Obesity + Obesity = Unhealthy

Obesity has a lot of negative effects on an individual. For one, being obese causes a person to feel easily tired. Doing everyday body motions like walking, tying one's shoe lace and sitting down – as well as standing up – is very challenging if not difficult. One reason for this problem is that the joints of the body is exerting extra and double effort thereby producing unnecessary stress on the muscles and bones.

Imagine playing softball carrying a backpack filled with bowling balls. It is much harder to keep running with that extra weight on one's back. Also, problems related with breathing is just as common to people who are obese. Asthma is also a common occurrence for people suffering from obesity, sleep apnea is another, also surgery on the joints on the knee as well as hip problems is a common occurrence.

Believe it or not, people at a young age are just as prone to being obese as well as older people and adults. Illnesses that were once thought of to be exclusive only to adults like hypertension, disease of the liver, diabetes (type 2) is also found among the youth of today.

People who are old meanwhile have the predisposition to develop degenerative diseases like heart disease, problems in the bladder, heart failure or stroke. For women, some of the diseases that specifically target them are cancer of the breast and colon.

It has also been proven that people who are obese are more likely to suffer from depression. This is usually the case because when one is overweight, feelings of unworthiness, shame and low self-esteem are the likeliest to occur. Usually, as a way to alleviate their depression, they eat. But then when they eat too much, they are more likely to be just as obese or maintain their excessive weight. This cycle is quite vicious and it takes tremendous self-discipline to get out of this rut.

However, there are ways to battle obesity. The goal of someone who is suffering from obesity and who is trying to lose weight should not be to lose weight. The main objective should be: to eat healthy, to always think healthy and be healthy.

Practicing eating foods that are good for the health is the best way to start. Having a regular time for exercise is another. It does not have to be a rigorous program in the gym. One could easily start with walking at least thirty minutes a day, everyday.

Or it could just as easily be foregoing the usual conveniences one has been accustomed to doing. Taking the stairs, for instance, and not the elevator is a good way to exercise those knees, legs and joints.

Instead of driving, try to bike instead. Or if you really have to drive, try parking at a place that is a bit far from your area of ​​destination and, as much as possible, try to walk.

If you are stuck in the house a lot, make yourself – as well as your body – useful. Do those muscle-stretching and sweat-generating chores. Vacuum the floor, clean the pool,
wash that dingy car. Doing all these burns those unnecessary calories.

To sum it all up, obesity is a solvable problem. Being overweight is a temporary situation that long-term attitudes like discipline, self-control, focused attention and positive thinking can not solve.