Obesity – One of the Factors That Influence Life Expectancy


We live in a fast-paced society. We always tend to neglect nutrition and physical exercise in our life. We just grab all types of fast food when we are hungry. We stick ourselves in front of computer without doing any exercise. We even do not take any effort to reduce stress. We seldom bother the messages that our bodies are sending to us until we suffer from serious diseases. Our unhealthy lifestyle has great impact on our life expectancy.

There are some factors that influence our life expectancy. Obesity is one of the key factors. The lack of nutrition and imbalanced diet is the root cause of overweight problem among children as well as adults. The overweight problem has directly caused the obese people to suffer from more serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, etc. All these diseases may lead them to death.

Another key factor that influences our life expectancy is the lack of regular physical exercise. This factor is inter-related with obesity. Many people are not willing to do physical exercise to burn the fats in their bodies. The calories they absorb daily are more than the calories burnt and the extra calories have become excessive fats in the body. Gradually, they keep gaining weight and become obese. Without physical exercise, not only the body weight is increasing, the chances of developing severe health conditions are increasing too but there is high possibility that one's longevity is decreased.

Living in fast changing environment is indeed stressful. Stress in life has caused the break down of our body and the nervous system. Many people have made big mistake. They assume that smoking and drinking alcohol frequently are able to reduce stress. However heavy smoking and high alcohol consumption are indeed dangerous activities which may lead to lung cancer, heart problems, stroke and many other diseases. Smoking and alcohol consumption have made our health conditions deteriorated.

Life is precious. It is essential for us to have healthy lifestyle in order to minimize the possibility of suffering from diseases that may cause death. We should spend our hard-earned money to enjoy healthy life, not to spend on medications and treatments. In fact, we can make our life span longer on our own effort.