Obesity Kills!

While you're enjoying that piece of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, dinner rolls and butter, slice of apple pie, and all those other tantalizing comfort foods; please remember that obesity is a killer and it does not discriminate; nor does it care about your economic status!

My younger brother succumbed to morbid obesity; he was 45 and left a wife, three children and siblings. He had many health problems that are attributed to morbid obesity. Any form of obesity is not necessarily hereditary; it is what we put in our mouth!

  • Can you imagine you or your loved one walking only a very short distance because the cartilage is no longer there and the bones in your knees are rubbing bone on bone?
  • Can you imagine you or your loved one taking a few steps and being out of breath?
  • Can you imagine you or your loved one not attaching your child's baseball game because you or your loved one does not have the energy to get dressed?
  • Can you imagine you or your loved one not playing with your child because you get tired within a matter of seconds?
  • Can you imagine going shopping and you or your loved has collapsed in the bathroom because all of the energy was used walking from the parking lot into the store even though you parked directly in front of the store in handicapped parking?
  • Can you imagine seeing EMTs running past you not knowing that it is your loved one that has collapsed?
  • Can you imagine the agony of arriving at the hospital to discover that your loved one has succumbed to OBESITY?
  • Can you imagine a funeral director telling you that a casket has to be custom made for your loved one?

This is the face of obesity at its worse! If you do not make changes in what you consume, obesity will take over. Change your eating lifestyle and change your life!