is because they have tried to encourage restaurants to serve healthy portions and to have lots of outdoor areas to get exercise.

Food Lobby Encourages Personal Responsibility

Yes, there is a food lobby, a soda lobby, a candy bar lobby, and even a bubble gum lobby. There are highly paid people out there with one goal and that is to increase your consumption of foods that are terrible for you. They try and influence people with money and advertise junk food to your children. What is their main argument?

Their main argument is to that it is a personal choice and to take personal responsibility. The only thing is that they are backed by lots of people and money working together in a cohesive way. Like them, society must work together and battle these corporations.

The worst thing we can do is to fall for the line that we should take personal responsibility and then as a group do nothing. As a group, efforts to curb obesity have been proven to work well. Many changes need to take place because we are the fattest nation on earth with no end in sight.